Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Great Paradoxes of Religion

The greatest paradox of religion is that it claims to help fallible beings discern the will of an infallible being. That almost none of these fallible beings can agree about what exactly that infallible-being's "will" actually is, or how to best carry it out, never stops the faithful from insisting that they have "the true faith." and that all of the others are incorrect, some more than others.

Their Church alone makes this claim, ironically enough, even as they claim that their church has "infallibly" determined that we are all incredibly "fallible" to begin with, thanks to the stain of "original sin." Of course, the whole "fallible" and "infallible" thing, along with the whole story of "original sin" and the need for Jesus to come along and fix the humanity that his father started, are all just ideas that comes from, and are perpetuated, by the Church; a Church that insists it "knows," infallibly, that these things are undeniably true. And if we are wise, we will "know" it's true too.

But for religion to boast that it alone can help imperfect human beings discern what it means to be "perfect," and indeed can be trusted to discern this meaning "infallibly," it must first believe that it has some degree of perfection itself to begin with. After all, if a color blind person is going to tell blind people that he alone knows what "true" color is, he must first assume that he is discerning the colors he is about to describe with 'infallible' accuracy. To do this, he must first assume he is not color blind, even though by his own admission, and by his own religion, he is forced to admit that he is as "flawed and imperfect" as those whom he wishes to convince should follow his "infallible" claims about the "truth" of color. 

The paradoxes of religion do not end there, however. There are a host of other such paradoxes that it's many priests and penitents simply chose to ignore, often because they go without notice. These paradoxes, to use an old euphemism, are the very water such fish swim in. And here is just some of them.

Such priests convince their flock that their "belief" in the "truth" is no different than "truth" itself, even as they simultaneously condemn anyone else who wishes to "believe" in an opposite "truth." This, then, is to equate "faith" - which is to believe in something for which there is no proof - with "truth" itself, even while insisting that people cannot just decide for themselves what they chose to "believe" is "truth."

Anyone who challenges any of this is told that they just have to "believe" that the Church is 100% legit, and is 100% accurate in its claims that God is guiding it in everything it chooses to proclaims as "truth."  And if they do, they will clearly and unmistakably see just how "true," it all is. And if not, they will most likely roast for eternity in hell. But either way, the point is that god loves you. 

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