Monday, February 15, 2016

Jesus & Dr. Jekyll, The Holy Sprit & Mr. Hyde

Humanism is a kind of Catholic Atheism, that sees humanity as a species divided by beliefs, yet united by its curiosity. It cultivates the human soul by respecting the differences of our physical human forms. Roman Catholicism, on the other hand, cultivates our metaphysical soul by regulating the hell out of our physical human form. One sees children of the universe, and invites them to play, while the other sees natural born sinners, and inveighs them to pray.

When the soul is all that matters, however, because it alone is eternal, the body becomes something that some "believers" start to see as well worth sacrificing to save their own soul, and possibly everyone else's. Indeed, to avoid their own eternal torments in Hell, or even that of their families, what person on earth would not be willing to sacrifice all of humanity?

Roman Catholics also fail to notice, or simply forget, that not everyone is terrified of their own fantasies or are willing to bow down before their greatest fears. And because they are not, they do not seek, nor do they need, an antidote for either one.

Conversely, Christians think that the only reason such Humanists fail to show the proper fear  and respect for their own death and tendency for evil (as well as the possibility of being sent to eternal damnation), is because they have yet to learn the love of the good doctor who intends to cure them of their as yet unrealized fears and evils, by introducing them to both.

The Christian refers to this doctor by the name of Jesus, but the Humanist might refer to him as Dr. Jekyll, for as one convenes the Inquisitions with the power of the holy spirit, the other sees how a religious belief can turn someone into Mr. Hyde. 

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