Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christianity teaches people to believe that the best in life comes only after you die.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The more we focus our attention on the extremists who oppose our ideas the more extreme we become for our ideas.

Monday, December 3, 2018

truth is the only word that sounds like music, which is why love feels like a song written just for us. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

The New Lord's Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please save me from what you're going to do to me if I don't pray to you to save me.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

A vow of celibacy is practiced in religion by people who's desire to be right is even stronger than their desire for sex, and martyrdom is an act of suicide by a person who's desire to be right is even stronger than their desire to stay alive.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday, November 12, 2018

A vow of celibacy is a verbal act of castration, where men pretend to be eunuchs, and women revert to the  naivete of their prepubescence, by living like they were ever virgins.  

The desire for ever  more of everything is not evidence that God exists, but the spark of all human creativity love, passion, and intellectual pursuit. And those who pursue such things for their own sake, float like angels, while those who pursue those things for the sake of god or manna, walk like the devil himself. 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The most common form of insanity is an addiction to one’s identity.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Getting angry when someone questions your sanity is proof you’re probably insane.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sometimes the worst criticisms are the best compliments of all.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Horror movies suggest that one of the pleasures of heaven may be watching people in hell.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Saturday, October 20, 2018

You can’t talk a person into seeing the world for what it really is, especially when they have a religious devotion to seeing it how it isn’t.
The problem with heaven and hell is that often times they seem like the same place.
Our original sin is allowing ourselves to believe we suffer from original sin.

The greatest demons in the world are those who demonize others.
                                                And they do so, always in self defense.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The people are the body of Christ, and the cross they have always been crucified on is power. That is our only original sin; one for which we would rather murder the whole world, then suffer the stripes of redeeming ourselves by coming down from it.

univers of ignorance

In the same way the universe is comprised of a disproportionately larger amount of antimatter to matter, so the human mind is comprised of a disproportionately larger amount of ignorance to intelligence; and that’s because intelligence knows that maintaining a self-awareness of its own ignorance is the most important strength, for it is the sine qua non of all learning, while ignorance is full of “passionate intensity” for its “convictions,” as Yeats put it, and sees any admission of ignorance as its greatest weakness, because it is simply proof of a lack of faith in God.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Become Love

Love who you are, and you will learn to love who you were. Love who you were, and you will love who you will become. Do all three, and you become love.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We worship the god of wealth by sacrificing the poor on the altar of economics.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Anyone who brags all the time about how good they are, is clearly hiding something, in the same way that any religion that spends all of its time talking about "truth" is clearly lying.
Human consciousness is a form of collective insanity that dupes us into believing we are more like God than any other living thing.

But if god is infinite, then saying humans are more like god than, say, aardvarks or amoebas, is like saying the number ten is more like infinity than the number two.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Most people fall in love with someone who's brokenness reflects their own,  because that brokenness feels like home.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

You can only ever fall into an abyss by running from your fears, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes by facing them.
The best revenge against those who hate you is to love yourself.


If we are all made in the image and likeness of God, then the face of humanity as a whole, with all its diversity, is the face of God itself, with each of us representing but a single pixel in that image. Yet some of us actually believe that they are a better image of that God than others, by how they look, behave, or think; and more often than not, by all three together.

And in the very same way no single atom, nor group of atoms in the universe - no matter how similar they may be in size, shape, and color, or even sexual orientation - knows anything more about the universe than any other,  so no single individual, nor group of individuals in a society, knows anything more about "God" than any other.

Many theistic religions want us to think otherwise, of course, and simply because they decided to give their "God" a particular name, and devoted themselves to believing He thinks exactly like they do.

An argument based on the fact that most people believe the same thing as you, is called a fallacy. A religion based on the same thing, is called faith.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Me sinning against an infinite god is like a gnat landing on a whale.
Everything is a form of indoctrination. We just disagree about which ones are good for us, and why.
I actually told my Mom, who was studying to be a nun and is as Catholic as can be, that I “could not find the truth by clinging to a belief, and simply because that “belief” tells me it’s hopeless to believe in anything else. And as I understand your “Jesus” story, that’s exactly what he did.” She’s wasn’t pleased, but she got it.
ideas were mankind's first toys.

we just forgot it was all a game.

