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Only Faith

Why We Die

Christian Libertarians: An Oxymoron

A Libertarian believes in minimizing government, while a Christian believes in maximizing God, even though corporations are amoral legal "persons," which can live forever and are immune to pain and suffering, and people are moral actual persons, which suffer and die. The former is like The Terminator, created for the sole purpose of finding the Sarah Connor of profit, and indifferent to whatever damage it may cause to actual people, animals, or the environment, while the latter is has a vested interest in working together to survive.

The problem is that government is the equivalent of God to corporations, since a corporation only exists because some government licensed it to operate. Government is also the only thing that holds corporations accountable for poisoning water supplied, like in Flint or Love Canal.

Yet the Libertarian wants to reduce the size of government, which basically means that Libertarians want corporations to rule the world. (After all, if it's not on…

Kaepernick: Why Our Sense of Patriotism is as Pale as Our Skin

People never consider how the ordinary human life span effects the way we interpret the world around us. If the average human life span were 500 hundreds years instead of roughly 75, for example, far more people would probably remember what was going on in this country exactly 100 years ago, right after America had thrown its soldiers into the meat grinder of World War I. Like today, there were plenty of Americans who were deeply and emotionally connected to their sense of patriotism, as the world convulsed to the drum beats of war, and soldiers and citizens alike recited "that old lie," as the warrior poet Wilford Owen once put it, "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" (tis sweet and glorious to die for one's country).

And thanks to Edward Snowden, people would also understand that the ubiquitous system of surveillance being used today in America, on anyone who is arbitrarily deemed to be hostile to the American way of life, and is therefore define…