Saturday, July 21, 2018

The paradox of love is that it is as much our primary source of strength as it is our primary source of weakness, and that we can only enjoy the one by learning to delight in the other.

control freaks

Control freaks are people who spend all of their time and energy trying to change everyone else. And they do this, because they never seriously consider that trying to change everyone else is simply the result of their own refusal or inability to ever try and change themselves; let alone admit that they should. 

But the truth is that people can only ever change others, by changing themselves. And all those who refuse or are incapable of doing the latter, which is the only road to heaven, nail themselves to a cross of their own pride and obstinacy, which is the door to hell.  

Such people tend to derive a great deal of their identity and satisfaction from religions, since religions often reinforce the idea that it is other people who, because they are born flawed, must therefore "repent" (i.e., change) in order to please God. 

The "believer," in contrast, is always quite certain that they, by virtue of professing to be a "Christian," have changed (i.e., repented) enough already, and that the rest of their metamorphosis into a true "child of God," can only come through a willingness to pick up the cross as Christ did, and devoting one's life to the painful quest of only ever trying to change everyone else. 

The Christian is condemned to the Sisyphean task of trying to only ever change others, in other words, because they think it is a sin agaisnt God to ever change their understanding of Christianity.   


Friday, July 20, 2018

a Christian Family

You see just how much religion is a sham when you see how people pretend to love God by pretending to love each other as His “family,” when so many of those same people have never even learned how to love their own families, let alone themselves.

Or to put it another way, the history of Christianity is often a reflection of the history of many a Christian families.

And many of the very Christians who think they are striving to save the world as much as their own souls with their "faith," simply deny that it is that very same "faith" that is contributing the most to destroying their own families. 
Trying to find the "truth" of that thing people call "God" is like trying to swim to the bottom of the ocean, at the same time you're trying to walk to the sun.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

beautiful people are sometimes the ugliest people in the world, and the ugliest people in the world are sometimes the most beautiful

Truman Show

What if your entire life was all on television, like The Truman Show?

Would you be ashamed or proud, or not bother to waste your time with feeling the need to be either one?

Because how do you know that it ain't?

We convince ourselves we would've figured it out by now if it were, but maybe that's just because we refuse to admit that maybe we're not as smart as we think we are.

And whether it is or isn't, the point is to live as though it really doesn't matter either way.

Because why should it, since you can't do anything about it anyway? 

Each of us has all we need to be great ... except the experience.

The paradox of love is that it is as much our primary source of strength as it is our primary source of weakness, and that we can only enjoy...