And that’s why we kill each other over who’s is better.
Sometimes I really hate myself. And sometimes I couldn't be more impressed.

I know all of us have some mixture of these two forces within us, but we tend to feel the one or the other almost always more than we really deserve to.

Sometimes I'm really impressed with this idea. And sometimes I'm not.

Every attempt to change others is a refusal to change ourselves.
Religion hypnotizes us to worship a homogeneity of thought and fear the ambiguity of reality.

It also teaches us to think of ourselves as hostages to a demon infested world, like prisoners of war who had betrayed their God, which is why we must have "faith" that we will one day be saved, and return "home" to heaven, to be with the very God who drafted us into this spiritual Vietnam War in the first place.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

To an infant, baptism is indistinguishable from water boarding. And circumcision is indistinguishable from castration.

So much for do unto other as you would have them do unto you.

(And don't try to tell me that any infant anywhere would ever volunteer for either one.)
The Moral Compass of Religion is this:

I go to heaven for killing you for disobeying my God (i.e., disobeying me)

while YOU go to hell for killing me for trying to kill you for disobeying me.

In other words, nothing is ever a sin if you do it in the name of God, and everything is a sin if you do it for any other reason.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Understanding is the most fundamental requirement for all love, science, and art,

while the most fundamental requirement for all religion, politics, and business, is misunderstanding.

The former require truth while the latter depend almost entirely on lies.

What's that tell you? 

Are Women Smarter Then Men?

I often wonder if, generally speaking, women are smarter than men, and for any number of reasons. But I don't actually think that "intelligence" can be measured, as if it were grains of sand that can be counted or quantified by weight. In the same way that not all calories are made or used the same way, with those from fat operating differently from those from protein or carbohydrates, so not all knowledge is the same either. In fact, most of what we tend to define as knowledge - like scientific racism, for example - is actually elaborately designed systems of profound ignorance.

To believe we can actually measure intelligence, then, simply assumes both that all knowledge is equal, and that knowledge itself only accrues in one direction, like time. It also assumes that intelligence  only ever accrues in a way that we can accurately quantify and reduce to a mere number, using a system of measurement. 

And we assume all of this, even though: 1) today we know that there is no such thing as fixed genetic or innate ability, and that environment determines practically everything. And 2) we also know almost nothing about how the mind, or even consciousness itself, actually works, or where it even resides.  Hell, we're still struggling to understand the human brain!

So, since I don't think we are smart enough to actually understand our own mind, let alone design a system to measure it accurately despite our near total ignorance of how it even works, what I am saying is that the true difference between women and men is that the former tends to be far more dynamic and elastic in their thinking, while the latter tends to value more static systems of thinking, like those offered by conservatism and religion.

Women, who may develop a greater degree of emotional intelligence to men because of the status they have been subordinated to by prevailing cultures over thousands of years, have had to be more dynamic in their thinking as a result, with their subordination inclining them instinctively toward a desire for greater freedom, and thus a break with the traditions of the past.

Institutional religions, in contrast, which claim to be the "light of the world," have been dominated mostly by men who seem mostly interested in leading women back to their station, as if women were sheep who had strayed too far from the flock, or domesticated farm animals who had broken free from their barn. Why else do you think women have been for so long excluded from the highest positions of teaching and power in most religions? 

Men who think themselves smarter than women, on the other hand, appear to have a preference for tradition. And mostly because those traditions have always shown a preference for them.  

Men favor tradition, in other words, because the only evidence they have for believing they are smarter than women, is the dominance they have always enjoyed throughout most of recorded history. And that's not only why they can't see what an utter disaster history has truly been with them at the helm, but also why men think so highly of "the good old days," and devote themselves to the veneration and necromancy of the ideas of the dead, as if it were a religion that all men must practice to "prove" their masculinity.

For them, the future is a seductress of deception, daring us with new knowledge, perspectives, and ideas, while the past  is as  fixed as the North Star and as sturdy as a cross, upon which has always hung anyone who dares to question the status quo.  The "real man" sees John Wayne as a hero and Walt Whitman as a heretic; one he worships like Jesus Christ and the other he fears like the devil.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Christian believes in the invisible for which there is no evidence just as much as they doubt something as visible as the nose on their face.
Religion turns people into robots. Their only directive thereafter is to seek God, even if that means acting like the Terminator seeking Sarah Conor.
When the Christian asks, "What if you're wrong, and there's a God, and you have to spend eternity in hell because you didn't believe?"

