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Who Cares?

Look around the world today and ask yourself, who cares? Many of us like to feel like we do, but we don't.

People are convinced that their "beliefs" will save them, and make everything alright. But they won't.

We think the problems of the world can be fixed by more people turning to God, to prayer, and to respect for human life, even as our addiction to the "profit motives" of consumer capitalism, and all of the latest technologies it can produce for us, only cheapens the value of human life by reducing it to a credit score, and mere numbers in an actuary's ledger. We are awash in sex and violence, not because human beings suffer from a fallen nature, but because we have created an economic system of survival that necessarily feeds off of all of our basest instincts, and none more so than fear and greed. Indeed, money is the root of all evil, and like a vampire, its flower is the power born from the blood of war.

The problems of the world are not the r…

War of the Worlds: If Aliens Ever Invaded Earth

If a superior species of beings was to invade our planet, as was depicted in the science fiction novel by H.G. Well, War of the Worlds, it is likely that that species of aliens would decide that, to save the planet, it would have to annihilate humanity. Such invasions, however, are always depicted as a means by which human beings are forced to band together to defend their great planet against some marauding band of evil space aliens, bent on taking over our planet for themselves and doing with it into whatever they want. It never occurs to most people that such "aliens" may simply be trying to do what's best for the planet.

In truth, however, if you read the book by Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee, Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe, you'll find reasons for why the true treasure of this planet is its ability to sustain complex life. Although there are those who disagree with the premise that Ward and Brownlee put forward in their book, one thin…

The Castrating Effects of the Invisible Hand: How Globalization Became a Giant Ponzi Scheme

In case you haven't figured this out, globalization is simply a giant ponzi scheme. And everyone who believes otherwise has simply sold their soul to the religion of the markets and made it their unquestionable messiah.

It's not as complicated as it seems, but it's always presented as if it were so complicated only Wall Street Bankers can possibly understand it. All charlatans use this "smokescreen of complexity" to hide their slight of hand to pick your pocket. And globalization, and the financial pilfering of the entire planet that has now destroyed the Great Barrier reef - something that took millions of years to form, but has been destroyed in a matter of months, thanks to pollution and climate change - is basically no different.

Banks, as everyone knows by now, run everything, and own everything. They provide money and make loans to people, corporations, countries, you name it. Those loans become money in the bank's pocket as soon as they are issued. For…

The True Meaning of Christianity: Save Yourself!

Christians believe that the only way to believe that life has meaning is to believe that God created us to love him, because he loves us, and that we are all here to fulfill his "divine plan" of making us love him by threatening to tell us all to go to hell if we don't.

Even though the universe may be simply the byproduct of a divine act of unprotected procreation, Christians insist that life has "meaning" only if we have a belief in a "God" who can create an entire universe from nothing, specifically for us, but is utterly powerless to keep guns out of public schools, and all because he is angry that people there don't talk about as much as they used to.

Without God, so Christians will tell you, life is completely meaningless. If you then ask the Christian, "How does believing in God give my life "meaning," and what "meaning" does it give, more precisely?", the Christian will either answer with a barrage of memorized…

The Exorcist: An Atheist Perspective

It is said that everything is analogous to life. But everything is also analogous to sex. In fact, everything is basically analogous to everything. That being said, I recently read a theory about a darker meaning to the movie, The Exorcist, by film critic Rob Ager, and was so impressed I decided I needed to watch it again. So I did. The first time I remember watching this movie, by the way, many years ago as a Catholic and a true believer, it scared the hell out of me. Watching it now as an atheist, however, I see a lot of things I never noticed before.

