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The Intelligent Design of America's Income Inequality

Salvation, Damnation, Tomayto, Tomahto

Religion is the art of turning fear and superstition into the commodity of Jesus Christ in order to bottle God like Coca Cola. This divinely patented process ensures that the more you drink either one, the thirstier you will surely become. Indeed, that's the hook that keeps customers continually coming back for more of both.

 All those who peddle such sugary spirits benefit greatly from God's absence, of course, as his presence would instantly satisfy the deep desire that religion both preys upon and helps to exacerbate. The reason God's impromptu return would be so ruinous for religion is because it is only with the desire for God that people can be controlled. Having God, on the other hand, would be like trying to control a lion with the promise of a gyro sandwich after it had already gorged itself on a gazelle. As Zizek has pointed out, satisfying a desire completely only serves to destroy the desire itself, and if God were in the world, religion would be out of busine…

Fury - The Movie and the Human Mind

I saw the latest Brad Pitt movie, Fury, and was struck by a particular scene that seemed to be analogous to a mental orchestration of competing ideas.  On the surface, the movie is the story of a team of 5 men who form the crew members of a Sherman Tank, lead by Don "Wardaddy" Collier, played by Brad Pitt. Yet on a deeper level, the movie is about the inner workings of the human mind itself.

The Sherman Tank the team travels around in throughout the movie is analogous to the human head, and each person represents a different way of interpreting and reacting to the same situation. The one scene that is particularly interesting in this respect happens when, after arriving in a small town, "Wardaddy" decides to play Dad after he finds two women hiding in an upstairs apartment of a nearby building. Taking the youngest and newest member of his tank team with him, Wardaddy enters their apartment and, after checking all the rooms, closes the front door.

By closing the doo…