Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Mirthless Grim & Dungeon Dim

here in the mirthless grim and dungeon dim
where darkness hangs like rotting skin
 from brooding demons sick with sin

our soul is but a phantom limb
and we the disembodied twin
of the emptiness we dwell in

that swallows everything within
and makes a coffin of our skin
filled with all that might have been

and as forsaken moans of wind
lament their bitter requiem
these devils fanged come stealing in

and in a froth my thoughts begin
to tear my body limb from limb in the mirthless grim and dungeon dim.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cross My Heart & Hope to Die

Corporations pour a ton of cancer causing chemicals into our food these days, from pesticides to preservatives, for the sole purpose of maximizing their profits at the expense of human health. This, along with the over saturation of society with everything from sugar to electromagnetic radiation,  and the ever mounting stress from ever growing dept needed just to barely survive today, only makes the ever worsening and increasingly precarious working environment that much harder to bare from day to day.

It's no wonder more and more people are opting to kill themselves rather than get up and drag themselves to a job they hate more than the prospect of hell, just so they can continue to be nothing more than an economic battery in a system that has reduced everyone to a series of numbers on a screen like the Matrix.

This system runs purely on death, by the way, from the Military Industrial Complex that robs the American taxpayer by seducing them with war and destruction and terrifying them with threats from "all those who hate our freedoms," to the "for profit" pharmaceutical and health care industry that sees all of the diseases our consumerist society has created as a perfect opportunity to make a financial killing off of all those that corporate America is slowing trying to kill. Praise Joel Olsteen!

And since all of this only ensures that more and more people will need more and more healthcare services that they can't afford - which means that more people will end up having to put up with "for-profit" healthcare services that are even worse than those provided by the worst socialist or communist healthcare systems in the world - the financial bonanza that Wall Street investors hope to enjoy from an sicker and sicker population becomes the real reason why doctor assisted suicide remains illegal.

For all of the brainwashing that Christians have embraced in the name of their moral righteousness, the truth is that the only reason physician assisted suicide is illegal has nothing to do with the value of life,  which such morally minded Christians readily point out in their protests about abortion (even as they support ever more war and the "freedom" of health care insurance companies to pursue ever greater profits at the expense of human life, without being molested by government regulations imposed by "socialist democrats").

Instead, it only has to do with allowing corporation demigods to continue to suck people financially dry while convincing them that they are only here to help.

This growing demand for medical attention by a free-market-murder-system only ensures the sky rocketing costs of healthcare means fatalities rates rise in tandem with record profits. And all of this murder and death for profit, Conservative Christians worship like a golden calf, and gladly, gleefully, and with all of the euphoria of John the Baptist tripping on peyote and his own endorphins, praise God and America as the greatest Christian nation "god" has ever created!

But who has time for any of this. Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to work we go. No wonder so many people only hope to die.

A Handgun or a Length of Rope

Life can feel like a cross that only gets heavier with age, and all of us carry it to our grave like Christ on his way to Golgotha. Caught between an immovable past and an unstoppable future, each passing moment begins to feel more and more like we are being crucified by one on the other.

Welcome to America, where my retirement plan is to have just enough money to afford a handgun or a length of rope.

You'll hate your job, but at least you won't have any money for retirement or healthcare services. But you're "free," but you're not free to die, which is the only thing more and more people really want to do.

Do a google search and you'll be surprised at the growing number of people who just wish they were dead.

The Christians will all insist that it's because people don't go to church for their weekly brainwashing session that is designed to convince them that being a slave, to both God and their job, is what makes a person really happy. They'd be perfect in Dachau or on a plantation with their work ethic and blind faith.  

But for all those who are not completely insane because of their delusions about an imaginary sky father, life is simply a  visit from nothingness to the 7th realm of hell, where work is the thing that Christians everywhere rejoice in believing will "set them free."


The Suicide God

Suicide and God are two sides of the same coin, if you think about it. While the former is a desire to stop existing altogether, the latter is based on a desire to exist forever and ever, Amen. While one may conclude that life is too meaningless or painful to go on, the other entreats us to believe there is a far greater meaning than we can even imagine. Both may be only "good or bad," as Hamlet put it, because our
"thinking makes it so."

And there's the rub, for both our thoughts that life is ultimately meaningless or that it has the greatest meaning of all, directly from God, are still only our thoughts, and nothing more. Such thoughts serve as bookends to a human mind possessed by the ever growing need to find meaning in a world that is only ever growing increasingly meaningless.

Whether you are a nihilist that believes life is meaningless or a theist that thinks God gives life all the meaning in the universe, the fact that humans have the curious need to always and everywhere find a "meaning" to everything, seems to be a need possessed by humans alone.

This habit of finding the meaning to everything no doubt grew out of our need to understand our environment in order to survive all those things that are everywhere trying to kill us for their own survival, and this includes everything from bacteria to other species, and from our fellow man to our beliefs. Our "beliefs," in this sense, are like an auto immune disorder, where what we have "believed" has always been to help us survive, but has grown to the point that we should be willing to sacrifice our very lives so that the beliefs themselves may live.

Our beliefs, in other words, are far more important than we are, in this respect. And because they are, "suicide" for our beliefs is praised as an act of the highest moral virtue for some. Even the Christian would rather be fed to lions and hailed a martyr for their obstinate devotion to their own infallibility when it comes to their beliefs,  rather than ever admit that they may be as fallible as the rest of humanity in their beliefs.

Thus the same religion that boasts so proudly of its ability to convince people they are only human, also convinces people they should be as obstinate as God himself in claiming their "beliefs" amount to divine "truth," no matter the universe of evidence that stands everywhere before them to the contrary.

Even God and religion, therefore, do not lead people to so much always avoid suicide, as to only be willing to engage in it in the right ways (by having someone else feed you to lions, crucify you, or even burn you at the stake like Bruno) and for the right reasons (such as questioning the authority of any institutional Church as much as Christ himself!).

And if we are all called to be like God, then for all we know, the "big bang" was the result of God pulling a Hemingway and blowing his own brains out with a shotgun! And all of existence may be simply the material remnants of the immaterial mind of a suicide God.

Adulterers & Witches: Salvation by Damantion

Centuries ago, when people with 'mental problems' were accused of being "witches" and burned at the stake for being different, the worst and by far the most prevalent "mental problem" in society at that time was one suffered by all those who labeled anyone who was "different" as a "witch."

That kind of mental problem was not seen as a mental problem at all, of course, but as a necessary "belief" that every God-fearing person was expected to make in order for them to be moral.  Such a "belief" was so ubiquitous, in fact, that it never occurred to the vast majority who suffered from it that it was they -  since their own religion made it a moral, and sometimes even a legal, requirement to demonize anyone who disagreed with the majorities views about God, religion, or the hereafter - who were actually the one's suffering from the truly dangerous and often homicidal 'mental problem.'

Despite the hubris that technology inflicts upon our perspective of the past, this same "mental problem" still leads countless numbers of "Christians" to demonize anyone and everyone who dares to live their life outside of the moral boundaries that they, out of as much fear of hell as lust for heaven, seek with God like infallibility to impose over all of society.  

That such people proudly chose to worship only their "belief" about God, rather than humbly consider the evidence that their "God" has stuffed into every atom of the universe to the contrary, is perhaps the greatest act of self deception seen since a serpent is said to have famously fooled humanity's incestuous progenitors in a garden not long after time began.  Yet it is exactly this heedless devotion and blind worship of  the "god" of one's own "beliefs" that has always lead humans to conclude that the act of stoning a woman to death in the street is somehow always a far more moral and God like action than that she should be allowed to get away with adultery.

It is a wildly curious thing indeed that the authors of this bible story never thought to mention the whereabouts of the felonious husband in all of this.  But it would be no stretch of the imagination to surmise that he was the one holding the biggest stones of all. In fact,when Jesus said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone," what he probably meant was "Any of you who have not likewise already committed adultery with Mary Magdalene - and probably numerous times! - go ahead and start chucking!"