An atheist replies, "What if you're wrong, and there's a God, and you have to spend eternity in hell because you did?"

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

God, who makes us just broken and ignorant enough to be dependent upon a highly flawed power-seeking church of men for our salvation, no matter how many inquisitions or pedophiles it employs, is angered enough to throw us into hell for all eternity for having the courage to go it alone.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The only difference between life and death is improvisation.
Loneliness is when you have a lot to say but no one who wants to listen.

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Conservative Christian accuses the Liberal of being dependent upon government while at the same time boasting about how humble they are for being wholly dependent upon an imaginary God, which basically means they are dependent mostly upon an institutional Church to explain everything for them. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

“The past is because of the present,” said Alan Watts, and the future accrues with compound interest.
It takes far more energy to run from a fear than to face it. And by running we surrender our future to the clutches of the past, while by facing our fears we claim the future for our own.

We are the only one who can save us.
The origin of all hatred is self hatred.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

God is a ubiquitous explanation that Christians use to explain anything and everything they can’t explain.
Fear is the wellspring of all doubt, that no devotion to certitude - whether in a god or a religion  - can ever overcome.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A mustard seed of faith might move mountains, but no mountain of evidence can move a mind trapped in the mustard seed of religion.
All demons live off of fear. And mostly their own.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dead Letter: On The Founding Father's Original Intent

Ironically enough, it turns out that the Founding Father's did NOT want the U.S. Constitution interpreted with the kind of "Original Intent" that Conservatives want.

According to the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong is a 1995 book by James W. Loewen, a sociologist:

"The most notes we have from the Philadelphia convention that eventually framed the Constitution, comes from Jame  Madison. But Madison did not want his notes published in his lifetime (he died in 1836) specifically because he did not want people to pivot off of what they thought the people in Philadelphia were doing." 

In other words, the "original intent" of James Madison - the only 'founding father' who's mind we know anything about at all, thanks to his notes - wanted the Constitution to be understood and applied subjectively, as it applied to the ideas and issues of the day. 

He wanted the Constitution to be interpreted, in other words, based on its text and the issues of the day; that the Constitution should be understood as a "living document" was the "original intent" of the founding fathers.

That was also the original intent of the stories that would later become "The Old Testament." 

And it was the interpretation of the "Old Testament" as a static document steeped in tradition, that necessitated a New one.

Because like a Constitution being interpreted through the backwards lens looking into the past, time has a way of turning "tradition" into a dead letter. 

How an Atheist Knows Christ

I am an atheist who does not believe in god, mostly because such a word can not be defined. The word “god” is so amorphous and abstract that it can mean anything to anyone. And the more broadly we define such a term the more it could be be like something that maybe even atheists would accept, while the more narrowly such a term is defined the more finite, contradictory and thus purely man made it becomes.

As such, when my mom told me she was sad that I did not know Christ, I explained it to my mom this way:

Mom, the word “Christ” means “anointed,” which is a word the ancient Greeks used to describe people like Socrates or Aristotle. It’s what they would’ve called Buddha or Confucius, or Bertrand Russell, or maybe even Noam Chomsky, and lots of other people. It’s what they called people who possessed particular brilliance, in other words, and who often imitated “Jesus” by picking up their cross of speaking truth to the world, even though they knew they may well be crucified on it by one Sanhedrin or inquisition or another for doing so.

 But they do so, because they know that is what the grave inequalities and injustices of this Earthly Eden of ours require, to “save” humanity, and even the world itself, from our collective ignorance, fear, and superstition, which is the cause of all war and suffering in the world; from Socrates for “corrupting the youth” by teaching them to question the gods, to Russell for trying to save the youth by opposing WW I.

In fact, even the Jews had many messiahs! Initially, the word meant “divinely appointed king,” which Pontius Pilate identified with the ancient Jewish king David. Fearing that Jesus was the new king David, and that the Hebrews were going to unify and rise up against the Romans under Jesus as they had under David, is why Pilate posted the sign “king of the Jews” upon his cross, to dissuade any would be revolutionaries. And Jesus, who was not seen as a “god” until centuries later - and it was a long incremental process at that - was only turned into a “god” by the Greek speaking Roman scholars who wrote the NT, because all of the emperors of Rome, going back to Julius Caesar, were made into Gods; in the same way your Catholic Church today turns people into saints.

