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The Inquisitions: An Inevitable Consequence of Forced Converson

One of the miracles of faith that bedevils nonbelievers about "the faithful," is the latter's unremitting ability to deny the overwhelming amount of horrible "fruit," as their own Bible puts it, of the "tree" they worship. That tree, like the one in the garden of Eden, is the cross, of course.

Christians claim that God is steering his "Church" to right action, and everywhere in defense of His moral laws. That all of those laws have been repeatedly broken by His holy "Church" in order to ensure that "the gates of hell shall no prevail," is not only ignored by the faithful, but is always rationalized, not as any kind of evidence for the very nature of the "tree" Christians worship, but only ever as evidence of just how right Christians are to worship such a tree.

Consider the example of the Inquisitions.

After centuries of ever increasing laws, of every kind imaginable, laid upon the backs of Europeans like a cros…

Thomas Jefferson on Christian Fascism

Thomas Jefferson once said...

"In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty.  He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own."

No  wonder the Church sides with the Fascists during the Spanish Revolution and the monarchists and properties aristocracies during the French Revolution.

The Church who's founder was both penniless  and wholly without property - "they threw dice and divided his garments," his only property, while he hung on the cross - has always sided with those who have property agaisnt all those they stole it from.

Silence & Opium

If you watched the movie, Silence, In the 17th century, two Portuguese Jesuit priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor, who is rumored to have committed apostasy, and to propagate Catholicism.

But, as a mental experiment, consider what would happen if we did not traverse through time in a forward motion, so that we are unable to see the hurricanes created by our various butterflies until sometime long after we are gone (could Christ have ever predicted the countless horrors perpetrated in his name?), but if we could instead traverse from those hurricanes back to those moments, and indeed those butterflies, from whence the emanated.

If the priests  depicted in the movie Silence, who sought only to Christianize China for God, could see the horrible toll their religion would be used to create in the opium trade, when Christian England forced the sale of such a drug upon both India and China a century later, would they still feel that their work was for the one true …

A Tomb of Flesh and Bone

It has long been assumed by "believers" that our souls, and thus some level of conciousness, will be freed from the body when we die, and end up in whatever heaven, or hell, we will inhabit forever.

But how do we know, if we accept that we have souls that outlive our body, we'd ever esacpe our body when it dies?

Maybe, in other words, our spirit is trapped inside of a dead body, and by closing our eyes we have effectively shut all the windows.

We are all trapped inside this tiny little universe, and knowing that our incarceration expires when we die  - which terrifies us more than anything else -  we hope that, after we do, we'll be magically transported to a heaven where we'll never have to go through this hell again.

Another Way C.S. Lewis is Wrong

C.S. Lewis once argued in favor for his "universal natural law" by claiming that no society ever saw cowardice as a virtue.

This may be true, although such a conclusion assumes a knowledge of all societies that is impossible for any human being to grasp, humanity being millions of years old, but it also ignores the fact that every virtue is a vice, when it is too extreme, and how every vice, in moderation, is a virtue, including cowardice, when it is based on having a single foot rooted in the reality of our intellectual limitations and our human mortality.

When Bertrand Russell says he would never die for his "beliefs," because he is humble enough to admit he could be wrong, he is exercising a virtuous degree of cowardice in his willingness to go to his grave for propounding idea that, however it may have possessed the heart and mind like a demon, is nevertheless no more infallible in its understanding of everything - let alone abstractions like "absolute tru…

Insane World

In an insane world, the highest forms of rational thought are often seen by the majority to be insane, because they are using their own thinking as the yardstick of what is normal and what is possible.

Common sense, in other words, is a psychopathy.

Truth & Beliefs

The only thing that limits the seeker of truth is the self-erecting iron bars of their beliefs.

And that all of their pain comes from those who do not believe it, or who do but fail to exercise it as it should, and all of their pleasure comes from convincing everyone else they are right.

And this, to their mind, is the supreme act of humility.

