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Why Should People Challenge Religion?

Because religion convinces people that they have the right, and indeed that it is absolutely necessary to their eternal salvation, to act like they have some "moral authority" appointed to them by God on high.

It also makes them believe they have a moral responsibility to "be their brothers keeper," which means they think they have a right and a duty to boss other people around, and dictate to them how they should live their lives. This is incredibly ironic, since it is Christians who are always complaining about how THEY are the ones who are being forced to accept OTHER people's beliefs. While they have a problem with the latter, they think they have a duty to the former.

Worse still, however, is that religion knowingly and deceptively conflates "truth" with"beliefs," even though the former is often the exact opposite of the latter. And from that single lie, all of religions other lies flow out into a society like a poison, enslaving people…

When a "belief" is your "Truth," Your Own Ideas become Your Only God

When a belief is your "truth" your own ideas become your one and only God.

Let us assume, for the moment, that the kind of God the Christians claim to exist, actually exists. If such an infinite and eternal, all powerful God did actually exist, we would still be left with a serious problem.

How would we be able to tell the difference between God, and our "beliefs" about God?

The only answers to such a question would still be simply a "belief" that we could discover and define the difference. But every attempt to do so, leads us only back deeper into our own mind, searching clumsily for an infinite perfection with a brain that is all too finite, fallible, and imperfect.

But we believe we can, even with all our imperfections and limitations, distinguish the difference between our "beliefs" about God, and God "himself." Such hubris would surely convince an actual "god" of just how in love with our own minds we really are.

Our t…

The Immaculate Conception

Fr. Mike Schmitz  from Ascension Press posted another glaring lie to all those who love to embrace the lie of God as if Satan himself were selling it. 

He tried to explain that "the immaculate conception" referred to Mary, being conceived by her own parents through natural procreative means (i.e. sex) and that it did NOT refer to the Annunciation of Jesus.

Schmitz went on to explain that Mary, the mother of Jesus, received a special dispensation from God, so that she was exempted from having to contract the stain of original sin like everyone else. How sweet. 

God does NOT give the stain of original sin to Mary, but he gives it to everyone else. That's like a doctor who COULD choose NOT to give cancer to everyone, but decides to anyway, and only chooses NOT to give it to a select person here or there. 

Then why didn't God save all of the people he decided to brutally murder with the flood - including children, old people, cripples, and the mentally handicapped - just…

Why is Religion so Evil?

Religion claims to seek only 'the truth," and boasts about being the means by which people become moral. But it is exactly this claim to moral superiority that so often makes religion so evil.

Once you start with the idea that you are special because you have subscribed to a "belief," you have put yourself above those who you inherently suspect are inferior to you. It's a way the poor can feel spiritually superior to those who are financially superior to them. It's also how we come to believe we are so "full of grace" and divine knowledge of morality, that we feel justified in being filled with holy rage at those we deem to be "sinners!"

That is how the devil uses religion to convince those who are intoxicated by their own self righteousness, to kill homosexuals, atheists, liberals, other Christians, or even each other, indeed "the least of my brothers and sisters," as Jesus said, will all fall to those who love their "beli…

Why Are Republicans Pro Life?

Most people don't realize that the Supreme Court has been in the hands of the Republican party since at least 1970! In fact, even in the landmark case of Roe v Wade that legalized abortion, SCOTUS was inhabited by 6 Republicans and 3 Democrats, and the vote was 7 to 2.

One of the reasons is that the Republican Party has absolutely ZERO desire to win on the abortion issue. And that's because abortion gives the GOP a clear focal point with potentially unlimited organizing power. And it's an even simpler message to sell than religion, since we are "pro-life." (if that was true, however, they wouldn't be actively trying to repeal healthcare for up to 30 million Americans, nor would they be so pro-gun, pro-war, pro-death penalty, pro welfare cuts, pro- social security cuts, pro- drone strikes, etc).

The Republican party officially became "pro-life" in 1976, thanks to Jesse Helms (R-NC). The only reason no serious challenge was brought within the party…

Senator Chris McDaniel & The Cult of Conservatism

Senator Chris McDaniel is a Republican who believes Trump should just ignore the Supreme Court.  

It is almost unbearably ironic that so many hardcore Conservatives would deride Obama as being a fascistic dictator, even though nearly every decision he made was checked or approved by a Republican congress, while at the same time claiming that Liberals are completely delusional for accusing Trump of being the exact same thing, even as they insist he can fire anyone who refuses to violate the Constitution and simply ignore the Supreme Court. That's when you know that politics is nothing but a secular religion, and that McDaniel is simply a gargoyle protruding off of the Church of Conservatism, through which the dark reign pours out.