Yet this is the curious way in which men who see themselves as saints have always blamed women for their sins, from St. Augustine who had learned from frequenting the many brothels of Rome that sex was a  shameful and degrading activity, to ISIS and the Taliban forcing women to walk around under a potato sack. Hence the saint is anyone who is enlightened enough about women and sex to understand just how disgusting God had always intended both of them to truly be.           

Of course, the witch and the adulterer are but two sides of the same sin, as far as the Christian is concerned, since the infallibility of their own God-like view of all things moral requires them to declare loudly and proudly how better the world would be if everyone simply chose to stop living and thinking for themselves, and instead become perfect like Eichmann's for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That way, the only people who would be bludgeoned to death for God would be the one's Jesus had intended  his holy Inquisitions to destroy in the first place.   And every good Christian knows that.

Conservatives Love a God that is Far More Tyrannical Than Any Gov't

Conservatives love their guns because they hate their government. Nothing stands as a greater threat to liberty than the government, as far as they are concerned. That's why it's so ironic that they love God so much. Because God is far, far more tyrannical than any government has ever been.

Think about it: if the Federal Government began requiring that people do even half of what they voluntarily chose to do for their "God" - like going to church at least once a week, shaping their sex life, policing their thoughts, threatening to burn them alive if they didn't grovel to it as "Our Father," etc etc - Conservative Christians would storm the White House faster than the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014.

In fact, the whole reason Conservatives Christians are so in love - and I mean "IN LOVE!" - with their guns, is because they HATE HATE HATE the idea that ANYONE would EVER tell them what to do, or think, or how to live, etc. 

Now, if it's God telling them what to do and think, and how to live, and to pray incessantly for 'forgiveness" for a sin they never committed (they just have to accept they are miserable sinners - period!) or be skinned alive and thrown into a vat of acid, along with their children, for failing to PRAISE their GOD at least once and week, they are only too willing to LOVE LOVE LOVE that God with all of their heart and soul, because He is such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful God!

 Hence, Conservative Christians love a "God" that is far, far, more tyrannical than any form of Gov't could ever be. In fact, God is responsible for far more genocides and murder and evil, if the Bible is to be believed,  than all other governments combined.

But don't bother pointing any of that out to "people of the book," because for them, genocide committed for God and by God is always and everywhere the most moral action anyone could ever engage in. It's something to celebrate and dance around the camp fire with marshmallows about. But anyone who wants marriage equality or universal healthcare, on the other hand, should be skinned and burned alive for all eternity - and their little dogs to!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Prayers Favor Celebrities

Christians are big on telling people they will pray for them. In fact, many atheists are often left to wonder how to respond to such a claim. Since to the atheist, praying may be simply a form of mediation (even though the person may believe they are conversing with another "being" that they can persuade to help in some way, which is like writing your senator, congressman, or president), saying "I'll pray for you" is like saying "I'll meditate on that for you." Umm... thanks?

The whole problem with the idea of "prayer," however, is that it assumes God set up this "system" we are a part of, to run our own willingness to devote the finite amount of time and energy we have in this life, to nagging Him for the things he already knows we need in the first place.

This is like a parent who decides they want to teach their child something (although I'm not sure what) by forcing that child to "pray" (i.e. ask, beg, plead, etc) to them for things like food, shelter, clothes, school supplies, you name it.  Of course the parent, like God, already knows their child needs new shoes or school supplies, but rather than ensure the child has these things, the parent, acting like God, decides to wait until the child "prays" for them.

This doesn't mean the parent will give that child new shoes just because they said a couple of prayers, however. Sometimes the child will have to pray for days, weeks, maybe even months, before the parent decides to give the child new shoes.The child can even ask their other friends and siblings to "pray" for those new shoes as well, in the hopes that the sheer clamor of voices will basically force their parents to give in and finally buy that child the shoes they already knew he or she needed to begin with.

But that's only "if" the parents decide to buy their child new shoes. Like God, sometimes the parents will say "no" by simply not answering the child's prayers for new shoes at all. And even though the child may continue to pray for shoes that they desperately need, the parents have made their decision, and the child will just have to learn that no matter how much they pray, "god" is not going to give them any new shoes. Hence, they will just have to learn whatever it is "god" is trying to teach them by NOT giving them the shoes they need.

But there's another problem with such a system as well - it favors celebrities. Like the selling of indulgences favored the rich, so a system based on prayers favors the famous. If getting better from a disease God saw fit to inflict upon you, or getting out of purgatory early for good behavior, or even your chances of winning the lottery, are all helped by a kind of lottery system based on "prayers," then like a person who buys the most number of lottery tickets, someone who has the most people praying for them has the best chances.

When WWE hero Ric Flair takes to twitter to ask for prayers for his fiancee who was in a car accident, his celebrity status means many more people are going to be nagging God for help. (That God was too busy to prevent the accident in the first place is another matter, of course.) The hermit who knows no one, on the other hand, can expect no help at all, or to spend near eternity in purgatory, since they may have only themselves to rely on to beseech God for assistance. 

 Such a system only incentivizes people to release a sex tape, like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Pamela Anderson, since simply being famous can greatly impact a persons ability to influence God's plan, by virtue of having so many more "prayer warriors" nagging God for whatever it is we want!

Such a system also means that, not only are people simply NOT willing to accept "God's plan" whenever they disagree with it, but that they believe they can skirt around God's plan much to their own benefit by praying to subordinates in heaven like dead relatives, saints, or even the virgin Mary.

Of course, when things work out in a way that demonstrates God either wasn't listening or simply replied with a silent "no" (it is impossible to tell the difference between these two replies, of course, but Christians have a "divine" gift for simply "knowing" the difference), this does nothing to dissuade such people from their conviction that God is still listening to their pleas and loves them like a child (who has no shoes).

That they would immediately think that any parent who dared to raise their own children this way was either a monster or completely insane, does nothing to deter them from often forcing their own children to accept that God is "the greatest Dad in the world!"  And while they want their own children to be life Christ, they would be convinced that anyone who chose to raise their own children like God was worse than the devil.   

Monday, April 24, 2017

On God, Meaning, & Thoughts of Suicide

The other day, I was discussing with a friend the proper angle one should hold their elbow to ensure a bullet would travel through both hemispheres of their brain with the most promise.

It wasn't that either of us were interested in shooting ourselves in the head. He had simply worked in an ER for more than a decade, and had seen over that duration the many countless failed attempts of those who, concluding that life was but a hellish realm that might be exited through a doorway called "death," had crashed into that threshold with all of the grace of a bird flying into plate glass window by dropping their elbow upon squeezing the trigger. 

According to the World Health Organization, global suicide rates have increased by 60% over the last 45 years.  And using a gun is the number one means by which people (especially men) chose to shuffle loose this mortal coil. (The National Rifle Association should be ecstatic!)

Suicidal ideation is when we find ourselves thinking about suicide, not simply as something other people do, and not necessarily as something we are even thinking of doing to ourselves. It's really the thought many people have of what it would be like to just no longer exist. It's like George Bailey, in It's A Wonderful Life, wishing he had never been born.

Of course, in that favorite Christmas classic, an angel comes and changes George's mind by showing him how much worse it would be for everyone else, if he weren't around. After a healthy guilt tripping, then, George is only too happy to return to the life he only hours earlier, found too miserable to bare any longer. The moral of the story being, no matter how bad you have it now - whether you're a slave working on a plantation, or an employee stuck in meaningless job that amputates your soul with each pendulum swing of the clock - things could always be worse! So be thankful for what you have, for you have no idea how shitting things can get.

Basically, the entire story is summed up by my father, when he would yell "keep it up, and I'll give you something to cry about!"

Hence, the hardships of life may be bad, but we should still be thankful, no matter how bad things may be, since Hell is always a far worse place to end up, and the torments and sufferings there are endless!Praise the Lord!

