Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Breadcrumbs for the Umimaginative: Why I Hate Christiainty

 All facts and all evidence are ambiguous, unless you are a Christian of course. While Christians agree that this claim must be true in principle, since they are the ones who readily champion the idea that we are  flawed sinners who are as fallible as sin, they also (paradoxically) reject all notion of their own fallibility when it comes to their beliefs in "god," their religion, and their bible. In this sense, the mere act of "faith" to believe in these things, makes them infallible in their understanding of these things (as well as pretty much anything that has to do with their own subjective ideas about "morality," that they only ever insist are not "subjective" at all).

And this is why I hate Christians, for they are often as opposite to Christ as the devil himself. They claim to only ever be seeking truth, even as they always engage in interpreting ambiguous evidence as necessarily "proving" their "beliefs." Their "beliefs," in other words, make people who may have no education concerning anything, "infallible" in their conviction that what they simply chose to "believe" is 100% true, and for no other reason than that they simply chose to believe it.

Take any "evidence" such Christians offer, and we find that there are far more ways such evidences could be interpreted to suggest there is no God, than the few ways in which that evidence could be interpreted to suggest that there is. Certainly their bible is but one example, as are miracles (as Carl Sagan has repeatedly explained), and virtually everything else that Christians claim "prove" that their god is real. But rather than admit or accept that such evidences COULD be interpreted in ways that do NOT necessarily prove there is a god, they selectively chose to interpret such evidences as necessarily proving there is, and dare anyone to suggest otherwise.

These evidences, according to such believers, are the breadcrumbs from gods table, that let us know he is real, watching, and may return to punish us at any moment. But such evidences - like "miracles," for example - are only proof to Christians that God is real, because they lack the imagination to think of what else they could possibly be. This is the stranglehold that Christianity has on the mind of believers.

Christianity also leads Christians to believe that they have enough knowledge of "every civilization that has ever existed in human history," to boldly claim to know (as C.S. Lewis did) the "universal moral truths" of the entire universe. In other words, having faith in god apparently gives Christians the clairvoyance of god to see and know every civilization that has ever existed, and that ever will (even though their "god" has broken every one of these "universal moral truths" in spades - and he's their moral exemplar).

But where is the "fallibility" or even the humility that Christians like to brag about, in asserting such an omnipotent understanding of people everywhere, throughout history - ever? Especially when any first year grad student of anthropology can see how clearly incorrect such an empty boast truly is.But that never deters the Christian from making such infallible claims anyway, so help them god.

And all of these claims are boldly proclaimed by those who insist they are the ones who are looking for truth in a world full of lies. But any "true" search for "truth" would necessarily admit, and acknowledge, how even their own bible states that we can never truly know "truth." But they simply ignore such statements, of course, and paradoxically insist that they DO know truth, because they know Jesus - Hallelujah! But even he couldn't give an answer when he was asked, "what is truth?" And yet their inability to find answers to the inexplicable, lead them squarely to the conclusion that God must have done it in the laboratory with the candle stick.

But when "truth" is a belief in God, which is based on a selective interpretation of ambiguous information, by those who "believe" their "faith" makes them so infallible that such information could not ever be interpreted in any other way,  you know that when a Christian wants to offer you "the truth," they are only trying to convince you of a lie. They just changed the story, so that rather than it being a serpent in a tree asking Adam and Eve if they wanted to be like god, they put Jesus on a cross and tell people to "be like Christ." 

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