Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Christian Pharisee

Ask a Christian who is convinced they have done nothing wrong to apologize for something they did wrong, and they will refuse. They are too inebriated by their own truth to ever admit such a thing. Christ, on the other hand, who the Christian is convinced is the embodiment of all "truth," never did anything wrong in his entire life. And because of his innocence, he offered up himself as an apology for all wrongs, especially those the Christian adamantly refuses to admit to. The great irony of Christianity, therefore, is how Christ was crucified as an apology for the very Christian who refuses to apologize. 

The last thing the Christian would have ever thought to do to those they defined as "witches," for example, was apologize for roasting them alive. After all, an apology is something offered by those who are clearly in the wrong, and the Christian knows that their "faith" in Christ clearly puts them in the right, as far as they are concerned.  Every cruelty performed by the Christian can therefore be seen as a virtue when committed for their own personal Jesus. Hence, the only one who was owed an apology in those days was not the witch being burned at the stake, but the poor Christian who was forced to commit such barbarous barbequing in the first place, so that their own sins could one day be forgiven by God. And today, not much has changed.  

This is not to say the Christian is being a complete hypocrite in every respect, mind you. They are simply practicing their faith of humility with a sense of pride, and exercising their religion of selflessness with an inordinate sense of self. This allows the Christian to reap all the benefits of Christianity without the burden of  having to be like Christ. It is this willingness to cloth such cowardice in the robes of courage, that Christ proclaimed he did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

Religion is a disease masquerading as it’s own cure.