Read Mikhail Bakunin ...

Read Mikhail Bakunin, and you will discover why we live in a world where the religion of economics, based on a theocracy of monetary policy, determines that the wisest of men should all perish by starvation for seeking knowledge and understanding, while the greatest of fools will prosper for having sought nothing but the accumulation of wealth.

If the impetus for the former is a love of humanity driven by a desire to understand, the impetus of the latter is a love of money driven by the desire to wield power over all.   

And as one is crucified for having sought the light of truth by daring to eat of the tree of knowledge, the other is glorified for its ability to turn a profit by selling humanity its own cross, and for providing jobs to all those who, out of a need to feed their own children, are willing to hammer in the nails.

The Religion of Reason

I have heard more than a few Christians argue that atheists worship their own reason. By this, the Christian means that the atheist worships the ideas they have built using their rationality, as if the Christian has somehow managed to avoid this pitfall but worshiping the irrational.

And in this way, the Christian exercises the divine ability of being omnipresent on all sides of an argument, while at the same time denying they are simply scoring touchdowns by continually moving the end zone.

When the Christian argues with the atheist, engaging in what the Christian refers to as "apologetics," they are relying on their ability to reasonably defend their "beliefs," even though their "beliefs" are by their very nature, held not only without supporting evidence, but even held in spite of evidence to the contrary.

This is why priests are required to study philosophy for so many years before they are ordained. Apologetics, which is a formal and indeed logical d…

If We Are Made In God's Image...

If we are made in the image and likeness of God, and we treat everything in existence as beneath us, why would we expect that God, who we think is so much greater than we are, would not necessarily treat us the same way we treat our environment, other animals, or even each other?

While we feel perfectly justified in killing plants (which it turns out may have some level of awareness similar to our own, however different), and animals (which the works of E. O. Wilson and Franz de Waal and others are only steadily demonstrating are far more intelligent that we have previously thought), and even "heretics" and "Jews" and "niggers" and "fags" (and, well, you get the point), we nevertheless are quite convinced that God is somehow above all of this, at least when it comes to ourselves, even though we are often doing all of such killing primarily because we think we are made in the image and likeness of a God, whose moral laws we feel obligated by our …
An entrenched belief is immune to evidence

 - Willy Wonka

The Heaven & Hell on Earth

It is rather incredible that all those who think they deserve to live in an eternal paradise with the creator of the universe, and all because they "behaved" like good human beings were told to during their life (as if they were essentially dogs), are also perfectly okay with the idea that there are any number of people who will, at the same time, be burning in hell for all of eternity - some of whom they will most likely know and care about, and perhaps even one of their own parents or children.

That such "believers" never seem to care if people will be roasted alive for all eternity, in an oven created by the very "loving God" they claim to worship and adore, is perhaps one of the greatest "miracles" religion has ever performed. And it is a miracle, because religion has apparently succeeded in never letting such a thought enter the mind of the Christian, or where such a thought has entered, it has placated the "believer" using the ve…

Great Quote

"It takes a special kind of con artist to get rich without paying taxes by selling people an invisible product for 10% of their income that they can't see until after they die."
I have no idea who wrote this quote, but it's spot on.
The problem is not that Christians chose to simply "believe" such things, which is worrisome enough (especially when you consider that people who believe this are so often running around saying how foolish people are), but that, because they believe it, they think they have a special right, and indeed even a special obligation, to decide for all of humanity, what it means to be a human being. 
And because they feel they have this "special knowledge," which they insist comes from God, they have the authority, which for the sake of their eternal souls they must exercise, to define for everyone on the planet, the nature of sex, gender, love, marriage, the meaning of life, happiness, what constitutes "truth," an…

St Augustine: The Dark Angel of Agony