MacBeth as Messiah

The most rabid of Christians, like the most rabid of Muslims, have fallen hopelessly in love with their own minds, and the belief that their own convictions are actually "infallible, universal truths" that come from, and indeed reflect, the will of God Himself - the creator and moral author of the universe.

(That such a God famously ignores such "moral" laws, and often commands his "faithful" flocks to do the same, never causes a single "follower" of such "beliefs" to question the blatant contradiction, that atheists forever implore them to consider as the "truest" fruit of their faith, is a miracle of denial that even the Devil would envy.)

As such, they look at the world and "know," with absolute certainty, that they are infallibly "right" in all they proclaim about the nature of virtually everything, especially anything in any way related to sex.

That they proclaim to be "humble" in this absol…

Liberalism & Capitalism vs. Conservatism & Christianity

What if you could detonate your identity, and build an entirely new one that looks nothing like the old one, in the same way we bring down a house or a building, and the one we replace it with can look nothing like what was there before?

 Both Liberalism and Capitalism sees this as a virtue, each in their respective spheres, as long as what is being built is left to one's own free will, instead of through the imposition of regulations imposed by some governing body, whether in Rome or Washington, while Conservatism and Christianity see this to be as evil as 9/11, and thinks this is only a virtue if what is being built it its place conforms to some tradition or set of proscribed rules and regulations.

And this is even more ironic when you consider how much Conservatives hate government but practically worship their Church, and denounce the decisions passed down by the Supreme Court, even though they believe that their religion legitimizes both the existence and power of that court,…

The Inquisitions: An Inevitable Consequence of Forced Converson

One of the miracles of faith that bedevils nonbelievers about "the faithful," is the latter's unremitting ability to deny the overwhelming amount of horrible "fruit," as their own Bible puts it, of the "tree" they worship. That tree, like the one in the garden of Eden, is the cross, of course.

Christians claim that God is steering his "Church" to right action, and everywhere in defense of His moral laws. That all of those laws have been repeatedly broken by His holy "Church" in order to ensure that "the gates of hell shall no prevail," is not only ignored by the faithful, but is always rationalized, not as any kind of evidence for the very nature of the "tree" Christians worship, but only ever as evidence of just how right Christians are to worship such a tree.

Consider the example of the Inquisitions.

After centuries of ever increasing laws, of every kind imaginable, laid upon the backs of Europeans like a cros…

Thomas Jefferson on Christian Fascism

Thomas Jefferson once said...

"In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty.  He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own."

No  wonder the Church sides with the Fascists during the Spanish Revolution and the monarchists and propertied aristocracies during the French Revolution.

The Church who's founder was both penniless  and wholly without property - "they threw dice and divided his garments," his only property, while he hung on the cross - has always sided with those who have property agaisnt all those they stole it from.

Silence & Opium

If you watched the movie, Silence, In the 17th century, two Portuguese Jesuit priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor, who is rumored to have committed apostasy, and to propagate Catholicism.

But, as a mental experiment, consider what would happen if we did not traverse through time in a forward motion, so that we are unable to see the hurricanes created by our various butterflies until sometime long after we are gone (could Christ have ever predicted the countless horrors perpetrated in his name?), but if we could instead traverse from those hurricanes back to those moments, and indeed those butterflies, from whence the emanated.

If the priests  depicted in the movie Silence, who sought only to Christianize China for God, could see the horrible toll their religion would be used to create in the opium trade, when Christian England forced the sale of such a drug upon both India and China a century later, would they still feel that their work was for the one true …

A Tomb of Flesh and Bone

It has long been assumed by "believers" that our souls, and thus some level of conciousness, will be freed from the body when we die, and end up in whatever heaven, or hell, we will inhabit forever.

But how do we know, if we accept that we have souls that outlive our body, we'd ever esacpe our body when it dies?

Maybe, in other words, our spirit is trapped inside of a dead body, and by closing our eyes we have effectively shut all the windows.

We are all trapped inside this tiny little universe, and knowing that our incarceration expires when we die  - which terrifies us more than anything else -  we hope that, after we do, we'll be magically transported to a heaven where we'll never have to go through this hell again.