Pope Leo XIII "the best and strongest support for morality is religion"

Of course Pope Leo XIII said that "the best and strongest support for morality is religion," because getting people to believe this is exactly what ensures he maintains his power over people, both politically and spiritually. That's what everyone does, in fact, to ensure that their position and more importantly their power, are continued to be "believed" in by the masses.

The good Catholic will naturally insist, of course, that to focus on this "power" is to miss the point that "religion is indeed the best and strongest support for morality!," and that that's not only plainly obvious (even if to no one but the "true believer"), but what really matters.

Whatever power a pope may derive from their position, Catholics will further argue, only adds to his responsibility, and for which he will be held accountable to God.

If you point out this there is absolutely no evidence anywhere that can be used to substantiate such …
When you question a persons beliefs, you are asking them to question what they see in the mirror.

In God We Trust - God & Money Are The Same Thing

Have you noticed that the same people who believe in a fictional person called "God,"  are the same people who do the bidding of those fictional people we call "corporations"? And if corporations are fictional people, legally speaking, then the countries who birth them through the coital relationship between law and money, are their fictional  parents ( one could think of them as even "god" parents).

So when Ronald Reagan speaks about supporting "democracy," he isn't referring to the votes cast by real people, but those cast by "fictional" people, who always vote with ballots of money, which is itself a fiction. Even property rights, for example, is simply a "belief" that we choose to "believe." And we choose to believe such fictions, because we "believe" we must, or all order and chaos will be loosed upon the world if we do not, and worse, our souls will burn forever in a fictional oven, prepared for …
Since God  cannot be proven to exist or not exist, being immaterial and operating outside of time and space as "He" does, You cannot prove there is a difference between religion and insanity.

Humanity On A Cross of Iron

There has only ever been a division in the world between two groups of people, and that is the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, from those who live the life of leisure, upon all those who labor to provide it. And who keep their power and their riches through divide and conquer, using race, creed, color, etc, as a weapons, and by using a legal system that gives the largest  punishments to the smallest criminals, and a political system that rewards financial crooks with an involuntary "bonus" under the elaborate ruse that it's really a necessary "bailout."
We may dress it up in any name we wish, but these powers have always been at odds on some level, in every conflict, war, and genocide we have ever engaged in.
Politics and religion, both of which use "science" in the cleverest of ways, are themselves simply exceedingly clever schemes by which division is sown, and always by those who reap the riches of the various horrors such divi…

Jesus: Son of an Aztec God, and an Upgrage for Original Sin

I am forever fascinated by how our "beliefs" about something, trick us into forever overlooking some of what more rational perspectives would no doubt deem it's most obvious flaws.

Original sin, you may recall, is the idea that every single person who is born is stained with a flaw, according to the Bible. (And since it is in this "Bible," this idea is both obvious and unquestionably true - obviously.) This "original sin" is said to have occurred when first Eve, then Adam, ate of the forbidden fruit of "knowledge."

There are two components to this original sin, which infects our soul at birth, of which Mary was spared the one but given the other - hence she was "immaculately conceived" -  while Christ was born without the toxin of either one. God, who withheld these two components partially from Mary and entirely from Christ, choose not to grant the rest of humanity any such similar dispensation. Rather, God choose instead, accord…

Maybe We Are Living In Heaven & Hell Already

There is no way we currently know of to "prove" the existence of God, a good Christian or Muslim will tell you, but they will insist that God exists nevertheless. And they know this because "faith is evidence of things not seen," as it says in Hebrews 11:1KJV.  If you "believe it," in other words, it must therefore be true.

But by this reasoning, any infinite number of absurdities that can simply be thought up by our imagination, can magically be brought into existence simply by having "faith" in it.

So what if we are currently living in Heaven and Hell already?

I don't mean simply the economic and political ones, a purely man made idea that is used to divide us into heavenly wealth and hellish poverty, by men who keep it in place by keeping all of us at each others throats,  but one whereby we relive our lives, an infinite number of times.