After Jesus, for example, Simon bar Kokhba became the next “messiah” when he founded a short lived Jewish state before he was defeated in the second Jewish Roman War, in Judea, around 135 AD.[i]  Christ, is not a “person,” to put it more simply, it’s a state of mind; the state of an open mind. And not one that clings to a “father” in heaven for fear of damnation, but which is free to accept anyone and everyone as if they were your Jesus. Because the equality that everyone  shares is we are all equally “the face” of what you call “god.” And to judge others who you think are not acting like the ideal you have in your head, which you call “Jesus,” is to cut off your nose to spite your face. So you see, in that sense, the only way I can have a relationship with the “true Christ” of an open mind, is by not believing in some brand of god some “church” is selling me, and making a killing while doing it.

Does that make sense?”

My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong is a 1995 book by James W. Loewen, a sociologist

[i] It is interesting to note that around the same time of the writing of the New Testament by those Greek speaking Roman scholars, on the military front, the Flavian dynasty destroyed Jerusalem under Titus in 70 AD, following the failed Jewish rebellion of 66 AD. Titus, in other words, by destroying the Jewish capital of Jerusalem, was tantamount to Pontius Pilate crucifying Christ, for the rebellion in 66 was the very thing Pilate was worried about. It was those Jews, by the way, who refused to recognize that Titus was a "god." And instead, the descendants of those rebels elevated one of their on; a Robin Hood of sorts. It is interesting also because Titus was the only biological son of a Caesar, his father being Caesar Vespasian, who would become a Caesar. Titus, in other words, was the only Caesar who was not only seen as a god by the Roman Citizens while he reigned, since all of the Caesars were seen as gods at that point, but also the actual “true”… “son of God.”

Saturday, September 15, 2018

mind gender

Conservatives believe that gender is biological, and biology dictates certain fixed behavioral norms for each gender that are mutually exclusive and never change, across time or place, even though anything that can be defined as biological is always changing and evolving, according to time and place.

Hence the Conservative believes that gender, however inseparably linked to our biological, must be mostly psychological.

And the only proof that the Conservative has that the psychological is forever fixed with regard to gender, is the Conservative's religious devotion to never changing their mind about anything. 

Today, the only way a person can ever hope to become all that Jesus taught humanity to aspire to be, is by becoming an atheist and a humanist.

Because to practice religion is to act like the Sanhedrin.

Friday, September 14, 2018

We sacrifice tomorrow on the altar of today.

The question of God is a very simple one.

Which do we prefer: the truth, even if it scares us to death, or a "belief" that protects us from having to face such a truth? 

Which is easier for us to accept? That there is a God that will save us from meaninglessness and oblivion, or that the only one who can save us from "meaningless and oblivion" is ourselves, regardless of whether any "God" exists or not?

Time is indifferent to what we believe. But we hope these is a god who can change all of that. And that if we "worship" Him enough, and in the right ways, and convince Him we really "love" Him, He will change all of that.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Religion teaches people to use their intelligence as a shield and their ignorance as a sword.
The difference between reality TV and reality is the difference between having a gold fish and being Jacques Cousteau.
Nothing blinds a person to the "truth" about God more than their "beliefs" about God.
Religion teaches us to assume the worst of people, which only brings out the worst in ourselves.
the genius and the idiot almost always confuse themselves for the other.


The simple difference between life and non-life is the ability to change.

Religion, with its addiction to tradition, constancy, and infallibility, worships the idea of never changing your mind about God or your religion.

Religion, therefore, is the worship of non-life.

Maybe that's why Christians worship a guy who is basically a zombie, by acting like vampires.

stop doing it

When you see how people are taught to hate themselves, and how to confuse that hate for love of one idea or another, it breaks your heart, because you know they’ll never stop doing it.

