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The Wanderers - The Movie: How Joey Ultimately Screws Over Richie Far More Than The Other War Around!

I just happened to come across the old movie from 1979 called "The Wanderers" tonight, the movie about street gangs in the Bronx around 1963. And as I watched the opening minutes, for the first time, it occurred to me that Joey screwed over Richie a helluva lot more than Richie screwed over Joey. But I'm betting you cannot tell me how?

If you recall the movie, Joey develops a thing for Nina, who's played by Karen Allen, even though everyone can tell that Nina has a thing for Richie. But Richie has a girlfriend. By near the end of the movie, however, Joey and Richie's girlfriend find Richie and Nina fooling around in the back seat of a parked car.

Note also that the Baldies were chasing Turkey and Joey in the beginning of the movie, to which all of the Wanders came running to their aid when Joey began to whistle (make a mental note of that fact, by the way). By the end of the movie, conversely, both Joey and Turkey left the Wanders, with Turkey betraying his old g…

The Raven: A Confession of Murder

I have long been a fan of Edger Allan Poe, and his poem The Raven is obviously one of his most famous works. I have read this poem any number of times before, and enjoy regularly deciphering it's ideas in different ways. But just last night, as I sat reclining, it occurred to me that the poem was perhaps more sinister than I had ever imagined.

 I had always interpreted the poem to be of a man who was mourning the loss of his daughter, Lenore. But then I thought that perhaps she was his lover instead. (If I was feeling rather jovial, I would imagine it was his cat or his goldfish.) But what I had failed to consider in these many different possible explanations for who the mysterious maiden named Lenore could have been, was that perhaps he had murdered the poor girl. And if Lenore had been both his mother and his lover, then the Raven is basically about Oedipus Rex.

Indeed, perhaps he smothered her to death using the very pillows upon which he sat reclining, and now was haunted by …

Jesus & Dr. Jekyll, The Holy Sprit & Mr. Hyde

Humanism is a kind of Catholic Atheism, that sees humanity as a species divided by beliefs, yet united by its curiosity. It cultivates the human soul by respecting the differences of our physical human forms. Roman Catholicism, on the other hand, cultivates our metaphysical soul by regulating the hell out of our physical human form. One sees children of the universe, and invites them to play, while the other sees natural born sinners, and inveighs them to pray.

When the soul is all that matters, however, because it alone is eternal, the body becomes something that some "believers" start to see as well worth sacrificing to save their own soul, and possibly everyone else's. Indeed, to avoid their own eternal torments in Hell, or even that of their families, what person on earth would not be willing to sacrifice all of humanity?

Roman Catholics also fail to notice, or simply forget, that not everyone is terrified of their own fantasies or are willing to bow down before thei…

Conservatism & Christianity: Barrabbas & Christ

I used to see myself as both politically Conservative and religiously Catholic, until I realized that such labels themselves are problematic precisely because our minds do not work in a groove, like a bowling ball rolling in a gutter. (At least mine doesn't.) This was also before I realized that politicians were simply the public relations division of corporate America. They do not represent the will of the people, in other words, they take the "will" of their overlords and impose it on the people while finding ever more clever ways - through propaganda, Houdini-esque manipulations of language, distractions, and, when all else fails, out right lies - to convince those same people to see the "will" of their overlords as if it were really their own.

Politicians also assure the masses that, even if it is the Mayan "will" of Big Money to cut out the beating hearts of our economy, such economic evisceration always performed to provide a sacrificial dividen…

Big Pharma's Profit Addiction

Science & Religion: A Light in the Darkness