(To be fair, this is a purely subjective interpretation of the film,  not an attempt to suggest what I think the author William Peter Blatty was really trying to convey. Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Blatty is an ardent Catholic who believes he can communicate with his dead son. And who knows, maybe he can. But either way, what follows is simply a perspective of someone who's world view is closer to that of the director, the agnosti…

Christians Are Terrified That "The Truth Will Set You Free"

Christians hate and fear atheism precisely because their own bible says "the truth will set you free," which is clearly the last thing Christians want their own children to ever understand or discover. So to to prevent this kind of "freedom" from ever infecting their indoctrinated youth, Christians do everything they can to exclude "truth" from any public debate or discourse.

Doing so not only proves how intellectually inferior Christians must therefore think their own beliefs really are, compared to those of atheism, it also proves that the easiest way to win a debate is to simply prevent your opponents from entering the conversation. By doing so, the Christian seeks to limit people's access to "the tree of knowledge," in order to control what they and their children "believe," because God knows that nothing frightens a Christian more than the idea that "the truth will set you free."

Hope: The Difference Between Atheists and Christians on the Titanic

The opposite of fear is not courage, but hope. Courage is what it takes to walk through the valley of the shadow of fear, while hope is a candle that "lights up the darkness" in the valley, as Bob Marley put it. And the difference between atheists and Christians may all come down to their different ideas about hope.

For the Christian, hope rests almost exclusively in the belief that God loves us like a father and ultimately wants the very best for us, and is even willing to die for us to make sure we have it. That hope comes with the belief that we have nothing to fear from death; for death is simply a doorway to eternal life, thanks to the fact that we are all in part responsible for the brutal murder of Christ (hooray for us!). Salvation, then, is ours, if we will but simply believe it, by believing in God. And for the Christian, this means necessarily believing in Christ. And for the Catholic, it means obeying God by obeying His "hand-maiden," the Catholic Churc…

To Believe or Not To Believe, That is the Question

Christians often insist that those who chose not to believe something are still choosing to believe in something.  In response to such assertions, Atheists point out that not believing in the tooth fairy is not the same as believing in the tooth fairy.  In truth, the claim by Christians is not as black and white as Christians so often reduce the world to be, nor is it always as simple as the Atheist's reply.

First - If an Atheist chooses not to believe in God, witches, the idea that human beings are "fallen" and "sinful" from birth, that homosexuals are a threat to sexual sanctity and family values everywhere, or that white people constitute a master race because Noah cursed Ham rather than take responsibility for his (Noah's) own drunken nakedness,  it is because the Atheist understands that humanity is not in anyway "improved" by such beliefs; most of which are so obviously rooted in nothing but fear anyway.

Second - The Christian insists, on th…

The Sin of the Christian Double Standard on Homosexuality

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Christians conveniently justify their condemnations of homosexuals by insisting they are always "hating the sin but loving the sinner." What this double standard ultimately boils down to is a Christian insisting that their own "belief" about homosexuality is necessarily the right one, and therefore trumps any and all beliefs about homosexuality that happen to be held by homosexuals.

The sin of this double standard comes from Christians who refuse to practice what they preach. That is, the Christian insists that homosexuals can be separated from their homosexuality, even as they deny that a "Christian" can ever be separated from their Christianity.  Instead, any challenge to the belief system of Christianity eventually results in Christians insisting that their "Christian faith" is their identity, and as such, the two cannot be separated. Hence, as the Christian separates homosexuals from their "homos…

Why Christianity is More Unnatural Than Homosexuality

I grew up in a family that is about as homophobic as Phil Robertson and the Westboro Baptists, only they're not quite as boisterous about it; at least not in public anyway. They have also conveniently convinced themselves  that their homophobia is really just their unique Christian ability to "hate the sin, but love the sinner" (even though these very same Christians adamantly refuse to accept that people can "hate Christianity, but love the Christian"). 

The sexual superiority complex necessarily relied on by such Christians is, of course, blanketed beneath the lambs wool of the Christian humility of serving "God." They interpret their fear of those who are different, in other words, as simply proof of their intimate knowledge and love of God. And the only thing such Christians are more sure about than that their own personal version of "God" exists, is that such a "God" would never want people to be homosexual - no matter how man…