Yet from all of this, we are supposed to derive some "meaning" behind it all, that is so grand that it makes all of the pain and suffering that life can dish out, no matter how hellish it may be, all well worth it in the end. Ahh, yes. Meaning. That ejaculatory answer that makes any masturbatory hell well worth the rub; no matter "what dreams may come."

So, just for being born, a person can expect to be enslaved in dept, so they'll be forced to work a job they would rather have their toe nails ripped off rather than do, just so they can "grovel" to hopefully the right "God" and the right "religion," -  that everywhere tells them they better, or there'll be hell to pay! - so they can find enough "meaning" in life so they'll get up every morning and continue to put up with a world overflowing with lies and bullshit (or at least be too afraid to stop for fear of hell if they do), just so they can be judged for how they lived a life they never asked for in the first place.

Brilliant. Cue Ludwig Van's "Ode to Joy." 

The Ultimate Meaning(lessness) of LIfe?

Is life ultimately meaningless?  For anyone who bothered to read the 1905 page suicide note by Mitchell Heisman, a nihilist who spent 5 years writing the note before dressing all in white and shooting himself in the head with a 38 while standing on the steps of a Memorial Church in Harvard Yard, one may actually think so.

But his sister Laurel didn't think so.  After his death, said said she wishes she could have "made him see more of the beauty of life, and how we create our own value and give our own meaning to life."

Religion tries to anchor that meaning outside of ourselves. It gives those who feel hopeless some hope that there is a larger story that they are a part of, and that no matter how bad things get, Heaven awaits all those who patiently suffer all of "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" that life can hurl at them.

In truth, the ultimate answer to the meaning of life that religion offers never lives up to its billing. Like a food that claims to satisfy all hunger pains forever after, the "meaning of life" that religion offers does not actually satisfy people's quest to find the ultimate meaning of life. If it did, people would not need to go to constantly reinforce that "answer" by praying, reading their bible or other religious books, and going to Church every Sunday, just to try and continually convince themselves that the "answer" they have found is the right one.

Worse, however, is the ultimate vanity and hubris that comes from thinking that we, among all other species of intelligence, have been given the ability to ask the question "what is the meaning of life" for no other reason than that we can actually "know" or discover such a meaning that must lay outside of ourselves.

Why, we are left to wonder, does our desire for "meaning" lead us to conclude that such a "meaning" must exist that is external to the one we provide? How could we ever determine that any answer we come up with - including answers related to God, religion, an eternal afterlife, etc - are not ideas that have been transmitted to us from an omnipotent, heavenly "being," but are simply ideas that we alone have come up with from our own mind?

After all, that the former may feel far more satisfying to us does not mean it would feel that way to plenty of others. Nor does the fact that it may feel more comforting to us to think that way in anyway confirm that it must therefore be true.

But why oh why must need to know the meaning of everything? Can we not look at a beautiful landscape like a masterful piece of art and appreciate it without having to know what it all must "mean"? Why must everything "mean" something anyway? And is not this quest to find some ultimate meaning to everything itself simply showing an all too human prejudice for elevating human thought over the enjoyment of human experience?

That many of us (but certainly not all) may want or even "need" to have a "meaning of life" to allay our anxieties says far more about us than it does about whether any such "objective" meaning must actually exist or not. And on a certain level, is it not these very anxieties that we so seek to allay, that drive us to cling so desperately and fearfully to our answers, that we will gladly engage in any manner of immorality to defend?

Indeed, perhaps the very fruit the serpent tempted Adam & Eve with in the Garden of Eden was none other than that they would "be like God," by abandoning the freedom to simply experience life, and instead be forever addicted to having to figure out what it all means.

But by convincing people that there is, and must be, an ultimate "meaning" to life, and that we of all species have been given the specific kind of intelligence necessary to both ask the question and find the answer (an answer which comes from God, no less), may itself be simply a means by which our own curiosity is used agaisnt us by charlatans of every stripe who seek only to enrich and empower themselves by providing us with the answers we may have been simply conditioned since birth to crave and depend on.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Darwinian Christianity of Adolf Hitler

While Christians continually deny that Hitler was a "Christian,"  despite his many claims that he was, what is both interesting and ironic is how Christianity helped to fuel his own ideas of Darwinism. Hence, Hitler was a Christian, but he was also a Darwinist. In short, Hitler was a Darwinian Christian.

While Christians, like all religious believers, possess the belief that their own special brand of "beliefs" is the winning lottery ticket of "divine truth" among all of the religions that have existed throughout history, those beliefs are never immune from fusing with other beliefs and ideas in which they interact. This is part of the reason why you see a continual splintering of Christianity, for example, with over 40,000 different sects of Christianity in America alone.

Hitler simply fused his ideas of spiritual righteousness with biological evolution. For him, the latter became the ark by which the former could be perfected, which is why he sought to create a biologically superior race of people.  Coincidentally enough, however, even though Hitler's racism was based on beliefs in the biological superiority of Germans in accord with Darwinian ideas, studies today show that people who claim to hold religious beliefs often tend to have more racist views in general.

Hence, there may be no clear demarcation between the biological racism of Nazism and the spiritual "racism" that is either promoted or comes as a consequence of religion.

The Strange Pairing of Guns & God

Jesus is said to be the Lamb of Peace, but he is also said to have said, "I come not to bring peace, but the sword." Yet despite "bringing the sword," he is also said to have also warned that "he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword." So which the hell is it, Jesus, ferchirstsake!

That Jesus was said to have gone peacefully unto his own execution without lifting a finger to help himself, Christians today think that the 2nd Amendment Right to "bare arms" must of come down with Moses from Mount Sinai as the 11th commandment. For Christians who love the idea of killing anything and anyone who disagrees with their own personal brand of infallible righteousness that comes with their "beliefs," Jesus is only ever merciful and "peace" mongering when it comes to themselves; He'll swing an axe in an unholy rage like Conan the Barbarian, however, agaisnt anyone who dares to suggest that the Bible proves only that God is more bloodthirsty than the devil.

Nevertheless, many Christians love their guns with all of the sexual fervor of Greek gods and mythical vampires craving the blood of  virgins. In fact, the Christian who likes to kill anyone or anything with the gun, sees them self as much an instrument of God as they see their Gun an instrument of their own moral righteousness.

In the same way that a gun is simply an "instrument" that has no free will at all, ironically enough, so the Christian sees them self as an instrument of God as well, and in this sense, equally as devoid of any "free will" to do God's will as their gun. But they get around this, of course, by claiming they have freely chosen to hand over their own "free will" so that they can do "God's will," which means that anyone they murder as a witch or threat to Christianity, is clearly determined by God alone - which just happens to be exactly what every Muslim terrorist claims as well!

That Christians "trust in God," only means that "God helps those who help themselves;" which only means every good Christian knows that God expects people to be packing heat and ready to "bust a cap in a mother phuka" for the good Lord above, if ever God so wills them to do so.

Oh yes.. praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. For on the 8th day, God created the gun. 

How God is like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

 According to Christians, especially the alt-Right Christians, all of the worlds problems having nothing to do with economic exploitation of the environment or debt enslavement of employees into soul amputating careers that are designed to create an addiction to products that all promise to fill the void they only contribute to creating. No, for Christians, all of the problems in the world are the result of atheists, socialists, and "fags."  And it's as simple as that.

For them, these three "godless" groups have been engaged in a war agaisnt God since Satan decided he wanted to rule rather than serve, because 'they have all been duped by Lucifer and his evil minions into being as selfish as a devoted disciple of Friedrich Hayek and Ayn Rand. And as these agents of evil infiltrate American culture more and more, so the alt-Right crowd claims, they subvert Christianity and prompt God to withdraw the protective grace He has traditionally used to shield the world from such evil like a spiritual prophylactic.

 Conservatives blame the removal of God from public schools  - which is a boldface lie, however, since God was never removed from public schools, as the Court cases concerning this question clearly show, but was simply prevented from being used in public schools as the unofficial mascot for America - for why God decided to withdraw his protective grace from humans, and Americans in particular. (It's ironic that so many of the school shooting are by right-wing Conservatives.) In this way, God is like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket, who makes it harder on everyone else in order to coerce the majority into disciplining one of their own.