And then you get angry at them, because they won’t stop doing it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Why Our Flag Is Still There

It's been years already
Since that September
so many years already
As we look back and remember

A warm sunny day
that began like a kiss
And ended in tears
for all those we miss

Years since Guiliani became
The countries mayor
And so many Police and Firemen
Became hero's beyond compare

since Great Britain played our national anthem
in Buckingham square
to remind us we are not alone
in the grief that we bear

since a nation
turned to God in prayer
and we told all those we love
just how much we care

since we lit candles
in the depths of despair
and congress sang "God Bless America"
on the capital stairs

since we marveled at
courage so inspiring and rare
and "bucket-brigades" worked night after night
beneath the halogen glare

since we discovered
we all have something to share
And red, white and blue
seemed to blossom from everywhere

since we all forgot about
"who wants to marry a millionaire?"
and we longed for those days of
Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

It's been years since the world awoke
to that September air
when the bonds of affection
that each of us share

gave us proof through the night,
of why Our Flag... is still there.

gallery of echoes

 hard come the hawks of winter's blow
when springs ambitions do concede to autumn snow

and into that clanging hall of memories
do all our yesterdays go

for with the crown of thorns
of all we know

walks one writhing tongue
in a gallery of echoes

Monday, September 10, 2018

Wisdom is only the discovery of our own ignorance, and an epiphany is when that discovery hits you like a ton of bricks.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

How Ignorance Equals God

Religion is the "belief" that our own ignorance of the universe -  how it works in every detail, why it exists at all, and where it came from -  is proof that we should therefore "believe" in the existence of a God that is not only solely responsible for creating it all, but who only hides from us any direct evidence of this fact, for our own good.

Also, this "God" never intervenes in any of our squabbles for our "own good" as well.

And this is because protecting the inviolable sanctity of our own "free will" is apparently far more important to that God than maintaining world peace, no matter how many millions must perish to protect the former, and always in the name of pursuing the latter.

Simply put, religion uses our own ignorance as the surest proof of God. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

You cannot learn how to love if you have never been loved, and you cannot feel love if you have not first learned how to love yourself.

Friday, September 7, 2018

If you cannot look at the world and have meaningfulness, hope, love, joy and peace, without the need to first believe in a god, then you are not free to believe in a god.

And this is especially true when hell is said to await anyone who dares to try ad find those things without a need to believe in that god.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The sanest thought can be carried out in the sanest way and produce the greatest insanity possible.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The law serves the people but the priests serve the law
Suicide is as common to those who have everything as to those who have nothing at all.
Institutions, and especially ideologies, tend to demonize minorities, because those from without always have a better view of the serpent than those from within. It’s also why the quest for knowledge was defined as the sin that cursed us all to live in ignorance.

Freight Train

I always imagined that Judas hung himself because he could not bear to live with what he had done, because he had no idea of what he was actually doing.  And once he saw what he had done, he hung himself for being such a fool.

He found humility, in other words, but it ran over him like a freight train.

And Christians see themselves as the proud benefactors of his mistake, and all the suffering he now endures for our sake.

Some people’s demons are so bad, they can’t face themselves.

gods of the mezzanine

Evening comes ...

And the gray ghost bleeds across a jagged sky
As destiny plucks our strings
Tis a play seen only by the bumble bee
for the gods of the mezzanine

We drink tears from the scorpion's eye
And swim in that which is unseen
the abyss that swallows up the fire fly
are the gods of the mezzanine

Come night ye gothic stalking steed
the sun is but an apple to your serpentine
when they kill us for their sport and feed
these gods of the mezzanine

Monday, September 3, 2018

What’s the difference between truth and a belief?

Truth is always unfolding before us, and can only be understood with the gift of being able to change your mind about anything upon learning new information or simply looking at something in a different way.

A belief is a curse that dupes us into only ever looking at things the same way, and worshiping such a perspective as our "true" god.

It is a universal truth that everyone fails to live up to their own standards, which are always the very same standards they use to stand in judgement of everyone else.
We never truly see our own sins, but we damn sure think we can see everybody else’s.
The difference between love and religion is the difference between a tree and a cross. And as one bears fruit, the other crucifies.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Self Aware = EI

The difference between being emotional and emotional intelligence is the same difference between being self conscious and being self aware.

 Or to put it more simply, self awareness is emotional intelligence, and to be self conscious is to be emotional.

It's just amazing how many self conscious men  there are out there who are convinced that women are more emotional than men.

