Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Christian Confession

When a Christian claims that people would be monsters without a belief in God, they are actually confessing that, without their own beliefs barring the door to their darkest desires, they would become a monster; and if not to others, than at least to them self.

Yet so afraid are such Christians of people becoming more evil - that is, more liberal, more open minded, and less conformist or subservient to the claims of highly organized profit oriented religions - that they have embraced the worst evils of all, in defense of their "moral ideals," to rid themselves of the threat posed by people who dared to question the "infallible truths" uttered by fallible charlatans, who claim they are speaking directly to the creator of the entire universe.  

 And after that Creator had created that entire universe, He retired and wrote a book.

It's about a God who lures religious fanatics to murder his own son as a heretic. And all to defend that God from an upstart  who had the audacity to claim to be the Son of God who created the entire universe. They murdered God to defend God's honor, in other words. Which is actually something God wanted, and indeed needed them to do, so he could forgive them all for being the kind of sinfully murderous thugs God could depend on to brutally torture and murder his own son.

And all to save our own miserably sinful souls from the love of a "Holy Father" who is prepared to throw the same people he suffered and died for, over the course of three days, into an everlasting Hell, just for having too many "impure thoughts."     

Instead, we receive salvation from focusing some greater degree of thinking to the brutal torture and murder of a man named Jesus, and we are damned for eternity if instead we devoted a greater degree of that thinking on having sex.

In short, make war, not love.

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