Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Reports and Christian Hypocrisy

One of the things Christian's love to give as gifts - especially to non-Christians - is books on Christianity. My own family, for example, does this all the time. And as my own belief in their religious views changed, they were only motivated to give me even more books on Christianity. But give them a single book on atheism to read - indeed, even if it is a book you yourself wrote! - and they will altogether ignore it, convinced that they know everything they need to know - amen.

This double standard should not be surprising, since Christians are, by virtue of their very beliefs, seduced by their own power of self deception. While I have read a countless number of book by C.S. Lewis, G.K.Chesterton, and other Christian writers, it is safe to say that the vast majority of Christians have never bothered to read a single book written by an atheist about Christianity or atheism.

Mind you, they've probably read lots of books by Christians like C.S. Lewis about atheism, but such propaganda only guarantees that the Christian never actually knows a single thing about atheism, except what some other Christian deceptively wants them to think. And since Christians necessarily safeguard their souls and minds against the threat of  evil influences (i.e. the honest consideration that their humility requires), they stick solely to the intentional misrepresentations of those Christian writers who feel they are assuring their place in Heaven by lying through their teeth.

Such Christians only enjoy engaging in a conversation with an atheist, not because they (the Christians) have any desire to understand a world view that may be different from their own, but because they believe their only salvation comes from successfully manipulating as many unbelievers as possible, and thereby turning said unbeliever into one of them (cue the sound track from Tod Browning's 1932 movie, Freaks: Gooble goble, gooble goble, one of us one of us, we accept you one of us.")

Indeed, if Tod Browning's film was about anything, it was about Christians. But since Christians never read the books they are given by atheists, they would probably never watch such a movie either. After all, as far as they are concerned, the only thing they have to do to get into heaven, is read one book - for all of eternity! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Addiction: Of Vice And Virtue For All!

You have to marvel at our ability to simultaneously treat addiction as a social vice and an economic virtue, as both a condition typical of most Americans and a crime, and as the engine for coffee, tobacco, sugar, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries on the one hand, and political opportunists and private prisons on the other.

Make no mistake about it: the reason America incarcerates more people than any other country in the world by far, is simply a demonstration of the superiority of its economic policies, not the strictness of its laws. It not only shows just how profitable a good business model can be, especially one funded by the state, it also shows how eager people are to turn their sense of morality into someone else's  monetary gain. That's why those who we feel voice our prejudices the best, who only pander to our fears while promising to save us from them, have always been well funded through the tithings of all those who are most afraid.

And the fact that most of those who fill America's prisons are poor minorities, only serves to reinforce the paradigm that 'most poor minorities' must be criminals, and most white people obey every law. It's not true, of course, but the way to maximize the profitability of the prison industrial complex is to fill it with the kinds of people that most "real" American's care the least about. And then take those people, for whom everything from healthcare to housing is paid for by the taxpayer, and farm them out as labor that can work for mere dollars per day, to countless private corporations, for a enormous private profits.

Those enormous profits are reinvested in the business, which means they are used to lobby hard for laws and sentences that will ensure the machine continues to grow as much as possible, with private profits rising in tandem with  public debts. The growth of that machine also only drives down wages even more than immigration, thanks to all of us who wanted to "get tough on crime!" But this seed was planted along time ago. I mean, what enabled the steroidal growth of our domestic police force into a fully militarized domestic army, which the NRA only calls a "threat to the Constitution" in order to drum up business for gun manufactures (I thought "cops" were supposed to be "the good guy with a gun" that we were supposed to trust to "stop a bad guy with a gun"?), was the "war on drugs."

The biggest question of all, however, is about addiction. For if addiction is really a crime, as the countless number of addicts in prisons around this great land can attest, than what are we to make of America's addictions to things like oil from the Middle East or cheap manufacturing from China? Indeed, what are we to make of our collective addiction to consumption, thanks to Edward Bernays selling his mind bending techniques of manipulation to every corporation in America with the money to pay for them, that drives the global economy by consuming far more than any other people on the planet? But then again, I guess we just have to remember that while addiction is a social vice for one, it is an economic virtue for us. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The War on Gays

The attack at a gay night club in Orlando recently has left roughly 50 people dead and even more injured. Some people want to condemn "radical Islam" for the attack, because the shooter, Omar Mateen, dedicated his savagery to a bunch of religious savages. But Islam is not to blame for this crime, and neither is ISIS. This crime cannot be laid at the door step of Christianity either, or any other religion. It is simply the result of a person who chose to "believe" that homosexuality was a sin against an invisible God, and then chose to augment that belief with the beliefs of others who believed the same thing. 

He believed this because a book was written thousands of years ago, by an ancient people, who wrote about committing such mass murders all the time. Today, that book is the single cornerstone upon which the three major religions all draw their divine knowledge about sex, love, and sexuality.

In truth, however, this book simply reinforces our fear of those we do not understand by treating the writings of other people, who similarly feared all those they did not understand, like the word of God himself; and by so doing, kindling our love for an imaginary God into a raging hatred for all those who refuse to understand just how obsessed with God we really are. We're not F-ing around, in other words! That's why we kill those we do not understand, for their failure to understand us, and the supreme importance of our God-based morality.

Such attacks are nothing new to those who's sin we hate but souls we love. Such sufferings have been "God's gentle caresses,"  as the famed stigmatist Padre Pio once put it, designed as part of "God's plan" to teach homosexuals across the ages, just how much God loves them for who they really are.

Homosexuals have been the targets of intolerance and persecution for probably longer than any religion or even race.  Prior to the shooting in Orlando, for example, an arsonist set fire "to the Up Stairs Lounge, a gay bar located on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA, on June 24, 1973. The result was the largest gay mass murder in U.S. history." This corresponded with the culmination of the War on Gays campaign that was being run for decades by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. 

In fact, homosexuals have been hunted and murdered by everyone from the FBI, to the Nazi's, to the Catholics, to the Muslims, to nearly everyone else, in one way or another. And yet in this abusive relationship between homosexuals and their heterosexual partners in society throughout history, the latter too often takes no responsibility for how much their condemnatory words produce such terrible, real-world consequences. Instead, they immunize themselves from accepting any blame for their own refusal to accept homosexuals, by blaming not their own beliefs, but the beliefs of homosexuals. 

The problem is not the condemnation of homosexuals, as far as such moral stalwarts are concerned, it's just that Islam leads its unhinged masses to take that condemnation beyond the moral parameters of people who believe and love the one true, merciful God. Ya know, the one who orchestrated numerous genocides, famines, and wars in the Old Testament; who threw a tantrum when his "ant farm" wasn't working out like he planned and decided to pour water over the whole thing, killing nearly everything on the planet; and throws people who disagree with the logic of his ideas about "love" into a lake of fire for all eternity? Yeah, that guy.

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