Friday, May 25, 2018

Baptismal Castration

Catholics believe that everyone is born with the stain of original sin. They also claim that all life is a gift from god. Hence, life is like a fruit basket from god, but with a rotten apple at the bottom of the basket. And the only way to make sure that rotten apple won’t spoil the rest of the fruit is to water board the entire basket.

This water boarding comes in the form of baptism. Baptism is a “sacrament” that Christians believe washes away the stain of original sin, which is said to afflict every human soul since Adam & Eve allowed their curiosity to kill not just the cat, but humanity overall.

Catholics use the water boarding of baptism on infants to wash away that pesky stain, while other Christian denominations require that a person make a conscious choice to be baptized first (however uninformed or misinformed about the religion they are being baptized into they may be). The reason Catholics do this is because, since the child knows nothing of the sin that God allowed that child to be born with - which can only mean that  God necessarily wanted that child to be born that way - nor does it need to know that it is being forgiven for that sin (or even very much about the religion they are being baptized into).

Simply put, baptism is performed to return the child to as near a level of innocence as God will permit, which is great if the world was like the Garden of Eden, it's a jungle out there! 

So aside from the fact that baptism is a "sacrament" that simply  fails to deliver on its promise to make everyone as innocent as Adam & Eve (before their curiosity got the better of them, that is) - and is "intelligently designed" by God to fail to do so in order to foster a lifelong spiritual dependency upon one religion or another - it is also performed on infants without giving those children the right to decide for themselves if they really want that "stain" removed in the first place.

In a world run by greed and "survival of the fittest," in other words, baptism may only end up removing from us the sole asset - our "killer" instinct  - most needed to survive. It's like being declawed and defanged before being released into the wild, with the purpose of hoping to make everyone more peaceful. In fact, it's exactly like gun owners arguing vehemently that "big government" (i.e. God) should confiscate all of their guns!

 Baptism, in this sense, is like a form of spiritual castration, and may only end up turning the "king of the jungle" into a house cat.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Facing the past on a runaway train to the future

People in the rear view mirror of history always look different than they did when they were standing in the headlights of their own time.

And because they do, it is always the very same people who are always looking back and applauding the one, who are also driving the train that is always running over the other.

That’s why the Christians are always the ones who crucify every other Christ God sends them, because they are convinced that there can be only one, and all the rest are simply heretics.

How ironic.

Why God Wrote a Book

The Bible explains that God created the world in six days, and on the seventh day he rested (although it never explained why an all powerful being would need to "rest" ).

On the eighth day, God decided to write a book about it all. 

And on the ninth, he decided to create 6000 vastly different languages,  of which only 200 are actually written languages, the many of which have wildly varied grammatical structures and words that are without synonymous equal,  and vested his sacred church - a church that has just as hard a time ferreting out child molesters among its ranks as the public school system -  with being able to make sure everyone gets it right - forever!

And on the tenth day, God said, " There! Now they shouldn't have any problem understanding that."

Then Jesus asked, "But what if they do?"

To which God replied, "Then I suppose I will cast them into a lake of fire for all eternity for being so stupid, unless they grovel and thank me so much for not doing so before hand, that I decide to bring them to heaven, where they can continue to do the same thing for all eternity." 

And then God grinned as He leaned over toward Jesus - who was just a boy at the time and sitting on the floor at the left hand of his father - and said:

"That is, unless you want to take their place."

For Scripture to be Inerrant

For the Bible to have been inerrantly transcribed and translated, we must assume both that every person who ever made a copy was an expert in linguistics, and that everyone of those experts in linguists unanimously agreed on the very same interpretation over the last 2000 years, even if they had used any number of different methods to do so.

In fact, even the original authors of the books of the New Testament would have had to have been experts in both Aramaic, which was the only language the Apostles spoke, and in that dialect of Aramaic that was particular to the poor and the illiterate, since that was what the Apostles were. They would also have had to have been experts in Greek as well, since that is the language in which the books of the New Testament were originally written. 

And they most certainly did use different methods for doing so, because the study of linguistics only started about 200 years ago.

And like a religion, a lot of them disagree about a lot of things, even though all of them are "experts."

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

clever manipulation

Both economics and religion claim we are all born naturally selfish and greedy.

The difference is that one says we can only save our souls from eternal damnation by overcoming these vices, and the other says we can only save our economy by doing everything we can to encourage them.  

Thus, selfishness and greed are the sole "belief" that our entire economy is built and runs on, which is a belief held religiously by economists, who are the priests of any given economic religion. 

But when such a "belief" is the very soul of an economy, everything in that economy will necessarily be "intelligently designed" to maximize profits accordingly. 

And that means that the only way to maximize profits is to find ever more clever ways of manufacturing feelings of selfishness and greed through consumption, and then using the results that such 'clever  manipulations' are alone responsible for manufacturing, as proof of how right you were to begin with.


Contraception & Abortion

To oppose both abortion and contraception, as too may Christians do, is like opposing both guns and bullet proof vests.

It is this kind of thinking that leads people like Mother Theresa to refuse to allow the distribution of condoms even in places where the AIDS virus is spreading like a religion.

Monday, May 21, 2018

When You Cut Down a Tree

When you cut down a tree and fashion it into a cross you murder something that was given life by God to worship an instrument of torture that was ultimately used to murder that same God. 

And the the people who have done this around the world for the last 2000 years, are convinced that they need to do this to show that God just how much they love him, for having the decency to come down to earth as simply a man, so we could save our own sorry asses from hell by murdering him.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Baptismal Castration

Catholics believe that everyone is born with the stain of original sin. They also claim that all life is a gift from god. Hence, life is li...