Saturday, September 3, 2016

Christian Libertarians: An Oxymoron

A Libertarian believes in minimizing government, while a Christian believes in maximizing God, even though corporations are amoral legal "persons," which can live forever and are immune to pain and suffering, and people are moral actual persons, which suffer and die. The former is like The Terminator, created for the sole purpose of finding the Sarah Connor of profit, and indifferent to whatever damage it may cause to actual people, animals, or the environment, while the latter is has a vested interest in working together to survive.

The problem is that government is the equivalent of God to corporations, since a corporation only exists because some government licensed it to operate. Government is also the only thing that holds corporations accountable for poisoning water supplied, like in Flint or Love Canal.

Yet the Libertarian wants to reduce the size of government, which basically means that Libertarians want corporations to rule the world. (After all, if it's not one, then it will be the other. Indeed, many feel that is what is going in the world already anyway.) But they never explain why they think corporations, which are singularly focused on the profit motive and "would gladly kills us all to make a profit," as a priest once told me, would be benevolent in the quest to save us all, and the world around us; especially since they are the greatest contributors to the environmental problems in the world that is killing 200 species of plants and animals every day.

The Christian, however, believes that people must have God in their life to be moral, for the most part, and to be counted on to do the right thing. Without God, so the Christian will tell you, what could possibly motivate people to be moral?

But if the Christian believes that "moral" people cannot be trusted to be moral without God, then why would they believe that an amoral corporation could ever possibly be moral without some government policing it?

In short -

To be a Christian and a Libertarian you have to believe that people do better with a God but “legal persons” do better without, even though one runs on “the love of money” called “the profit motive,” and the other was supposedly saved by the resurrection of Christ. Weird.

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