Thursday, August 31, 2017

In God We Trust - God & Money Are The Same Thing

Have you noticed that the same people who believe in a fictional person called "God,"  are the same people who do the bidding of those fictional people we call "corporations"? And if corporations are fictional people, legally speaking, then the countries who birth them through the coital relationship between law and money, are their fictional  parents ( one could think of them as even "god" parents).

So when Ronald Reagan speaks about supporting "democracy," he isn't referring to the votes cast by real people, but those cast by "fictional" people, who always vote with ballots of money, which is itself a fiction. Even property rights, for example, is simply a "belief" that we choose to "believe." And we choose to believe such fictions, because we "believe" we must, or all order and chaos will be loosed upon the world if we do not, and worse, our souls will burn forever in a fictional oven, prepared for us by our fictional "God" father (who's mere threats make Al Capone look like an altar boy).

Hence, the elections of real people are purely fictional, but the elections of fictional people are real. 

Maybe this is why the Church sided with the land owners and Franco during the Spanish Revolution, during the 1930s, and with the land owners and the aristocrats during the French Revolution.

After all, like God, "corporations" are eternal, and so benevolent in their promise to provide us with paradise, through their goods & services, and even more so through their benevolence  to allow us to "serve" them (i.e. work for them), in exchange for "manna from heaven" (i.e. a paycheck from the higher ups so we can have food to feed ourselves and our families). So of course they are as tyrannical and sociopathic as the "God" of the Bible.

The bloodline of the corporation is money, which is why it says "In God We Trust." For the staunch Conservative, raised on the grand lie that "Liberals want to be taken care of from cradle to grave by Gov't," believe as blinding in their Christianity as they do in the unshakeable belief that "Free Market Capitalism" was solve every problem, much like God Himself, if we but pray and worship and adore and submit to the will and discipline imposed by both.

God and Money are the same thing. Everything else is just a manifestation of our willingness to believe in the ultimate benevolence of either one, no matter how many wars, genocides, and world wide floods are bestowed upon us in the name of either one.

The only Christian God, indeed the only God humanity actually worship, no matter how we dress it up, is money. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Since God  cannot be proven to exist or not exist, being immaterial and operating outside of time and space as "He" does, You cannot prove there is a difference between religion and insanity.

Humanity On A Cross of Iron

There has only ever been a division in the world between two groups of people, and that is the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, from those who live the life of leisure, upon all those who labor to provide it. And who keep their power and their riches through divide and conquer, using race, creed, color, etc, as weapons, and by using a legal system that gives the largest  punishments to the smallest criminals, and a political system that rewards financial crooks with an involuntary "bonus" under the elaborate ruse that it's really a necessary "bailout."

We may dress it up in any name we wish, but these powers have always been at odds on some level, in every conflict, war, and genocide we have ever engaged in.

Politics and religion, both of which use "science" in the cleverest of ways, are themselves simply exceedingly clever schemes by which division is sown, and always by those who reap the riches of the various horrors such divisions are designed to produce.

And in producing such horrors, humanity, after it has slaked its horrible hunger for tearing itself limb from limb -  and always for the most admirable of reasons, convictions, and "beliefs" -  is humbled enough again to submit to the authority of those who insist such an arrangement is the only way, through the spectacle of  its own orgiastic crucifixion, at its own hands, on what Eisenhower called "a cross of iron."

Today, politics and religion are basically two kinds of "wizards," projected by those who depend upon our tacit support of their authority over us. They sit behind a curtain of powerful positions, that should be torn down, to reveal that those behind it are no different from ourselves, except that they have succeeded through getting humanity to applaud their breaking of all of the Ten Commandments, as long as they simply promise that they're really doing it for us.  

They get there via the Left or the Right, for both are subject to the manipulation of this grand democratic experiment, which is a bit like Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment, only the subjects of the democratic experiment have no ability to call the whole thing off.

In fact, those in power are so drunk with wealth that they actually believe they earned it.  And since we're the one's they fooled into giving it to them, as John D Rockefeller might say, they must have.  

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jesus: Son of an Aztec God, and an Upgrage for Original Sin

I am forever fascinated by how our "beliefs" about something, trick us into forever overlooking some of what more rational perspectives would no doubt deem it's most obvious flaws.

Original sin, you may recall, is the idea that every single person who is born is stained with a flaw, according to the Bible. (And since it is in this "Bible," this idea is both obvious and unquestionably true - obviously.) This "original sin" is said to have occurred when first Eve, then Adam, ate of the forbidden fruit of "knowledge."

There are two components to this original sin, which infects our soul at birth, of which Mary was spared the one but given the other - hence she was "immaculately conceived" -  while Christ was born without the toxin of either one. God, who withheld these two components partially from Mary and entirely from Christ, choose not to grant the rest of humanity any such similar dispensation. Rather, God choose instead, according to Christianity, to forgive them the flaws that all naturally and unavoidably emanate from being born with such an affliction, by getting them to murder Him, after He dared to identify Himself as God.

Christ came into the world, in fact, to "save" humanity from the "stain of original sin." That means Jesus had come to die for us, to reopen the gates of heaven and save souls from eternal damnation.

