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Apologetics and Christian Sophistry

Argue with a Christian long enough and you will invariably encounter any number of canned responses that Christians have been trained to parrot back to people in defense of their beliefs. You will also come to discover that you are talking not to an apologist for a belief, but a sophist for a particular brand of spirituality. I have had many such experiences, and always it is a complete waste of time. And it's a complete waste of time because all the Christian sophist is trained to do is reduce every other person's ideas to mere "subjective" systems of "beliefs" that the Christian then feels they have the power to destroy with their own "objective moral truths" about "God," and whatever else they are indoctrinated to "believe." It's like arguing with a computer that condemns you for being a computer while at the same time ignoring or denying it is a computer itself. In other words, it is like arguing with a robot that belie…