The Cult of Conservatism: The Religion of Republicanism

Politics is simply a secular religion. In fact, Conservatism and Liberalism operate in the world of politics in much the same way that Christianity and Atheism work.

Christians often "believe" in god that can neither be proven to exist nor disproved. Atheists on the other hand are more skeptical of simply accepting a story that seems only to benefit those selling it and that, even if it made people "better," as it's adherents so often insist, it does not mean it is therefore "true."

Christians likewise doubt every other system of "beliefs" but their own; "beliefs" which they feel are so sacred, and so absolutely necessary to believe in to maintain order in the world, that such "beliefs" could not possibly have come from their own mind. They hold their "beliefs" to be so God like, in fact, that they conclude they must indeed have come from a God.

In a sense, this is where the split from reality begins, as the ato…

Religion: Freedom Through Slavery to the Law

Jesus once said that "the law was made to serve man, not man to serve the law." But today, the problem with religion is that it is convinced it's the other way around.

Religion first tries to make sense of the world using the "law," and only later tries to make sense of the "law" after finally accepting reality itself, which always confounds such "laws." Worse, however, is that religion often tries to claim it alone has the authority to define what that law is, even though it gets it wrong almost all of the time.

The things that religion gets "right," however, are certainly not "right" because religion says so, or even because "god" says so, but because we all collectively agree they are right. We can collectively say that murder is wrong and immoral, for example, even though it seems far too many of us accept that murder performed on a large enough scale, especially for God (or by God) and Country, is decidedly…

Religion: Exchanging the Garden of Truth for the Apple of a Belief

Religion is basically a combination of three things: 1) ideas about morality, 2) a completely unverifiable story of a "superman" who bears a message from a "God" (sometimes "gods") about how we can win the lottery of eternal life and  3) an elaborate mix of historical events, ideas, and philosophies. The third component is always interpreted and used for the single purpose of convincing people that they must believe in that 'completely unverifiable story' (and indeed force others to believe it as well) in order to be "truly moral," and thereby get into heaven for all time. (Many of them feel a disdainful "fuck em!" for anyone who, out of their own "ignorance," ends up burning in hell for all time. "Praise Jesus!")

Hence, the only thing that is unique to any one religion is just the story. But even the stories are simply adaptations of other stories that came before, like Horus, Buddha, Mithra, Krishna and O…

Racism & Religion: Biology vs Beliefs

"But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession"
1 Pet 2:9.

Racism is a religion based on a belief in the superiority of one's race over all other races, even though there is no such thing, biologically speaking, of "race." As such, racism is perhaps the perfect means of illustrating the difference between how the world is and how we "believe" it to be.

There has always been forces that, like a heart, contract and expand both our mind and our biology. We huddle together with those who look like us, and think like us, out of fear of those we often fail to understand and see as 'different'. To feel more secure, but also to exploit our differences for economic gain by the powerful few, we were all divided into races and ethnicities, so we could all be ranked in accord with our particular differences for performing different tasks. 

And as economic times become more desperate, our tendency to cli…

How Capitalism Is About Killing the Poor

Capitalism is a religion. That's all it is. It is thought of as simply a way of organizing and running your economy, but it can only ever end up killing the "unchosen."And the "chosen" are the ones who were given great wealth, by God, or course. And they, like Abraham, are only too happy to sacrifice a world of Isaacs, if that is what their God of money commands.

Look at the EpiPen ad AIDS medication controversy, when Mylan raised the price over 500% and Martin Shkreli jacked up the prices of AIDS meds, just because they could, not because they needed to make bigger profits. And look at the 70 fold price increase on a drug treatment for Muscular Dystrophy, charging $89,000.00 per year. For Spinal Muscular atrophy, they charge $750,000 for first year and $300K thereafter.

In this way, capitalism sells long life the way the Catholic Church once sold salvation through indulgences. Both are highly respected and adored by the other, despite Jesus overturning the mon…

How Racism Illustrates the Fatal Flaw of Religion

Racism is simply a religion based on the superiority of one's own race, the same way "theistic" religions are based on the superiority of one's own spirituality. Religion is based on having "faith" in what we cannot see or know. As such, racism provides the perfect example of how religion forces people to accept that 2+2=5, simply because "God" says so, and for absolutely no other reason. And if you dare to challenge that, you'll be sent to hell.