In the process, our decisions largely determine whether this repeating eternity feels more like heaven…
A lie is just as often something we can believe as a truth is something we can't.
People who believe in heaven are willing to make hell on earth to get there.

Economics is a Religion

Economics is a religion, but it is far, far worse than any other religion, in part because it convinces it's adherents that it is not a religion at all, but a science. But even the science of racism, which feeds the flapping wings of prejudice into a genocidal hurricane, is simply a religion. 
By religion here, I mean a highly developed set of "beliefs, which  is both relied upon to understand the world and for which our bias can always find ample evidence to support, that is based on underlying assumptions that a person either fails to consider or simply accepts as necessarily true a priori. 
The difference, however, is that, for all of the bloody histories of Judaic-Christianity, economics is a religion that is far more evil and sinister. While the former grew out of the wonder of the human mind and the longing of the human heart, economics is the child of human management that culminated and has been passed down through monarchies and other systems of power. 
It is often …

Hell is God's Chemotherapy

1 Corinthians 12:14

“For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body…….Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many.”  '

The Catholic and even many Christians claim that this line basically supports the idea that we are all part of the body of Christ - hence "Catholic," which means universal.

But suggest humanism is simply saying the exact same thing to some such Catholics and they think you are an agent of the devil himself.

We may be the "body of Christ," but some people think that we are merely cells of that body, while the "mind" belongs to "God" who punishes cells for not performing their "true" function accordingly.

So "hell" is like God's chemotherapy.

A Christian Confession

When a Christian claims that people would be monsters without a belief in God, they are actually confessing that, without their own beliefs barring the door to their darkest desires, they would become a monster; and if not to others, than at least to them self.

Yet so afraid are such Christians of people becoming more evil - that is, more liberal, more open minded, and less conformist or subservient to the claims of highly organized profit oriented religions - that they have embraced the worst evils of all, in defense of their "moral ideals," to rid themselves of the threat posed by people who dared to question the "infallible truths" uttered by fallible charlatans, who claim they are speaking directly to the creator of the entire universe.  

 And after that Creator had created that entire universe, He retired and wrote a book.

It's about a God who lures religious fanatics to murder his own son as a heretic. And all to defend that God from an upstart  who had …

Sexuality vs Spirituality: How Religion Profits from the War It Creates Within Us

When you are raised your entire life to think about nothing as much as your religion, your salvation, and your God, becoming an atheist does not mean you suddenly no longer think of such thinks anymore. On the contrary, once the conditioning has formatted our minds to work a certain way, over the course of several decades, it is only possible for us to start looking at the horse from the opposite end.

In doing so, one can see that the war between sexuality and spirituality, which religion claims is so natural to us all, is actually one that religion alone is responsible for both framing and fostering, much to its sole benefit.

When St. Augustine and St Aquinas mercilessly attacked women as perhaps the most evil harlots God could have ever vomited forth into the world, their sentiments were not simply the byproduct of their time and place in history, as Catholics often like to suggest. Rather, these men were no doubt influenced in their loathing of women by many cultural ingredients in…

When Everyone Is Guilty of Everything, No One is Guility of Anything

Consider how the actions we engage in as human beings today, often have some harmful effect, however small it maybe, on someone else on the planet.

If you use a cell phone, you're contributing to child labor in the mines of the Congo for cobalt. If you drive a car, you're contributing to America's dependence on oil and thus its wars.

No matter how attenuated the connection by myriad other things two points may be, there is always a connection, and often there is more than one - a lot more.

But all we have to do is find a way of either denying any such connections exist, or that the good of what we do outweighs the negative impact we may have, however unintentionally and ignorant we may be of the ultimate effects of either one.

This, then, requires us to actually exercise a God-like hubris in our understanding of how things are connected. And we do this, even though we admit our brains, and even our computers to date, have no ability to map such an infinity.