Everyone is convinced they know who God is, but no one can tell you; not even the atheists.
Christians think they are being like Jesus by treating anyone who disagrees with them like the devil.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Religion often teaches people to be proud of the things they should be most ashamed of, and ashamed of the things they should be the most proud of.
As society becomes more complex relationships become more complicated, and it becomes more difficult to find someone who thinks or understands the world the same way you do.
Death puts all of your ideas in a state of zero gravity.
Death tends to shatter the wall that hides the difference between our life and our potential.

How is it that Catholics can call for the end of the papacy of pope Francis over the sexual
abuse scandal within the church but say nothing about making JP II a saint, even though JP II was even more guilty of facilitating that sexual abuse than Francis??

Why Would God Make Atheists?

Christians often feel compelled to "believe" in the God of Christianity, and feel even more compelled to deny that God is far more evil than the devil of Christianity, even though the devil can only torture us here on earth, while God can torture us in the afterlife for all eternity.

And what's ironic is that God will torture us in the afterlife for all eternity, for not having allowed ourselves to be tortured by the bible here on earth, or even for just failing to "believe" both in God, and that that God is the "one and only, true God" (whatever that means exactly).

But all of this only leads us to wonder why God would bother making atheists in the first place.

Why bother making people that you know will not believe in you, that must figure out in the span of their lifetime - however short that may be - that God not only exists and is real, but "loves them," or they will be cast forever into an eternal furnace that makes the ovens at Auschwitz look like a tanning bed by comparison?

Basically, Christianity claims that God left the only clue people would ever need to know Him and how "holy" He really is, in the form of the Bible, which is a book that uses suffering and death to teach humanity to appreciate the value of life, in the same way Jigsaw does in the horror movie Saw.

But again, we are left to wonder "why?" What lessons could such atheists possibly learn from being created for the sole purpose of learning to "believe" in God through such horrible lessons? In fact, the thing that tends to "teach" people to believe in God, and indeed even come to worship the idea of completely depending upon God, more than anything and everything else combined, is death itself!

And the more horrific the death, like 9/11 or even that of Jesus Christ, the more we are all expected to "learn" about God, and willingly surrender our suspicions and our doubts concerning His existence, even and especially if many of his own Christian priests use that willingness to repeatedly rape our children.

 All of these horrors, from genocide to pedophilia and beyond, so the Christian would have us believe, is why God wants and needs us all to " believe" in Him, even though all of these horrors are often only possible because enough people "believe" in God.

So what exactly is the point that God is trying to make by making atheists, if it has so often only been "believers" who have committed some of the worst evils throughout history?  


Friday, August 31, 2018

Christianity teaches us to believe that our woefully flawed intelligence is still perfectly capable of understanding a perfect intelligence that is infinitely greater than our own.

And the problem with atheists is that they have failed to understand that this is perfectly possible, and thus perfectly true, for no other reason than that Christians believe that it must be, as an act of faith.

And the only reason Christians believe this is ultimately so they can avoid roasting alive in an eternal hell.  
Reality is made up purely of people’s perceptions of reality.
The only evidence for god is televangelists. And for atheists, that means Christians really do believe everything they see on tv.
The only way a person can know they are not completely dysfunctional is to believe they are not.
The story of Abraham is basically the story of the son of Sam.
Voting doesn’t change the agenda. It only changes who is running it. But it’s always the same agenda.


We are all the product of both our parents love and flaws,  but only some of us know how to use one to overcome the other, while most use it the other way around.

The emotional intelligence practiced by the few, in other words, is hardly enough to overcome the fear and hatred masquerading as love practiced by the many.

living in you

In some ways, the only heaven or hell a parent enters after they die is the one within their own children.

The only question, therefore, is which one of those places is dwells within you?

Pokémon & Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Religion is like Pokémon.

You play this game with your friends that all see evidences that their “beliefs” are real just like you do, that no one else can see unless they have downloaded and installed the right biblical software app, like you have.

And those who have downloaded that app, or belief system, “pray” for those people who can’t see those evidences, that they will one day believe they exist anyway, so they can play in the same reindeer game.

That’s why science is always treated like Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Jesus & Yahweh

Through their beliefs in a God, Christians become surrogate fathers unto themselves,  dividing their mind into two personalities, one as the child they were that never got anything right, and the other as a father figure with a God complex.