Racism believes in three things that science proves are not true. The first is the idea that "race" is a real thing. But it isn't. Race is a term that was made up for the sole purpose of dividing people into categories, as we have a habit of doing, but it has been proven that no such thing as "different races" is actually real.

That doesn't matter to the hard core racists, however, who are convinced they know better, and usually because they got all of their knowledge about…

Contemplating Jesus

I noticed a picture of Jesus on the desk of a co-worker recently and couldn't help but wonder what the point of such a picture was.

The crucifix is a gruesome depiction of the brutal murder of an alleged "god-man," that is supposed to strike both horror into any good Christian as well as happiness for the fact that Jesus was so brutally murdered for the sake of our own miserable souls. And out of this truly macabre mix of horror and happiness, we are supposed to feel love for the lunatic who allowed himself to die a miserable death, just so we could be "free" from sin.

Never the fact that no one was ever actually "freed" from anything, or that Christians have often run amuck in the world practicing a religion that looks like it came more from Charles Manson than Jesus Christ. Indeed, is there a single Aryan or Nazi who has ever lived that did NOT identify as being a Christian?

Nor have I ever seen a person who keeps a picture of Jesus that does not …

Economics, Jobs, & Racism

Economics is the means by which charlatans turn a pseudo-science based on the adoration of numbers, into a belief system promising salvation and prosperity to all. It's a giant lie, in other words, that is used to mislead people while justifying the worst horrors it can create.

This is exactly like the Christian God, when you think about it. If there are floods or inquisitions,  it's only because God loves you so much he wants to murder us all. So, economics is the belief that hard times require hard measures, unless you're a Conservative Republican who apparently thinks you can have everything you want, as much as you want. And if anyone ever tries to suggest otherwise, you answer with your guns (unless it's a priest, then you'll do whatever they say).

This religion of economics is based on creating jobs, the bread of life. It doesn't matter what the jobs are, just as long as there's plenty of them, and they pay enough to allow us all to consume more and …

Ferries & The Bondage of Beliefs

Religion grows by enslaving people in the belief that they are "free" by submitting to the authority of a Church that has been sent to humanity by an omnipotent God. Since there is no evidence to prove such a "belief," however, it can never be disproven either.

Ask someone to "prove" such a God exists, and they may respond by telling you to prove he does not. Of course, this is like starting with the assumption that anyone who "believes" this is completely insane, and when they claim this is not true, you tell them to "prove you are not completely insane."

Of course, they can't, at least not to anyone's satisfaction but their own. That's the problem with starting with a belief, you cannot disprove it, no matter the evidence. If every priest in the Catholic church was an admitted Nazi pedophile who murdered old women and drank their blood, this would not deter a single "true believing" Catholic who was convinced …

The Religion of Racism

Religions have always been about nothing but a kind of spiritual racism, where a person believes their religion makes their own spirit/soul more pure than some else. Racism is the same thing, of course, only biologically speaking. And both come down to blood.

Jesus shed his holy blood for Christians, just so he could forgive the whole world for murdering him (which his own father enticed the world to do, of course). Without the willingness of people to slaughter the lamb of God, in other words, humanity would never have purified itself.

Jesus, in this respect, is simply the lamb of God, but it's Sanhedrin who are essentially playing the role of Abraham in being willing to murder Jesus for God, like he did Isaac. And in the same way that religion makes killing people - from Isaac to Christ - a truly holy experience, so spilling blood for racial purity is no different.

Indeed, racism has always coincided with religion, since the two have always been two sides of the same coin. In…

Martyrdom: The Greatest Paradox or Hypocrisy?

The philosopher Bertrand Russell put it quite plainly, when he said "I would never die for my beliefs, because I might be wrong."

That simple idea, expressed by an avowed atheist, confounds all of Christianity to it's core. Why?

Because Christianity claims to be a religion that makes people "humble." But refusing to consider that your "beliefs" are not the undeniable, absolute "truth" of God, even unto death, is not an act of humility but of extreme hubris. It asserts "I am right! And by God I will not change my mind, no matter what evidence you provide. I would rather die instead!"

This is the temper tantrum of the most obstinate child imaginable.

On the other hand, I want to also admit that I can see where the "humility" comes in. But it is NOT humility practiced by many Christians. Take Father Kolbe for example.  According to Wikipedia:

Fr. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, was a Polish friar who volunteered to die in place of…

Father Mike's Omniscience About Transgenderism