Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Only Faith

Only faith can lead a person to completely invert time itself, and assume that all of the stories of the Bible are the “fulfillment of all similar stories that preceded it,” instead of just the latest version of a story that has been handed down across the ages. And if the Bible is to be believed, then the story itself is probably the result of “the promise” that the serpent made to Adam and Eve for eating the apple. Religion, after all, certainly gets all of its authority from claiming to be “like God, knowing good from evil!” Religion, in other words,  is the "evil" apple that Jesus came to "deliver us all from."

Instead, however, Jesus has been recast as the serpent by the very "church" that was founded in his name, even though Christ himself most likely came to abolish such "man made" temples, and the institutional power they enjoy, in the first place.

Today, to superimpose the New Testament onto the Old, the "serpent" in the garden of Eden is the Christian church on Earth, as the former sold humanity the promise to "become like God" by eating the fruit of its tree, so the latter now offers the same thing to its flock by drinking like vampires the fruit of the vine, which has been magically transformed into blood.


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