When "disgusting fat body" Private Pyle is found to have effectively "sinned" against the Core by hiding a jelly doughnut in his footlocker, like God, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman decides not to punish Pyle directly, but by punishing the rest of the Platoon instead for failing to give "Prive Pyle the proper motivation!" As Hatman screams at the other recruits:  

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: [to recruits] Private Pyle has dishonored himself and dishonored the platoon! I have tried to help him, but I have failed! I have failed because you have not helped me! You people have not given Private Pyle the proper motivation! So from now on, whenever Private Pyle fucks up, I will not punish him. I will punish all of you, and the way I see it, ladies, you owe me for one jelly donut! Now, get on your faces! [to Pyle] Open your mouth! [shoving the donut into Pyle's open mouth] They're paying for it; you eat it! [to recruits] Ready, exercise!

This is how Christians see God, screaming at them to "properly motivate" others to "believe" in the righteous anger of God that will befall humanity if they do not repent, and accept that they belong to the blood of Christ as the Jews had belonged to the Pharaohs.  That God uses suffering to coerce people into "serving the law," is not only a direct contradiction to Jesus's claim that "the law was made to serve man," and not the other way around, but it furthermore makes no sense whatsoever when you consider that Christians claim that Hell means God ensures everyone gets their proper deserves in the end anyway.

So why does God feel the need to "punish" humanity en masse for the sins of "atheists, socialist, and fags"? Because Christians say so. And anyone who has a problem with that, deserves to burn for all eternity in hell! Praise baby Jesus!

Friday, April 21, 2017

How The Christian God is Adolf Hitler Writ Large

Have you ever noticed how much God is just like Adolf Hitler, or how much the followers of Christ are just like the followers of Charles Manson? The only difference, really, is that the former are responsible for far more bloodshed and suffering than the latter, and all for the purpose of creating the perfect human being.

Charles Darwin was apparently the model upon which Hitler wanted to "perfect" the human race, by forcing humans to biologically become more evolved, and thus more pure. Religion likewise tries to create "perfect" souls, by getting humans to become more spiritually evolved. And while Hitler was willing to burn those he deemed to be biologically inferior in the ovens of Auschwitz, so God is willing to burn those He deems to be spiritually inferior in the fires of hell in the afterlife.

Make no mistake: despite the best attempts by Christians to do everything in their power to convince people that Hitler was NOT a Christian, he clearly and undeniably was. He not only claimed countless times in speeches to be a Christian, he also makes such claims repeatedly in his book Mein Kampf.

And like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford - those "Christian giants of American Business" who funded and supported the eugenics programs first in America and then in Germany (and why not, since biological purity was simply another route to achieving "spiritual purity") - Hitler drew the moral justification for his antisemitism directly from Christianity itself. And if genocide could be carried out again and again by the Jews in the Old Testament to rid themselves of the spiritually impure, as is detailed in Deuteronomy, then it could be used to rid the world of those Hitler accused of "killing Christ."  

Hitler's antisemitism is drawn directly from John 8:44, where the Holy Bible clearly claims that the  "chosen people", the Jews, should be understood by Christians everywhere to be "the sons of Satan." Unlike the other synoptic gospels, the Book of John is seen as the very heart of antisemitism in Christianity. Such Christian antisemitism was expressed by  Pope Leo “the Great,” in an Easter Sermon on the Passion of Christ, when he proclaimed, with almost God like infallibility:

 “And when morning was come all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death.” This morning, O ye Jews, was for you not the rising, but the setting of the sun, nor did the wonted daylight visit your eyes, but a night of blackest darkness brooded on your naughty hearts. This morning overthrew for you the temple and its altars, did away with the Law and the Prophets, destroyed the Kingdom and the priesthood, turned all your feasts into eternal mourning.  For ye resolved on a mad and bloody counsel, ye “fat bulls,” ye “many oxen,” ye “roaring” wild beasts, ye rabid “dogs,” to give up to death the Author of life and the LORD of glory; and, as if the enormity of your fury could be palliated by employing the verdict of him, who ruled your province, you lead Jesus bound to Pilate’s judgment, that the terror-stricken judge being overcome by your persistent shouts, you might choose a man that was a murderer for pardon, and demand the crucifixion of the Saviour of the world.” 

Also in the fifth century, John Chrysostom, a most vile and capricious Church father, in his work, Orations Against The Jews, wrote:

And the Jews are more savage than any highwaymen; they do greater harm to those who have fallen among them. They did not strip off their victim’s clothes nor inflict wounds on his body as did those robbers on the road to Jericho. The Jews have mortally hurt their victim’s soul, inflicted on it ten thousand wounds, and left it lying in the pit of ungodliness.[15]

That ALL of this antisemitism is the direct result of a plan to "redeem" humanity through the brutal act of God murdering himself in the form of Jesus (when Adam & Eve "sinned" agaisnt God, why didn't God just "turn the other cheek"?), only demonstrates how, to be like God, one should aspire to "kill a Jew" like Jesus.

God: An Answer Built on a Thousand Assumptions

Christians love to offer any number of arguments about why they are so sure their God exists. All of these arguments rest on a host of assumptions that the Christian is either completely unaware of, or simply chooses to ignore (so much for really "believing" that our "reason" was given to us from "God" so we could find "truth.")

Some of those arguments simply try to prove, through logic alone, that God must exist. Those arguments include the "argument from design," the "argument from cause and effect," as well as from existence, from motion, from perfection, from desire, and so on. Rather than calling these "arguments," however, they should all actually be called "assumptions."

The observant reader will notice that all of these arguments are essentially the same argument with slight modifications, and that each relies on the same double standard of reasoning as all of the others. All of these arguments assume to begin with that God is the perfect, designer, causer, motion maker, who has caused existence, which is why he is the sole object of our ultimate desires.

That God is without design, or a cause, or is a "perfection" that is meaningless to such infinitely "imperfect" beings as ourselves (since we do not have an exhaustive idea of what a "perfect" human would even be), and that there are plenty of people who do NOT have an "ultimate desire" to find God - especially a very particular brand of God offered by Christianity - never gives the Christian who claims everywhere that they are searching only for "truth" a moments pause. (This alone tells us all we need to know about the many "assumptions" being relied upon to "believe" in any particular concept or brand of "God.")

The countless assumptions being relied on both fore and after, however, are staggering. Take for example, the "assumption" by "design" or of the "existence" of things. Not only must the "believer" necessarily rely on a number of assumptions about what existed prior to existence, but they must all make just as many assumptions about everything that followed the moment existence was created as well.

Prior to existence, the "believer" necessarily assumes that there was only a single "God," for example, even though there is no evidence to support such an assumption. It also assumes that whatever "stuff" may have existed prior to the creation of our own "existence" (notice the obvious contradiction here) must necessarily have been a "being," a being which was "intelligent," which was NOT created by anything or anyone else, which must have always existed, which had the specific intention to create existence, for the specific purpose of creating us, specifically out of "love," for us alone, so we could struggle all our life to get back to Him, and for basically no other reason than that we can avoid being thrown for eternity into hell by our "loving Father," if we do not at least try. And always with the understanding that we can never succeed of our own volition, but must rely exclusively on the "grace" of the God who threatens to burn us alive for eternity if we do not (if we believe the Christian narrative anyway).

  Also, this "single God" had but one single purpose, from an infinite number of possible purposes, in creating this existence. It likewise assumes that our existence is the focal point of all possible existences that were or one day will be created, while also assuming that human beings are and were always the sole purpose for having created that existence in the first place. The only evidence to support such assumptions, of course, is our own biases, and nothing more. 

What's more, such arguments assume that the kind of reasoning human beings possess was specifically designed for the sole purpose of allowing us to reason our way to the conclusion that we live in a monotheistic universe, and not a polytheistic or henotheistic universe, which was designed specifically by a single God only,  who designed this universe exclusively for us, who happens to be a loving and merciful God toward us alone (He cares little about the countless number of animals he created), and that each of these conclusions is always superior to any other "assumption" that any human being could ever make. 

