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Why Ben Shapiro is Wrong About BLM

If Ben Shapiro really wants answers to his condemnations of BLM, he should start by reading a few books, and then some. For example, he can find all of the answer's he's looking for in:

America: Borne in Blood - Race War by Addiction

In the movie Crash (2004) a "good cop" gives into his fear, and a "bad cop" gives into his humanity,as the former shoots a black male hitchhikerwho had reached into his pocket like Philando Castile, and the latter reached into a burning car to save a person's life. In short, the movie captures the complicated nature of who we are and, by extension, just how complicated issues of race and racism can really be.And today, race relations in America are perhaps more complicated and more strained, than any other time in recent history.
The complex and ever more complicated web of racism that is both direct and implicit in our society, is interwoven with both social and legal measures designed to combat it. Racial quotas for schools and universities, for example, are undermined by the even greater quota demands that police departments put on their officers to fund their budgets, and private prisons put on the American tax payer to satisfy their shareholders. And even…

The Brother Karamozov

If you watched the RNC, you probably noticed how much some extremist Christians suffer from the very sin they say Satan was thrown out of heaven for.

Such Christians suffer from the very sin that the serpent promised they would suffer from in the Garden of Eden, when he promised them that, by eating the apple, they would "become like God, knowing good from evil." And ever since then, these Christians have been running around "like God," and deciding for everyone on the planet what is "good" and what is "evil"  - according to them (even though they insist it is only according to their imaginary friend they call "Jesus," for whom they are as willing to smite all those who question his existence, as ISIS is willing to behead someone for drawing a cartoon of Mohammad.)

That the very act of making such God like pronouncements, by those who can't even agree among themselves about how to interpret something as simple as a bible verse, onl…

Gun Nuts and Drugs

God only knows how Christians come to believe that the phrase, "to live by the sword is to die by the sword," has nothing at all to do with their guns. Talk about a miracle even God can't explain!

A close second to this is the fact that so many of these same Christian's demand that something as harmless as marijuana should be illegal, that you have to be 16 and have a valid drivers license to drive a car, and that a person must be 21 to drink alcohol, but that it is completely preposterous to suggest that there should ever be restrictions on gun sales to minors.

Such gun nuts also insist that God gave them the Second Amendment, even though that same God sent out his original apostles, "like sheep among wolves," to "spread the word of God" by relying solely on their exercise of the First.

O.J. Simpson and God?

12 jurors, with all of the evidence in the world, couldn't agree that O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson, but we're supposed to believe that 2.2 billion Christian's in the world, and 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, have all come to the unanimous conclusion that God exists, and he created the universe, even though there isn't a single shred of evidence to prove any of it, and plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise?

America: Borne in Blood - The Blame Game

Thanks to social media, the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile ricocheted in every direction around the country, tearing the fabric of society to pieces as people began blaming "racist cops" and then "racist Liberals" and anyone else they could think to blame.
Kevin Jackson from The Blacksphere," for example, said "the people to blame for this are Liberals" whom he referred to as "the worst people on the planet." He went on to explain that it is not African Americans, but Native Americans, "who are killed more, per capita, than any other race,” as if to suggest that African American’s should therefore be thankful that things are not worse for them.Others joined in the linguistic lynching of BLM on social media. Judge Jeanine Pirro, for example, "stoked the (emotional) fires" of division by saying Obama "stokes the fires (of racism) every chance he gets." In the comments, the focus was not about issue…

America: Borne in Blood - Blame Not Lest Ye Be Blamed

America: Borne in Blood