So, either we d…

The Castle & The Prison Are Often the Same Thing

A castle is a fortification designed to keep and enemy out, while a prison is a fortification designed to keep an enemy in. But often, and maybe even always, they are basically the same thing. And both are like our beliefs.
 In a sense, everyone is the king of their own castle of ideas, but religion takes this to a higher level by encouraging a person to trust their imagination when it tells them they are doing it, not for themself, but for the glory of God.
By believing that their "beliefs" are necessary to survive, have meaning, or even control their own appetites and desires, people are encouraged to become ever more dependent upon the God-drug that all organized religions push. And like the man selling heroin, so religion sells holiness, and both trigger the same release of endorphins in the brain that make a person feel warmly loved.
The only difference is that one of these drugs is illegal and the other is legal. And it's not only legal, it's even encouraged …

Killing Gays for God

There are a number of Christians (and Muslims) who think homosexuals should be killed. After all, homosexuality is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, still too many of them will insist.

I think the vast majority of both (at least I certainly hope the vast majority of both) do not agree with this. But those that do, claim to be "moral" and virtuous, even as they commit murder to avenge an "all powerful God" for having to watch two people of the same gender having sex. Talk about being overly sensitive!

Say hello to moral relativism! In this way, such Christians are operating under the "belief" that murder, at least for the right reasons, is not as evil as "sex," even though committing murder is an act of death and sex is an act of life. As such, they allow a Commandment to be overruled by a footnote. 

But even among those who disagree with the idea that homosexuals are monstrous pedophiles that need to be killed, there are those who believe t…

If The Bible Were True, We Wouldn't Be fighting Over It

I was recently reading William Faulkner and Ralph Waldo Emerson, and realized that people still read their words not just because of how they said things with words, but the very ideas those words conveyed. Those ideas were "truths" that anyone who reads them can appreciate, even if on different levels and in different ways.

I was also reading The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and the writings of Seneca, and was moved by the precision and clarity of truth which they seemed to effortlessly convey in their prose. This is the same with Shakespeare and countless others, from poets to philosophers and from scientists to shamans.

Yet no one reads their words and thinks such "truths" must be properly understood, lest humanity fall into chaos, even though they are so unambiguous in their writings and the Bible is so opaque.

Do we argue of the Canterbury Tales or Aesop's Fables, or over the "true" meaning of the Epic of Gilgamesh or the importance of the Code…

Abraham the Psychopath

I am not comforted by the thought that Abraham did not sacrifice Isaac, when I heard he'd been listening to a voice inside his head that, at the last second, told him to go kill an animal instead.

Most serial killers start off by killing animals.

An Email to God

Yo God! What up!? 

Christians are an ironic bunch in America.

The more I study the strange little world you have growing in the mole spores in your basement, the more I marvel at the behavior of that species who proclaims to be humble while insisting they are not only made special, and in your image, but that the entire universe  was made specifically for them.

They tend to believe that everything is a kind of propaganda designed to lead them to doubt that their "beliefs" are necessarily "true,"  but they never doubt, for they feel they are not allowed (or are simply not able) to doubt, that what they call "true" is simply a "belief" that isn't true, but is simply the mother of all other propaganda.

They even feel they must believe such a conflation or wind up in a place they call "hell," which they also imagine is like the ovens of Auschwitz, that place I told you about earlier, during what many of them refer to as "the Sec…

Aliens Would Treat Us As Bad As God

If an extraterrestrial alien species landed on Earth and encountered humanity, why would we not think that they would treat humanity the same way humanity has treated every other living species on the planet?

And in so doing, would they not be treating us exactly as God did, in the Old Testament?

And since we are "made in the image and likeness of God," no wonder what God did to different peoples and eventually humanity overall in the Old Testament looks so much like what we have all been doing to each other ever since.