These are but just some of the assumptions that the "believer" necessarily ignores in their arguments prior to existence. But after existence, the "believer" also relies on any number of "assumptions" as well. For example, how could we "know" that such a single God even survived the creation process? Or that such a God ever intended to create existence, or what the intention ever actually was? How can we know that it wasn't all "designed" for some purpose that could only be understandable to an infinite mind, not one as fallible and finite as our own?

Yet the assumptions that the Christian simply chooses to ignore in order to hold fast to their "beliefs" only actually demonstrates how much they are required to abandon their reason entirely, in order to reach the conclusions they seek. And that is why the Christian "God" is simply a answer built on a thousand assumptions, and nothing more.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Belief in God or Completely Insane?

Christians are found of telling atheists that they cannot prove that God does not exist. Of course, the Christian cannot prove they are not simply suffering from a psychological disorder that they simply "imagine" is a separate identity that they have concocted for them self , and now refer to by the name of "God."

That throngs of people willingly engage in this self-delusion, not only because of the social benefits that come from participating in such celebrated delusions but also because it feeds that all too human need to feel superior to others, only encourages the practice of falling in love with one's own reflection on a divine scale.

There is no way for the Christian to deny this is what they are doing, which is why their only recourse is to insist that anyone who points out their delusion is clearly delusional, or worse, in league with their other imaginary friends they call "demons." In this way, the Christian can populate an entire "other world" of "beings" like their own personal game of Dungeons & Dragons.

If an alien from Mars showed up, who was well aware of how the human mind works, there is no doubt that they would conclude such people are as insane, and indeed far, far more homicidal, than any of the people who had ever been burned as witches or thrown into the kind of insane asylum that Edgar Allan Poe enjoyed writing about.

In fact, if a person calls their imaginary friends by any other names than "God," Jesus, or demons, they are considered to be quite obviously insane. Yet anyone who refuses to accept that such imaginary "beings" exist, however, is considered to be possessed by the devil (an imaginary being that likewise can not be, and has never been, proven to exist - but boy do some people get rich and powerful by convincing people that he does!). Any semblance of rational thought about the question has for thousands of years been driven out by the likes of the Catholic Church.

Never mind any of the blood and death and torture and rape that the Church has engaged in or hidden from prosecution. Never mind the amount of blatant financial corruption and outright protection of child rapists. No, never mind any of that. God is love and light and sunshine and rainbows. And any priest who dared to repeatedly sodomize children for God, was clearly operating under the influence of that nefarious character we call Lucifer, or one of his subordinates. Just read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, and you'll know for certain that there is no denying such obvious and incontrovertible facts.

Clearly, insanity is in the mind of the beholder. And the mind that is beheld by God is too infallible to ever confuse it's split personality disorder with simply a mental problem. After all, no one with such a mental problem would ever worship and love and pray to simply a projection of their own insanity.

Or would they? 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Only Reason Atheists Hope There Is A God

Theists love to claim that "atheists hate God," when in fact this is untrue, and they know it.

Atheists do not hate something they do not even "believe" exists,  anymore than the Christian or the Muslim 'hates" the flying spaghetti monster or Santa clause.

No, the atheist does not hate "God," but they do hate all those who think that, just because they "believe" in God, they have a special license to act as if they were appointed by that "God" to act like they ARE God, in everything they say, declare, think, judge, and seek to impose on others.

That Christians think their "belief" in God means they have a right, and indeed an obligation, to determine what is "moral" for everyone, everywhere, always and forever, only demonstrates a hubris that would make even Satan himself blush like a shrinking violent.

And that is precisely the only reason why an atheist would hope there is a god, so that he can treat all those who think they are as infallible as that God, exactly how they have treated everyone else.

How Religion Makes Man the Measure of All Things

There is a famous conversation between Socrates and a fellow philosopher (i forget who) about whether "man is the measure of all things." When Socrates is asked this question, he replies, "if man is the measure of all things, why are those people over there listening to what Pythagoras has to say, and paying good money for the experience?"

The point Socrates was trying to make was that, if man is the measure of all things, then why do people seek to understand things or even life itself by listening to other men? If human beings are the measure of everything, in other words, shouldn't all human beings therefore just seek the meaning of everything for themselves?

Theologians seized upon this idea to argue that human curiosity indicates that man is not, in fact, the measure of all things, but that God is. The miracle of this reasoning, however, is that the God the Christian theologian relies on is one that became man, and not a baboon or even a bacteria.

And the fact that "God made man in his own image" further only serves to suggest that man is, as it turns out, the measure of all things. Only the "man" being used to measure all "men" is a "man-God" as St. Catherine Emmerich called Jesus, who is not only the most perfect example of "man" ever, but is so on an infinite scale.   Hence, religion makes man the measure of all things, by arguing that God is the "super"-man among men, who is the ultimate and infinite yardstick agaisnt which all "men" are measured.... by a God.. who became a man.

Every evil human beings have done to each other in pursuit of this spiritual fascism is, of course, entirely forgivable, since we are only  the flawed sinners God intended that we should all be. But the more bloodshed we spill in the quest to be like God, and indeed to force all others to be like God as well (at least as far as WE think God is), the more God can take comfort in how earnest our desire is to honor, serve, and obey him, by being just as much of a genocidal, serial killing psychopathic Nazi as He has ever been.

And in the unflinching name of morality and salvation, we bath the world in the blood of Jesus by believing that the mere "belief" in Jesus empowers us to act like the infallible Torquemada our God has always hoped we would become. And all so we can force other "men" to be like the 'man-God' named Jesus.

Oh the irony.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why We Worship Our Own Intelligence

Nothing makes us feel more superior in every way - especially morally superior - quite like our own intelligence.  The free loving bohemian thinks them self more enlightened than the Buddhist, and the Catholic Priest no doubts finds his Christ to be a more intelligent fellow to hitch their heavenly hopes too than that desert rustic named Mohamed. And everywhere humanity is seduced by the apple of it's knowledge, and throws away the whole world by crucifying all those he perceives to be less intelligent than himself - especially with regard to matters beyond this world.  

This superiority of intelligence not only underwrites all racial and religious claims superiority, from the Aryan race to the "one true faith," it is also why humanity feels quite comfortable with killing everything else on the planet, and then hanging their heads on the walls of our "den." How enlightened.

That we possess a complete inability to actually measure the "intelligence" of other species has not encumbered the human animal, who has demonstrated he is like God by being able to both "know" everything such a "God" thinks, wants, will's, and demands, but also in having developed the ability to destroy the planet 100 times over, with his bombs and his ability to convince whole nations of people to hate other whole nations of people; even to the point of wanting that other nation dead, despite their own religious prohibitions agaisnt murder.

Yet even as we have always used the illusion of our intellectual superiority to treat animals like inanimate objects for our amusement, to subjugate women and other races,  and even justify the idea that aristocracy and wealth is better suited to ruling the masses than that that the masses should ever be allowed to rule themselves,... yes, despite all of that, we still make the mistake of believing that the most superior intelligence of all would treat us as an equal, and with exactly the kind of mercy and benevolence we deserve.

But if God is to treat us as we have treated everything else that we think less intelligent then ourselves, how could such a superior intelligence NOT treat us exactly as we have treated everything else that we consider less intelligence than we are?

After all, did not the Nazi's see the Jews not seen as less intelligent than themselves? Does not Christians think they are more intelligent than Muslims, and vice versa? Has the white man from Africa to the America's to Belgium in the Congo, Vietnam, Asia and the Middle East, always felt he was the superior intelligence to those he came to save both civilize and save from eternal damnation (Read Edward Said's Occidentalism)?

And has it not always been this asymmetrical interpretation of intelligence in every genocide and war, every crusade, conquest, or Inquisition, that has always been used to rouse the masses to believe in the undeniable morality of their causes, and to assure them that they are only doing God's work even as they are breaking all of His laws?  

