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Any Team Worthy of the Name Would Change It

The recent government shutdown is not the only thing Washington D.C. has to be ashamed of these days. Another is the embarrassing debate being waged between the historical problem of racism and the commercial power of brand recognition. Dan Synder, the owner of the Washington football team at the center of this controversy, chose to support the latter on October 9th, 2013, in a letter that was as much about  placating "loyal fans" as it was about assuring paying customers.  What Synder failed to explain in his heartfelt plea, however, is how the name of his football team - a name which is considered to be an insult when applied to a person - should nevertheless be considered a compliment when applied to his franchise.  
The pigskin getting kicked around in this political football game is the "Redskins," both the people and the name.   According to Snyder's letter, and legions of team fans, the name "Redskins" is a symbol of "respect" for the…