In fact, if Christians or Muslims encountered an advanced alien species of far greater intelligence than our own (since we all so often assume that all other species on Earth are far less intelligent than ourselves), would they not, at the first sign that such aliens would either refuse to accept or threaten to reform the entirety of their religious beliefs, treat such an advanced species no differently from the chickens, deer, or insect, or even the lowly Ch…

The World In A Nut Shell

The US Financier and Railroad businessman Jay Gould, once said he could "hire half of the working class to kill the other half." And if you look around, it doesn't seem so far fetched, if you think about it.

Basically, half of the people in the world are waking up to the reality that war is ultimately always the culmination of artificially created means of division, from race and creed to economic class and country, and the other half which is willing to go to war to prove such divisions are not only real but necessary.

It's as if such a taxonomy of people, one that ranks everyone's own race above that of every other, can only be overcome by other lesser races by learning the culture and the language (i.e. the "beliefs")  of the race of the "chosen" people. It is to assume, in other words, that everyone else is born with a defect (i.e. original sin), but can be redeemed by their assimilation and conformity to that culture (i.e. they are conve…

Sex & Murder: The Morality of the Christian Mind

Two basic activities that both humans and all other species engage in are sex and murder. Virtually all species are forced to eat some other living thing to survive (although a "merciful" omnipotent God could've obviously created a world where this was completely unnecessary) and nearly all species rely on sex, for both pleasure itself and to produce offspring.

Yet these two activities are rationalized within the Christian mind in two very different ways. Even though murder is one of the "sins" explicitly forbidden by God in the Ten Commandments, "sex" in many forms is thought by many Christians to be expressly forbidden, even though the only mention of it in the Ten Commandments is limited specifically to adultery.(Christians have gotten around this rule concerning adultery, by the way, by simply implementing polygamy, like the Mormons and the Old Testament.)

A Christian may tell you, for example, that "murder is always wrong," but will th…

The Trouble with the Belief that God is always "Good"

The trouble with the belief that God is always "good," as so many Christians and Muslims believe, is that it means that anything God does or has ever done, is simply "good" by definition, because God did it, even if it would be the greatest evil of all when lesser versions of the same thing are done by or for the devil. 
So when the Hebrews of the Old Testament brag about committing genocide for God, it's necessarily interpreted as "good," at least in comparison to whatever practice evoked God's righteous call for genocide anyway. But if we say that all of the genocide committed in the 20th century alone was committed by or for the devil, we consider genocide to be the greatest evil of all, even though most of the genocides that occurred in the 20th century were, in many instances, related to Christianity. 
When child sacrifice is carried out for Satan worship, Christians call it an abomination, even though Christians worship a God they believe t…

What If No One Had Ever Heard of Jesus?

What if no one had ever heard of Jesus? What if something happened and, over time, the story of Jesus Christ, along with all reference to him and anything to do with Christianity, was eventually and entirely lost from all human memory, and not a single shred of evidence existed anywhere about him, or the Christian God?

This is the problem with the idea that we must "believe" in a story of a God-man, who died for our sins and rose again. It is also the problem with all such "stories" that any religion has to offer. It never considers what happens if humanity on the whole exercises as much amnesia about Jesus as it does about everything else.  Think about it.

If ALL of the stories of the Bible were suddenly wiped from both human memory and from our entire universe, then there would obviously be no way for anyone to "believe" in a man, or a story, or even our fall and redemption, even though they needed to "believe" such a story to save themselves …

Each of Us is Christ

In case you haven't noticed this before, and I am sure many people have, each of us is Christ.

That is to say that each of us is quite convinced we are persecuted for the "truth" of our beliefs, even to the point we feel we are being "crucified" for them, metaphorically if not literally.

So we are not only each experiencing, at least metaphorically anyway, the life and death, but indeed the passion and resurrection, of Christ. And we rise again from the dead, so to speak, the way the lotus sheds its skin, and the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.

We rise like the phoenix from the ashes of our "beliefs" and, all too often, end up creating new one's that are different from the beliefs that proceeded them in name only. Just look at Judaism and Christianity for example.

