Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - 11 years later

11 years already
since that day in September
when everything changed 
  oh how I remember

A warm sunny day
 the summer's last kiss
 ended in tears
for those we miss

 as the sky was ripped open
 and the world was awoken,
from a dream to a  nightmare
of “bombs bursting in air”

when Giuliani became
The countries mayor
And police and fireman,
 heroes without compare

Great Britain played our national anthem
in Buckingham square
to remind us we’re not alone
in the grief we all bear

11 years since a nation
turned to God in prayer
and we told all those we love
just how much we care

since vigils and candles
scented the midnight air
and God Bless America
rang from the Capital stairs

since bucket brigades tirelessly worked
beneath the halogen glare
and red, white and blue
blossomed from everywhere

since we forgot about
 “who wants to marry a millionaire”
and we longed for those days
of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

     it’s been 11 years
      since our great despair
 when time itself seemed to hang in the air
and the whole world stopped what it was doing 
 ...to stare
 Yet by our hopes and resolve
we will mend and repair     
and give proof through this night
that our flag

                is still there.

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