Hence, if God "treats us as we treat everyone else," how then are we not all headed for the sausage grinder in Heaven's kitchen? 

But perhaps the most obvious reason why humanity only worships it's own intelligence when it comes to God, is because humanity admits it has no capacity to understand the very God it has fallen in love with. How in the hell we can decide to fall in love with a God that we cannot understand?? Indeed, how can we fall in love with a spouse, or a serial killer, or even a rattle snake, if we admit we cannot fully understand it, let alone it's intentions or it's "plan" for us?

Christians and Muslims get around this, of course, by insisting that, the very fact that we can conceive of a God who loves us, is itself proof that a God who loves us must therefore exist!

And that God is one which we "must" love back, even if we admit we cannot understand such a patently self contradictory, sociopath, narcissistic, "being" in the first place, or be thrown in hell for all eternity, for daring to admit we are limited in our human capacity as this presumed "being" is alleged to have made us.

And we have the hubris to KNOW that such a "being" exists, and that there is only ONE such being, for no other reason than that our dog cannot do the same thing (at least as far as we know).  For if he could, or does, then there is no doubt that he should think the great Canine in the sky had not only made him in His Dog like image, but that he had created the entire universe for his benefit alone.

For clearly Humans are but guardian angles or ghoulish demons, who either feed and shelter and care for those dogs, or they starve, abuse, and even eat those dogs. But there is no doubt in their minds, as there is no doubt in our own, that God is exactly like they are.

 Why else would the entire world, and indeed all of the other heavenly orbs, look exactly like a rubber ball?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why We Worship Our Own Ignorance

The only thing we fear is not fear itself, despite FDR's claim, but our own ignorance.

That's why we constantly come up with stuff that convinces us we are brilliant about things we really know very little about, from science to religion to politics and economics and food and medicine, etc etc.  You name it, and we probably don't know nearly as much about it as we like to think we do.

If you ever saw Mel Gibson's Apocoplypto, you know how, out of complete ignorance of nature and the solar system, people turn to priests of God or Gods to solve environment problems like drought and social unrest (as a result of no water). Welcome to America and Christianity today.

Hence, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Like that movie, rather than try to understand what environmental things may actually be causing the drought that seems to have befallen the Mayans, they take to human sacrifice. Christians do the same thing today, of course, only they do it more "symbolically."

Hence, if the environment is being destroyed at a rate not seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs,  it's obviously got nothing to do with capitalism exploiting and polluting the entire planet and killing more species at a rate not seen since the per-historic times. No, of course not.

It's clearly because of gay marriage. Obviously.

 Only an idiot can't see that God is so angry about people of the same sex wanting to get married, and declare their "love" for each other, because it is such an abomination, that He clearly decides to punish all of humanity for not collectively treating "homosexuals" like 21st century witches.

 And likewise, only an idiot can't see why God clearly could NOT just forgive humanity for disobeying his command not to eat from a certain tree, and why instead God needed to brutally murder his own son instead. Because clearly God can only forgive his first son for not following the house rules by butchering his second son to death, so that everyone else would come to worship like a holy relic the very instrument of torture God used to do so.

Seriously...what the fuck!?

IF aliens ever landed on earth, this alone would convince them that every human on the planet should be treated no different than we treat cows and chickens.

Hence the ONLY thing we really fear is basically our own ignorance. And that's why we believe in God, because by believing in "God" we feel infinitely smarter and therefore comforted, in that we feel we now know the reason for everything. Presto!

There is clearly no life form more stupid that humanity. 

How God Turns Us into Bullies

A recent study showed how a belief in God, far from making us more compassionate and accepting of others, actually turns children into bullies.

A belief in the ultimate moral yardstick of human behavior does not foster a sense of empathy for others, although Christians and Muslims alike will argue tooth and nail that it does. Instead, it only actually creates an impossible example that those who feel they must "save" everyone else - by coercing or cajoling them into accepting Jesus Christ as their "personal lord and savoir" (whether they want to be saved or not!) - must get everyone else to accept and follow.

Never mind that the example can never be lived up to. Never mind that God gets everyone in the Final Judgement (God's own version of the "Final Solution" of the 'people question').   And never mind that Christians, by wanting everyone to accept these unfounded, prejudicial, and altogether closed minded  precepts, are actually engaged in doing exactly the opposite of anything Christ himself ever did!

Yes, never mind any of that.

The point is that Heaven is an Amway scheme for believers, and the more people they can force to accept the Jesus, the more rewards they will enjoy in heaven.

That anyone who decides to think for themselves and perhaps say no to such a "belief," therefore only leads the "believer" to see their entire investment in the riches of their Heavenly reward begin to evaporate like a Wall Street banker on Oct 29, 1929. It is no wonder they become so angry at the thought that people are not buying into their spiritual ponzi scheme for the sacred heart of Jesus.

In this sense, religion is about an individual retirement account, or IRA, where the person expects to retire to a beach front property in Heaven, if only they can get enough people to buy into it. Hence, in the same way "believers" feel that it is logical to assume that if we build things, so the universe must be a thing that a God must have built, so to is it perfectly logical for the atheist to conclude that the same way that preachers today become millionaires by selling Christ, is exactly what every person who seeks to sell the same thing is hoping for when they get to heaven.

And anyone who refuses to buy in is therefore seen as a threat to a person's eternal retirement account, or ERA. But this never makes someone nicer. It only turns them into a wall street banker (i.e. a "money changer) for Christ. And as we saw in 2008, Wall Street bankers only care about their money.

Friday, April 14, 2017

How Hell is A Reflection of How God Can Never Forgive

People who justify the existence of hell argue that our sin and unwillingness to repent is what earns us a spot in hell. More to the point, they argue that God does not send people to hell, so much as people chose to go to hell. But what kind of a lunatic would willingly chose to throw themselves into a lake of fire, where they will burn alive forever and ever?

In truth, hell is simply proof that the Christian God does not exist. As Christians so often say, there is no offense that God cannot forgive, except apparently the sin of failing to ask to be forgiven for committing a "sin" that a person may not have even known they were committing, agaisnt a "being" that that same person may not have known even existed. What the hell is that all about?

But to say that people earn hell by being unrepentant says much more about God than it does about sinners.

Think about it: if we hold a grudge and refuse or are unable to forgive someone, simply because they refuse to ask for forgiveness, that only proves that our own happiness or release from that grudge, now necessarily depends upon the person who may have wronged us.

If a mother refuses to forgive a person who murdered her son, for example, it is the mother who is bound more by her unwillingness to forgive than the murderer. And if God similarly is unable to forgive someone who is too stubborn or proud or ignorant to understand that they have given an infinite being offense, then it is God that is the one who is being the smaller person, since he is so infinitely better than we at everything - including forgiving those who are unable to ask for forgiveness, usually because they are Christians.

Christ the Schismatist: How History Forged the Hammer (Part IV)

The temptations of Christ by the devil illustrate exactly the kind of corruption that power can produce, and why the 10 Northern Tribes were so uncomfortable with the idea of kingship in general, and the building of the temple in particular.

This is clearly demonstrated when Solomon builds the temple and uses it as the catalyst for Israel's rise to the height of world power. At first glance, "believers" always interpret this expansion as confirming that their God is the right God to endear themselves to (even though the archeological record shows that the Hebrews were more polytheistic than monotheists). But if we consider Solomon's accomplishment outside of the guiding light of our own confirmation biases, and in the light of the temptations of Christ instead, it becomes clear that what Solomon was doing was the opposite of what Christ was teaching.

And this is the paradox of power, that any attempt to obtain it - whether for God or for gold or for personal glory - eventually corrupts, regardless of whether it is a mandate of a "God" or anything else. It is power, after all, that the devil temps Christ with when he is fasting in the desert.