The Catholic Church has risen to become far more powerful than the Sanhedrin ever was, and has murdered far more people to defend its authority over truth than the Sanhedrin or the He…

The Trouble With Original Sin

Assuming we are born with a penchant for murdering each other is just an excuse we give for murdering each other.

Only God Makes Genocide Moral

Perhaps the greatest "miracle" of religion is that it has convinced so many billions of people that the God who threw us into this gladiatorial arena of life and death, should be regarded as necessarily "benevolent" for having done so.

Many Christians often claim that a "belief" in God is not only necessary for people to know the difference between "right and wrong," but to act accordingly as well, "for you will be judged by God at the end of time." This is true, even though the idea of "God" such Christians are referring to necessarily operates outside of any such distinctions. And he operates outside of those distinctions by being something - in fact, the ONLY thing -  that is per-determined by Christians as necessarily "good" a priori, so that anything such a "God" does, must therefore be good, even if it would be "evil" if anyone else engaged in anything even close to it. 

If Joseph Stalin o…

The Difference Between the Rich & The Poor

When Jesus says "the poor you will always have with you, "  what he was trying to say was that as long as we have a system of money, we will always have a system that allows some to have all and others to have nothing.

The theology of money is economics, of course, of whom Adam Smith is considered to be the Abraham of American Capitalism, and Milton Friedman is the Messiah of the "Money Changers" in the temple of Wall Street, who politicians everywhere worship like a golden calf.

Wealth and poverty demark the boundaries between Heaven and Hell, with a "middle class" that languishes in the purgatory of always fearing the one and hoping for the other. But they do not constitute immutable objective realities, like gravity or the seasons, but are wholly man made. And they are wholly man made out of a clever means of power and control, which is based on nothing but a "belief" in money.

 Make no mistake, there is no real "god" that humanity…

The Torture of the Comfy Chair: How a Comfort Zone is like an Iron Maiden

The comedy troupe Monty Python once did a skit about the Spanish Inquisition, only instead of using the kind of actual torture instruments relied upon to convert people of God's love and existence by the actual Spanish Inquisition, the torture instrument used by Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition was a  "comfy chair."

That we think of a comfy chair as being the very opposite of a torture device is actually illustrative more of how our own mind tends to categorize things than the actual difference between a comfy chair and a torture device. And this is because, in many ways, a comfy chair can be one of the worst torture devices there is.

I remember watching a Navy Seal show marathon one weekend with my room mate, where both of us say on our respective couches for no less than 10 straight hours watching people pushing themselves through excruciating exercises during boot camp training, just so they could become Navy Seals.

After that 10 hour session, our backs were kil…

God & The Pleasure of Pain

It never seems to occur to people that, if we are made in the image and likeness of God, then perhaps the pleasure we enjoy from inflicting pain is simply a reflection of God as well. After all, God certainly seemed to enjoy the great flood and the brutal murder of His own Jesus, at least as much as He enjoyed the Crusades and the Inquisitions. And even if God didn't "enjoy" all of that, we certainly seem to. Just look at the 20th century alone.

Toward that end, I have never understood the great flood story of how God drowned everyone on earth for being so evil, since everything that has happened since that time has essentially played out like Cain slaughtering Able, much in the same way the Sanhedrin slaughtered Christ, writ large.

If you consider that all of the starvation in the world, and the wars, the genocides, the diseases, the slavery, and the poverty and brutality (and what is poverty but a highly designed man made system of brutality?), as well as the growing …

Religion & The Paradox of Submission

Religion teaches children that they should be independent from their biological parents, but totally dependent upon their "spiritual" parents, Mary and God/Jesus. (That Jesus is both Mary's son and God, makes the Bible a bit like Oedipus, of course.)

It is also a religion that teaches people to love freedom and hate authoritarianism on the one hand, even as it requires them to be submissive to the will of an authoritarian God (and his Catholic Church, at least spiritually speaking anyway) in order to achieve "true freedom."

