Thursday, April 28, 2016

Who Cares?

Look around the world today and ask yourself, who cares? Many of us like to feel like we do, but we don't.

People are convinced that their "beliefs" will save them, and make everything alright. But they won't.

We think the problems of the world can be fixed by more people turning to God, to prayer, and to respect for human life, even as our addiction to the "profit motives" of consumer capitalism, and all of the latest technologies it can produce for us, only cheapens the value of human life by reducing it to a credit score, and mere numbers in an actuary's ledger. We are awash in sex and violence, not because human beings suffer from a fallen nature, but because we have created an economic system of survival that necessarily feeds off of all of our basest instincts, and none more so than fear and greed. Indeed, money is the root of all evil, and like a vampire, its flower is the power born from the blood of war.

The problems of the world are not the result of some great Satan and his minions, to which we can only hope to defend ourselves by praying to a God who is said to have created them. We cannot fix the world by simply giving money at Church, as if the world's problems can be fixed by donating 10% of our income to a televangelist telethon called "Jesus's Kids". In fact, it is just such a belief that tends to contribute the most to the world problems, by siphoning our empathy for humanity into the coffers of a religion that promises us that God will save us, and punish all those who deserve it. (Of course, the fact that Jesus decided to simply stand idly by as the 20th Century spilled more blood than any other century in history, when he could've simply "returned" and stopped it all, means he is no better than a Shepard who stands idly by and watches as a pack of rebid wolves devours his flock.)

History is simply the repeating story of how power in sheep's clothing convinces so many sheep to fight and die for its noble causes, by demonizing all those who seek to think for themselves, and live for themselves, in order to live their lives as they choose. And standing up to any of that is like a fly trying to awaken all the atoms of an ocean whose great tide is controlled by the moon. So perhaps it is high time that our beliefs simply washed us all away. Because after all, who cares?

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