This is incredibly ironic when you consider that Jesus was a God who taught people to "turn the other cheek," even while his own presence on earth to preach such an idea, was clearly not one his own Father could abide.

But when Pilate washes his hands of Jesus, so Christianity teaches its children, we all became guilty of the torture and murder of Jesus Christ, the "son" of God - the same God who, rather than turn the other cheek, could only be appeased by having those who had wronged Him in the first place, slaughter his own son; even as they claimed to be doing it in defense of that same "Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name."

If I had my druthers, I'd prefer to have my record reflect a charge of petty larceny over a murder rap any day.

But Christians ignore the sanity and the morality of such an original sin upgrade.

Yet how can anyone seriously trust, let alone "believe in," the sanity of such a "being," indeed even the moral compass of such a being, that leverages one charged with the former into committing the latter for His his own appeasement.

If such a story is true, this only proves that God is an Aztec.   

Friday, August 18, 2017

Maybe We Are Living In Heaven & Hell Already

There is no way we currently know of to "prove" the existence of God, a good Christian or Muslim will tell you, but they will insist that God exists nevertheless. And they know this because "faith is evidence of things not seen," as it says in Hebrews 11:1KJV.  If you "believe it," in other words, it must therefore be true.

But by this reasoning, any infinite number of absurdities that can simply be thought up by our imagination, can magically be brought into existence simply by having "faith" in it.

So what if we are currently living in Heaven and Hell already?

I don't mean simply the economic and political ones, a purely man made idea that is used to divide us into heavenly wealth and hellish poverty, by men who keep it in place by keeping all of us at each others throats,  but one whereby we relive our lives, an infinite number of times.

In the process, our decisions largely determine whether this repeating eternity feels more like heaven or hell.

And we are each an angel to some and a demon to others.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A lie is just as often something we can believe as a truth is something we can't.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

People who believe in heaven are willing to make hell on earth to get there.

Economics is a Religion

Economics is a religion, but it is far, far worse than any other religion, in part because it convinces it's adherents that it is not a religion at all, but a science. But even the science of racism, which feeds the flapping wings of prejudice into a genocidal hurricane, is simply a religion. 

By religion here, I mean a highly developed set of "beliefs, which  is both relied upon to understand the world and for which our bias can always find ample evidence to support, that is based on underlying assumptions that a person either fails to consider or simply accepts as necessarily true a priori. 

The difference, however, is that, for all of the bloody histories of Judaic-Christianity, economics is a religion that is far more evil and sinister. While the former grew out of the wonder of the human mind and the longing of the human heart, economics is the child of human management that culminated and has been passed down through monarchies and other systems of power. 

It is often the latter than then uses (or really misuses) religions like Judaic-Christianity, to achieve ever greater docility, obedience, and control of its subjects.  That religion tills the soil of the human mind to be fertile ground for such manipulations, as Bertrand Russell has pointed out, does not mean that religion is therefore the "original sin" (i.e. the original problem). It doesn't mean that it isn't, mind you, but it doesn't mean that it is either. 

That being said, Christianity and Judaism have both done terrible things historically, but at least they did it for the love of something greater than themselves, even if that belief is pure fiction, while economics does it for nothing but a love of numbers, even though it is simply a pack of ungodly lies.       

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hell is God's Chemotherapy

1 Corinthians 12:14

“For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body…….Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many.”  '

The Catholic and even many Christians claim that this line basically supports the idea that we are all part of the body of Christ - hence "Catholic," which means universal.

But suggest humanism is simply saying the exact same thing to some such Catholics and they think you are an agent of the devil himself.

We may be the "body of Christ," but some people think that we are merely cells of that body, while the "mind" belongs to "God" who punishes cells for not performing their "true" function accordingly.

So "hell" is like God's chemotherapy.

A Christian Confession

When a Christian claims that people would be monsters without a belief in God, they are actually confessing that, without their own beliefs barring the door to their darkest desires, they would become a monster; and if not to others, than at least to them self.

Yet so afraid are such Christians of people becoming more evil - that is, more liberal, more open minded, and less conformist or subservient to the claims of highly organized profit oriented religions - that they have embraced the worst evils of all, in defense of their "moral ideals," to rid themselves of the threat posed by people who dared to question the "infallible truths" uttered by fallible charlatans, who claim they are speaking directly to the creator of the entire universe.  

 And after that Creator had created that entire universe, He retired and wrote a book.

It's about a God who lures religious fanatics to murder his own son as a heretic. And all to defend that God from an upstart  who had the audacity to claim to be the Son of God who created the entire universe. They murdered God to defend God's honor, in other words. Which is actually something God wanted, and indeed needed them to do, so he could forgive them all for being the kind of sinfully murderous thugs God could depend on to brutally torture and murder his own son.

And all to save our own miserably sinful souls from the love of a "Holy Father" who is prepared to throw the same people he suffered and died for, over the course of three days, into an everlasting Hell, just for having too many "impure thoughts."     

Instead, we receive salvation from focusing some greater degree of thinking to the brutal torture and murder of a man named Jesus, and we are damned for eternity if instead we devoted a greater degree of that thinking on having sex.

In short, make war, not love.

Christianity teaches people to believe that the best in life comes only after you die.