That a person can only be "free" by hypnotizing them self into believing they must always "obey" an authoritarian God, only demonstrates the miracle of how the human mind can make sense of pretty much anything it wants to believe, no matter how paradoxical or self contradictory it may be.

Such a claim is not merely an indictment of religion, of course, but of the human mind itself. For it is how all institutions, be they …

Have You Ever Noticed...

Have you ever noticed that the American Revolution is essentially the story of every conflict there is, was, or has ever been?

And our interpretation of that conflict boils down to our "beliefs" about which group of people - the indigenous or the foreigners - should rule.

And the ones we always think should rule are the ones we think are most like ourselves.

You Cannot Truly Love Someone You Fear

Love and fear are probably the two most powerful human forces we know of. But they are clearly not the same thing, and are very often the very opposite of each other.

But God is a paradoxical figure who commands (how can a person be expected to "love" on command?) that we engage in the paradox of both loving Him, and fearing Him, lest we be thrown into a lake of fire for failing to do so to His majesty's liking.

More interesting, however, is how this clear contradiction, is never a problem for the Christian, who is so afraid of the fires of hell and the immorality of secular society, that they actually mistake their "fear" for a "love" of God who will save them from both, even though He created both.

There is probably not a Christian alive who would ever "love" a Muslim Shah or Caliph or King, simply because he commanded them to, or be tortured and executed. Yet such a Christian expects the Muslim, and all others for that matter, to willfull…

The Fatal Yet Inescapable Problem with Beliefs

For "believers" the world over, the entire point of life comes down to nothing but what you believe. Regardless of basically ANYTHING else, one's life boils down to simply standing before a "God," who will judge how a person should spend eternity based on their "beliefs."

Those beliefs come down to having "believed" in the right religion, or the right god, or the right morality, or the right whatever. If anyone FAILS to "believe" the right things, then, they're thrown into hell for being such a dolt.

But if life is all about necessarily having the right "beliefs" about God, religion, morality, etc, than it can only work if everyone on the planet is willing to accept - necessarily! - that someone, somewhere, HAS the right beliefs. And more importantly, that person has to know exactly how to apply those beliefs in an ever changing and increasingly complex world.

Of course, the Catholics have their Pope, who can speak &q…

The Trouble with Marian Apparitions

Mary, the Mother of God, is said to have appeared to many people over the years. One of which was the apparations at Fatima to three children in 1917.  But looking at the transcripts, one is left with the lingering sense of "what the fuck!?"

First off, sending Mary to appear to children is a bit like Bill Gates sending his mother to tell an employee that their department is under-performing, and the big guy upstairs is getting pissed off.

But aside from that, if we look at the transcripts, as I said, it gets even harder to believe. In fact, if these transcripts were provided to Christians from Muslims who claimed they were spoken by Mohammad (or his mother, Aminah bint Wahb) while he (or she) appeared to three shepherds, not a single Christian on the planet would take them seriously.  

For example, one of the children apparently asks Mary where some people they know have landed after they died, and Mary lets them know they're not all love'n it in the Golden Arches…

The Pros & Cons of Thinking About Religion

I think too much. And in an information society, this habit of thinking too much can make a person's natural curiosity feel like quicksand. But that only happens "if," and after, a person realizes they think too much, and they begin to notice how much their own "desire to know" everything - a "desire" which led Adam & Eve loose Eden in a gamble with a serpent - can potentially sabotage all of their other desires.

Religion is, to my mind at least, the perfect example of this perfect paradox of thinking too much. On the one hand, the rituals, teachings, and beliefs of religion, serve to make "thinking" easier regarding morality, death, existence, love, and so on. Hence, a person can rest assured that their life has meaning, that their "salvation" is secured (as well as it can be), and that justice will be meted out to all perfectly in the end.

On the other hand, religion assures that same person that they can only rest their mind…