As it says in Matthew, the second temptation of Christ is thus:

"Then the devil took Him into the holy city and had Him stand on the pinnacle of the temple (the very Temple that Solomon built), and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down; for it is written, ‘HE WILL COMMAND HIS ANGELS CONCERNING YOU’; and ‘ON their HANDS THEY WILL BEAR YOU UP,SO THAT YOU WILL NOT STRIKE YOUR FOOT AGAINST A STONE.’”

Jesus said to him, “On the other hand, it is written, ‘YOU SHALL NOT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO THE TEST.’”

Yet every war ever fought by "believers" in pursuit of advancing their "beliefs", along with every Crusade or Inquisition as well, are nothing BUT "putting the Lord your God to the test," and all for the purpose of advancing the earthly power of one sort of religion or other. In fact, in this respect, the Crusades were nothing but attempts to do for Christ the very opposite of the example Christ demonstrated before Pilate. Instead, all such desires to accrue wealth and power through the Church are simply attempts to obtain "all the kingdoms of the world and their glory" - which are the very things that Christ rebuked when they were offered to him directly in the third temptation of Satan.  As it says in Matthew: 

"Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory;  and he said to Him, “All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD, AND SERVE HIM ONLY.’”

That perspective was shared by the prophets who had come before Jesus, which is why they had so often opposed the wishes of kings and rulers, and is why there is such a large body of opinion which argued that the temple should never have been built for Yahweh in the first place. And any attempt to localize God could only ever lead to changing this, through the localization of the power of God in an earthly king (or in the case of the Catholics, a pope). 

But today, while the Catholic Church pays lip service to the traditional understanding by declaring that "the church of God is the people, not the temple," it nevertheless follows the example of the Egyptians, the Canaanites and even the Sanhedrin, by vesting itself with divine authority to speak infallibly for God. And in the same way the building of the temple eventually transformed the religion of Israel into a pagan religion that only had services to their God within that temple, so the Catholic Church today only performs mass inside of a structure or a temple (even though Christ so often preached and performed his miracles to the masses, in the open air).

 In this way, the Catholic Church follows the example of the pagan religions that the Hebrews sought to eradicate through genocide, time and again.  So while Christ rejected the temptations of worldly power offered by the devil, the Catholic Church, and virtually all other Christian Churches, see those temptations as the necessary road to survival. And because they do, the Christ who overturned the table of the money changers in the temple has led to a Christianity that worships the money changers as the means of securing every more baroque temples.

It has been said that the internet is a means of drawing people into a virtual reality, and away from the reality of the world around us. But this began when God was imprisoned in the temples and tabernacles, both literally and figuratively. It was from that tomb that Christ came to raise humanity like Lazarus, and like Himself.

That is ultimately the meaning behind "Easter Sunday," that no matter how many times the powerful crucify humanity for questioning their motives and their authority (and always only for their own enrichment) - from world wars to fighting for labor rights to fighting for equality and civil rights and true liberty from religious tyranny - humanity will always rise again, and again.  But rather than walking out of these temple tombs of power and false prophets, which most people rely on to tell them what "beliefs" should be accepted as "true" so they can wallow in our "comfort zones" of conformity, billions huddle together like Jonah in the whale, hiding from the garden of Eden all around them. For Eden is too scary a place to be. It is to "free" for us to decide what to think and how to live on our own.

So we run to religion, or anyone willing to tell us what to think, and do, and say, so we can escape the pure hell of having to figure it out for ourselves. Mom and Dad are eternally expressed in our Priests and Nuns, our God and our religion, because growing up without their stories, and their advice, is the scariest thing of all. And for a chance at Heaven, people sell their souls for the fruit of the vine, and the promise it will make them "like God, knowing good from evil."

Christ the Schismatist: How History Forged The Hammer (Part III)

In many ways, the Hebrew Bible is simply a sustained polemic agaisnt the religion of Canaan, and for the very same reasons that Jesus opposed the Pharisees and the Sadducees. And that's because the Pharisees and the Sadducees, much like the false prophets of the "prosperity Gospel" and the Religious Right today, had twisted the religion and the God of Israel into one that vested them with the power to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. And in so doing, they traded their souls and the lives of millions, for their desire to rule over the whole world.

We see how this manipulation of power began in Psalm, 68:4, for example, where Yahweh is given a title that is also the most frequently used epithet for the Canaanite deity, Ba'al, "the cloud rider." The danger of thus confusing Yahweh and Ba'al only grows with the adoption of the Canaanite mode of social and political organization,  which revolves around establishing a permanent king. And by building a temple to God, that king could then claim a divine right to establishing centralized earthly power in his own hands.

The only thing that corrupts us more than power itself, is the desire for power. That desire, and the danger it portended for the future, created growing tension among the tribes about Saul's desire to establish a monarchy.  That tension can be seen in the pro-kingship view expressed in 1 Samuel 9-10:16, and the anti-kingship view expressed in 1 Samuel 8 or 10:17-27. The Philistine Crisis finally catalyzed Israel into making a decision, however, and Saul is eventually chosen as a transition king.  But along with his appointment came the "Samuel Compromise," which established the office of the prophet alongside that of the monarch, to hold a mirror to power and warn of the potential dangers of kingship.  Jesus is one in a long line of such prophets.

When David eventually takes the throne, years later, he establishes a "royal religion" that would be propagated and sponsored by subsequent kings. In doing so, he effectively hijacks the God of Israel and use Him to manipulate people into worshiping the seat of power he now held (conveniently enough) as the earthly throne of God on Earth, upon which the God of Israel would be seen to have placed his holy seal. Catholics would follow this example centuries later, of course, by similarly establishing the seat of St. Peter as the vicar of Christ on earth, with the power to speak infallibly on God's behalf (conveniently enough). And both the temple set up by David and the Catholic Church would grow in power as they acquired land from those they disposed as "heretics," much like the Egyptians before.   

So David, realizing that his rivals in Egypt and Mesopotamia were weak, seizes the opportunity to consolidate power unto himself by following their example, and claiming that God had commanded him to build a temple (lucky him). And to assuage the fears of his opponents that his claim was simply a grab for power (which it clearly was), he then moves the capital to the neutral city of Jerusalem - a city that has been fought over as the key to earthly power by divine right, ever since. It is with that city, and with the temple that Solomon would eventually build, that Satan is said to have tempted Christ with "all of the kingdoms of the world."    

When David first tells Nathan about his plans to build a house for God, Nathan says he should do so, because the Lord is with him (2 Samuel 7:2–3). Later, however, we are told that God visits Nathan in a vision and tells him to return to David and inform him that God does not need the king to build him a house, for God would establish David’s dynasty, through his son, forever. This line is often thought to suggest that God wanted Solomon to build a temple, even though for Christians, this line is interpreted not as a warrant to build a temple, but of God's desire to establish a heavenly kingdom through Jesus - one that is "not of this world," as Christ eventually points out. 

It is ironic, therefore, that both David and the Catholic Church chose to build worldly structures of religious power here on earth instead, since those structures were the very thing that both the prophets before Jesus and Jesus himself opposed. This is clearly what Jesus is alluding to when he tells Pontious Pilate that   “My kingdom is not of this world," for "If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place." Jesus did not come to establish a Church or a Papacy that could send in the cavalry or the Crusades, in other words, or he would've been the one the crowd was cheering to be released instead of Barabbas. 

When Solomon finally does build a temple, its basically a Canaanite Ba'al temple, built by Phoenicians.
Near eastern temples were designed as dwelling places for their deities, for example, as Ba'al was said to dwell (ysb) in a house (bayit). El, the God of Israel, on the other hand, was said to "tent" (sakan) in a "tent-shrine" (miskan).  By being housed inside of a building, the former required the people to come to it, while the latter was as free to move about as the people themselves, because it was the people. And when the Catholic church describes the faithful followers of Jesus as "the body of Christ," they are simply echoing this ancient perspective. 

