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Why Morality for God is like Money for Shareholders

A morality based on pleasing God is like money made for pleasing corporate Shareholders. In both situations morality and money shift from being the means of achieving a civil, prosperous human society, to being the ends, that society must serve no matter the human costs. The morality of God requires human sacrifice, so the Christian would have us believe, and shareholders require ever more money, even if they have to sacrifice their own children to get it. Both obsessions see human beings as simply the means of serving deities with appetites that are equally infinite.

Shareholders are obviously an amoral group, for their sole focus is one thing and one thing only – increasing share price. They are generally unconcerned with the costs to human life in the process, unless those costs negatively impact their share price through bad publicity. The point of a company is not to foster security or a sense of community, after all, but to make a lean, mean, economic machine that chews up pe…

Why an Atheist can Pray

Sometimes I tell people I will keep their friends or loved ones in my prayers, even though I'm an atheist. I don't say it to be polite, nor do I say it because I can't think of anything better to say that might comfort them. I say it because I mean it, even if what I mean by "prayers" is probably different from what they mean.

Believers think of a prayer as an invocation or an action to build a rapport with a divine entity that will intercede on our miserable behalf if we bother him enough. That's not what a prayer is to me. While I don't believe in God, I do believe in beliefs. In fact, in some ways, our beliefs are even more real than the material world around us. That material world is shaped, after all, by our immaterial beliefs and ideas.  Hence it is with the phantom limb of thought that we paint the world, and give our dreams an existence all their own.

That being the case, I believe that thoughts are real.  They are certainly more real than God, …