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The Christian Pharisee

Ask a Christian who is convinced they have done nothing wrong to apologize for something they did wrong, and they will refuse. They are too inebriated by their own truth to ever admit such a thing. Christ, on the other hand, who the Christian is convinced is the embodiment of all "truth," never did anything wrong in his entire life. And because of his innocence, he offered up himself as an apology for all wrongs, especially those the Christian adamantly refuses to admit to. The great irony of Christianity, therefore, is how Christ was crucified as an apology for the very Christian who refuses to apologize. 

The last thing the Christian would have ever thought to do to those they defined as "witches," for example, was apologize for roasting them alive. After all, an apology is something offered by those who are clearly in the wrong, and the Christian knows that their "faith" in Christ clearly puts them in the right, as far as they are concerned.  Every crue…

The Only Question Left for Ferguson

In September, Henry Kissinger responded to ISIL's beheading of an American by saying "a measured response is inappropriate." This is an insult, Kissinger told NPR, "which requires that we demonstrate that this is not an act that is free.”  He argued further that, "when an American is murdered ... there should be a response that you cannot, you would not analyze in terms of a normal response to provocation.” And the people of Ferguson, MO., would certainly agree. 

The sense of frustration and outrage that Americans feel over the beheading of one of their own by ISIL is the same frustration and outrage that the people of Ferguson feel over the shooting of Michael Brown, only in Ferguson, the brutal treatment of American citizens has been going on for far longer. Yet when Kissinger suggests we should respond with violence to the former he is applauded as a statesman, while the citizens of Ferguson, who are simply applying Kissinger's advice to the latter, ar…

Escaping the Bondage of Beliefs - The Yellow Brick Road in Our Head

Stonestreet & Huckabee: Liars for Christ

How Pop-Christianity Reaps What ISIS Sows

Avatar and the Pandoran Paradigm of History

What is interesting about movies like Avatar is how they help condition viewers to accept the myth that good always triumphs over evil. Of course, it doesn't, but stories that lead people to believe that it does are not only easier to sell, they also serve to perpetuate the myth that history is an unfolding story of God's wisdom and divine providence. And as profitable as it can be to the victors to have people believe that it is, it isn't.

Such stories, told over and over again, produce a paradigm through which people then see themselves and their own history. If good always triumphs over evil, as the paradigm suggests, than victory itself becomes the strongest proof that "God is with us," as was engraved on the belt buckle of the German soldier in 1930. Even the firebombing of Tokyo and the dropping of two atomic bombs on cities full of innocent civilians during World War II could not dislodge the belief that America is always on the side of truth, justice, and…

Contemplating Suicide & Robin Williams

"To be or not to be, that is the question"  Hamlet

Life will be better when I'm dead. This thought has crossed my mind, from time to time. And I know I'm not alone. With the recent suicide of Robin Williams, which has left many in shock, sadness, and disbelief, a new light shines on that darkness that leads so many to implode. That darkness works by whipping our thoughts into a hurricane, and dropping us into the middle of it. It's like having a little homunculus inside your head that reminds you that only the worst awaits, and all attempts to escape it are futile. Indeed, for many who have stood on the edge of that abyss, the powerful allure of the gaping maw below can seem like the only cure. But it isn't. And the thoughts that whisper to us that it is, are a lie.

Depression is a cancer of the mind, and while the effects of both depression and cancer are the same for those they attack directly, people's reaction to each can be very different. Cancer…