And as they strive to be the former, in the form of the perfectly obedient new testament God called Jesus, they treat all those who question them like the old testament God, Yahweh.

does God exist?

What amount of evidence would it take to convince an atheist that God exists?

Here is the problem with that question.

Remember that it is religion that teaches us to “believe” we are all born too broken to trust ourselves, which is why we must therefore trust only in God.

But if this is true - and especially if it is simply and only “true” by “faith alone” - then how could so broken a person ever trust them self enough to believe in god, even if a universe of evidence was provided?

After all, it is Christians who refuse to “believe” that every atom of our universe is proof that their singular version of “God” - the lottery winner of centuries of our own psychological evolution -  does not exist, even though Christians define their “faith in god” as “belief in something in the absence of evidence.”

our sacred beliefs

Something really weird happens when you start seeing people as people, and not as the "idea" of people you simply have in your head.

In fact, our society often works to makes us all see each other as anything but people. We are races, genders, Muslims and Christians, believers and infidels, and every other brand label we can think to assign.

But we are not people... just simple, hopeful, people - who all want the very same things for their children; and who’s stories all end with the same four words - “and then we die.”

One thing you notice, for example, is the profound similarities, and a common nature that is infinitely malleable enough to believe anything is "true."

Another is how we only crave to be saved by the countless "truths" we are offered, to the point that we are willing to kill and die for them, because we are so profoundly broken.

And because we are so profoundly broken, we cannot see how we each contribute to turning our Eden into hell on earth.

And all to defend and advance the "truth" of our sacred "beliefs." 

I mean, if the Bible ends with Armageddon, and the things in the Bible must be "believed" to be "true," then why would we want ANYONE to believe in the Bible?

I mean, that book is the definition of a self fulfilling prophecy. And it's one of the bloodiest books ever written!

divine mercy

The idea that God will punish those who are not "saved" by accepting "Christ" means that God will throw into eternal hell even all those who had no idea they were ever doing or thinking anything that was "offending" such a "God" in the first place.

Now that's what I call "divine mercy."

And with such a God, why is there any need for a "Devil" character at all, since the latter can never come close to doing to us what the former is threatening to do to us?

And in that sense, calling the devil "evil" for wanting to "lure us away" from such a God, like calling firemen "evil" for wanting to save us from a burning building.

fading light

there is a fading light in all of us

that most of us cannot see

from the fire of all we are

and all we will ever be

it is the truth about ourselves

 that we refuse to see

and the lies that seduce us everywhere,

with all we hope to be

it is the distance between life and love,

from the sky to the sea

and everything in the universe

that exists between you and me

there is a fading light in all of us

that most of us cannot see

from the fire of all we are

and all we will ever be

It's funny how making a decision about something can make everything look so different.
Reason is to religion what sunlight is to a vampire. Because each set is the same as the other. 
To face the future you must turn your back on the past.
Doing things over and over again and expecting a different outcome is as much the definition of insanity as it is the practice of religion

Thursday, August 30, 2018

sexual abuse & Fr Lankeit

  Fr.Lankeit is a Roman Catholic priest from Phoenix, Arizona, who recently gave a homily blaming homosexuality for the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

His homily, ironically enough, is the very means by wgich the abuse in the church has always been facilitated.

 By shifting the blame from the mostly heterosexual clergy who are responsible for committing these crimes - clergy who prey mostly on boys not because they are themselves gay, but because boys have more shame about the abuse, and are thus more likely to remain silent about it - to simply blaming homosexuality itself, Fr. Lankeit only helps to create the very ‘culture of shame’ in which such sexual predators can and have always preyed upon children.

 Lankeit’s condemnations, in other words, only help to produce a target rich environment of potential victims who will be (hopefully) too ashamed to publicly accuse their abusers. And by doing so, shame becomes the sheep skin beneath which predator priests can prey upon children while pretending to be the lamb of god.

Even worse, the lack of transparency by the Catholic Church in all of this, its refusal to open up its historical records, may not only hide the fact the abuse has perhaps gone on far longer than the church claims, but is also a form of institutional protection that, along with the statute of limitations, only encourages the abuse by assuring abusers they will never be held liable for their crimes.


Christianity teaches people to believe that the best in life comes only after you die.