The Israelite "tent shrine" or "miskan," was portable because it demonstrated the link between the people and their deity, between a God that was not bound to a geographical location or a man made temple, and a people who had historically been nomadic. In a sense, we see a parallel to this concept of what the ancient Tribes understood their God to be in today's European Union, which is a governing entity that is not explicitly tied to any single country. Or better yet, we can think of it like an NGO or a multinational corporation, which are seen as a "legal persons" (i.e. "beings") that are eternal in nature but is in no way bound to any particular place, country, or even office building. 

Hence, as "God" has become increasingly bound like Sampson to earthly places like Mecca or Jerusalem, and imprisoned in different Temples from St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican to the Dome of the Rock,  so a proliferation of eternal economic "beings" - which have risen up through the unholy trinity of politics, economics and technology - have all become increasingly detached from anything and anyone, including the law. And as one condemns "the love of money" as the root of all evil, the other proclaims "the profit motive" to be the greatest economic incentive of all time.  Indeed, the 7 deadly sins of the one, are the 7 greatest profit generators of the other.   

And if we are to "believe" that "Christ" ever lived at all, it must be understood that His entire purpose was to prevent all of this, for this is the Temple of the Serpent. And the sole objective of the serpent is worldly power.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Christ the Schismatist: How History Forged the Hammer (Part II)

The Worldly Pillars of Divine Authority:
The Pharisees and the Sadducees

If you recall, Jesus claimed that he came to fulfill the scriptures, and he did that be basically becoming all of the characters of the Old Testament at once. He was the stone that David threw at the Goliaths who sought to destroy him, and Moses, who had come to lead the people out of their slavery to politicians and priests, money changers and slave drivers, bankers and sellers of fanciful beliefs. And he was Sampson, who had come to the church (i.e. the people) he loved so much, but that like Delilah, had betrayed him for the love of money.  And the Pharisees and the Sadducess were the temple pillars that he would topple to free his people.

Why did the Sanhedrin want Jesus dead? Because he was showing the world just how much the only "God" they Pharisees and the Sadducees really worshiped was power and money, both of which they had built by seducing people with the belief that their God could be found in a temple. Christ, however, wanted to abolish this ruse, which was the means by which charlatans have always accumulated both of these by reminding people that God was free, and that their "religion" was not something they had to pay to receive, but was as accessible to them all as the air itself. Their religion was not an institutional Church that had to be codified in a temple like a messianic coders from Microsoft, one written by soothsaying programmers inspired by the Holy Spirit to cryptically record God's wisdom in sacred texts. Instead, the true meaning of "God" for Christ, had always been one of an open source code that belonged to the people.

Think of it this way: In Greek mythology, Icarus and his father attempted to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. But when Icarus flew too close to the sun, the wax melted and he fell to earth and died. Like Icarus, religion offers it's "believers" the hope of eternal life, if they agree to finance the cost of the feathers and the wax. But on that wing and a prayer, the Church has risen to power to become no different than the Pharisees and the Sadducees, who rose to wealth by preying upon the prayers and religious dependence of their followers in the temple.

If you recall, the Pharisees controlled the Sanhedrin and like Catholics, they "gave oral tradition equal authority to the written Word of God." The Sadducees, on the other hand, were aristocrats who were more concerned with politics than religion. And like Protestants, the Sadducees had a more sola scriptura point of view about their sacred texts. Both sat on the Sanhedrin,  and  like oligarchs, were far more concerned with money and power they derived from their elevated positions in the temple, than whether the claims they made about God or religion were true.  In fact, the Sadducees did not even believe in an afterlife.

Like any religion, the priests derive their power by preying upon the gullibility of their believers, and in exchange for advice about saving their souls, people spend and donate their money to those who tell them how they must live to avoid God's wrath. Included in that advice is a number of duties that must be performed, of course, including the necessary animal sacrifice that the Jews were required to perform to keep God happy, which the money changers in the temple were only too happy to finance, at a profit for themselves. 

Like Goldman Sachs making tons of money by charging for trades it knew were bad, so the money changers increasingly used the temple as a sheep skin to hide their scheme to make ever more money for themselves by convincing people they needed to keep God happy or else. This is why Jesus overturned their tables in the temple, and why he said   'I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and in three days I will build another, not made with hands."

Here, Christ is clearly not talking about simply rebuilding the temple he just said he would "destroy," nor was he talking about wanting anyone to build another temple "made with hands," like St. Peter's Basilica. Instead, given that he was from the Northern Kingdom of Nazareth (some people claim that his birth in Bethlehem was a forgery designed to falsely link Christ's lineage to King David, because the census that allegedly led Joseph and Mary to travel to Bethlehem apparently never happened), and the fact that the Northern Kingdom did not care for the notion of kingship; as well as the fact that under the Samuel Compromise the prophets had been set up for the explicit purpose of warning agaisnt the dangers of kingship and centralized power, it's a safe bet that Christ was here referring to building the "heavenly kingdom" he would refer to when he (as the living "temple" of God) was about to be crucified.     

The Rise of the Monarchy

The history of Israel reveals that the true meaning of Jesus's threat to destroy the temple was not merely a foreshadowing of his own death and resurrection, but a charge levied agaisnt the institutionalization of religion itself, which was being used by both the Pharisees and the Sadducees to enrich themselves through their religion. And they had done all of this by becoming the very thing the Tribes of Israel had always opposed in other religions. In short, Christ had come to destroy the temple of religion because the Israelites had turned that religion into one that operated like the religion of the Canaanites. 

Shortly after 1200 BCE,  between the bronze age and the start of the iron age, Israel was a loosely organized group of twelve tribes. This time was known as the Tribal League period and constitutes the true beginning of Israels history. It began as follows.

Abraham, who is thought in reality to be an amalgam of different people, was born circa 1800 to 1625 BCE. The Tribal League forms and lasts from approximately 1200 to 1022, which is when Israel is essentially a nation state under the leadership of a group called Judges. This leads to the eventual formation of the "amphictyonies," which comes from the Greeks, and  was commonly used to represent people from a similar socioeconomic stratum who banded together in opposition to people from another such stratum.

With the arrival of the Philistines, the Israelites are forced to decided between continuing the tribal confederacy or adopting a monarchy. And like the 13 American colonies who scrapped the Articles of Confederation for a Constitution, for the sake of defense in the face of the threat posed by the Philistines, the 12 Tribes chose monarchy.

That choice results in the UNITED MONARCHY, which would exist from 1022 to 922. But that monarchy was never intended to be permanent.   And that's because the Israelites understood only too well that power always corrupts, and that the root of all evil was not ultimately money itself, but the power that money can buy.

Kings & The Power of Monarchy

The first three kings of the United Monarchy are Saul (1022-1000), David (1000 - 961) and then Solomon (961-922). Then, like the Civil War in the United States which saw 11 states secede from the Union because they felt the President was becoming a tyrannical King, so the Divided Monarch referred to the period when a united Israel separates into often competing Northern and Southern Tribes, only among the 12 Tribes, it was the Northern tribes who opposed the monarchy and the Southern Tribes that supported it.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah, which consisted of two tribes that lasted from 922 to 587, were more willing to go along with the dynastic kingship of David than the ten tribes of the North. Those southern tribes, however, would last a century and a half longer than the North before succumbing to the Neo-Babylonian or Caldians in 587 BCE. This, then, allowed the those Southern Tribes to rewrite history and their sacred texts as they saw fit, including the ability to rewrite their sacred texts as proving that their God wanted Solomon to build a temple, even though the Norther Tribes had always opposed this idea.

Ten tribes made up the Northern Kingdom, Ephraim or Israel, from 922 to 722. whose capital was Sumeria. The Northern kingdom, which did not care for kingship, was conquered by the Assyrians in 722. Among the many reasons the North opposed both the kingship of David and the building of the temple was  because the former would naturally lead to a desire to do the latter. And the North opposed building a temple because to do so was not only to imitate the very people Israel had committed genocide agaisnt, for fear of their religious beliefs (as horrifically described in Deuteronomy), but because it also allowed the tribe that built that temple to have superior access to God. And by so doing, declare itself to be the infallible voice of "right and wrong."  

Religion is a disease masquerading as it’s own cure.