The Power of Denial is the Only Miracle of Faith

The only "miracle of faith" that religion actually produces is the power of denial.
Religion allows people to deny that Christianity had anything whatsoever to do with the genocide and savagery perpetrated upon Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans, even though both were done in the exclusive name of Christianity. Only after defending the right to slavery for several centuries did Christians begin to suspect that maybe slavery wasn't quite so moral after all. 
It was not for atheism or science, in other words, that millions upon millions of people were murdered and enslaved for the glory of God and Jesus. But the Christian uses their faith to only everdeny that such a thing is true, opting instead to blame such things on people who simply got Christianity wrong, even as they only ever use such horrors as evidence for why people need the "true" Christianity.
But where is this "true" Christianity?
Do they mean the one that started with the …

David in the Garden: Gilboa to Golgotha

The Bible is basically a bunch of metaphors, wrapped in a single story, that it repeats in different ways. Adam is Moses is Jesus, and the Serpent is King David and Barabbas.   In this sense, just as any one of the stories can be seen to be the recasting of all the others, so those stories can be applied to any time throughout history, and even our own.

Capitalism, for example, is basically both the serpent in the garden of Eden, and the apple. Eden, of course, is the world we live in, while the serpent is represented by priests, politicians and advertisers, and the "apple" is our comforts, toys, and technologies. And for evermore of the latter, we are destroying our Eden, and each other.  

That's why the thing you have in your hand is probably an "apple" iPhone, and the internet is a "tree of knowledge." It's also why religious people act like they've been hypnotized to believe that they are "like God, knowing good from evil." And…

The Bible is Every Story

Every story is the Bible story, and every hero is a Jesus figure, in one way or another.

But because we think the bible was written by God, instead of story writers like ourselves, we think we must worship it as if it were better than all the rest. It's a superior story, we insist, because of the author, who we imagine to be a far better writer than ourselves.

Caesar, in the Planet of the Apes, for example, is Adam, Moses, Jesus, "God," and even Cain and Able, all at the same time.

So we fall in love with the characters, and willingly break all of the "commandments" given to us by our hero, just to defend his "good name."

This is like falling in love with Hamlet and therefore insisting that Shakespeare must be God. And too defend the "holy name" of Shakespeare, we are willingly to surpass anything Iago was guilty of, and revel in doing so for all the same reasons.

You cannot swallow your pride when pride is the only thing you have worth dying for.

And Birds of a Feather

The truth is, you can't make any money off of truth. After all, even the Christians admit that Jesus was a penniless nomad who died with less money than Redd Foxx.

But lies...

Lies are the biggest money makers there are.

And that's because even money itself is a lie.

And birds of a feather...

Screaming in the Mirror

Because we are raised in a world of make believe,  we never notice that we live in a world of the beliefs we make.

Human experience, in other words, is based on the different paradigms we use to interpret those experiences. If no one had ever thought of the idea of "God" or the "devil", for example, no one would automatically think that either of these anthropomorphous ideas were responsible for anything at all, either good or bad.

But what if all of our ideas are wrong, as they most surely all on some level, since they are simply projections of the collective fallibility of our own minds, masked in an image of the closest thing we could agree to about what constituted "perfection" without spilling more blood than we already have. And all the suffering we sowed and blood we have spilled so far, is simply part of the evolutionary process of "survival of the fittest," by fighting threats posed to a society, from both within and without, which is …

The Voice in Our Head

Julian Jaynes "speculates that until late in the second millennium B.C. men had no consciousness but were automatically obeying the voices of gods."

But that would depend on how we define the word "gods."

If by "gods," we mean Jupiter, Zeus, Allah or Yahweh, as "beings" that are actually entirely separate beings from ourselves, then we would still have to question if we have anyway of determining the difference between that, and "gods" we only think of in those terms, that are simply the product of own ideas alone.

And we would have to separate both of these from those other "identities" that we are equally as addicted to as God, be they our politics, nationality, ethnicity, and so on.

This thought leaves us to wonder, however, if the kind of consciousness we experience today is an altogether different kind of consciousness from what previous generations have experienced. Not simply because of our technology, which no doub…