Friday, February 10, 2017

How Capitalism Is About Killing the Poor

Capitalism is a religion. That's all it is. It is thought of as simply a way of organizing and running your economy, but it can only ever end up killing the "unchosen."And the "chosen" are the ones who were given great wealth, by God, or course. And they, like Abraham, are only too happy to sacrifice a world of Isaacs, if that is what their God of money commands.

Look at the EpiPen ad AIDS medication controversy, when Mylan raised the price over 500% and Martin Shkreli jacked up the prices of AIDS meds, just because they could, not because they needed to make bigger profits. And look at the 70 fold price increase on a drug treatment for Muscular Dystrophy, charging $89,000.00 per year. For Spinal Muscular atrophy, they charge $750,000 for first year and $300K thereafter.

In this way, capitalism sells long life the way the Catholic Church once sold salvation through indulgences. Both are highly respected and adored by the other, despite Jesus overturning the money lenders tables in the Church. We are all so selective in the perspective we choose to call "the right one." Indeed, we pick out our perspectives like a young girl picking a pair of shoes.'

But as the demand to serve Moloch of money on Wall Street grows more powerful than any other force on planet earth, for it owns everything and everyone through debt, so the ever greater need to service the interest payments that Moloch demands as homage becomes.  And to always increase that wealth, those same people offer it to the Financial Firms who, like Rumpelstiltskin, turn it all into more money, out of nothing.

Put another way, by making money from interest and speculation, rich people literally just buy more money. They don't produce anything, and they don't in anyway add to a society, except that they are able to buy more stuff. And this ability to buy more stuff (which has been confused for actually making more stuff - but the financial firms do not "make" anything, but money, from money), is seen as their money "trickling down" into the economy, like the crumbs from the rich man's table to Lazarus.

And Religion is the lie that conditions people to accept that their misery here today will be rewarded later, after they die, in heaven, by a God who is so proud of you for shutting up and doing exactly as your told your whole life. 

This ponzi scheme allows for the pooling of untold trillions among very few, by convincing people that they are the very heart of the American economy, when they are in fact a cancer hollowing it out. Like the movie Alien, the financial sector has crawled into the chest of the American economy, and gestated by feeding off of its host, killing the host in the process. But we worship that capitalism nevertheless, like a golden calf, trusting it will lead us out of the desert of our discontent. And anyone who challenges the "truth" of the religion of capitalism, will be met with cries of "crucify him."

The rich are our only "gods", and they convince us all that we are the demons, the sinners, the damned. In fact, 8 people today now own 50% of the world's wealth. THEY can afford any price tag for healthcare. They are the Capital in the Hunger Games. They are the "giants" described in the Bible. They are "gods, who kill us for their sport."

And now the levers of power have been handed over to them in the hope that one of "them" will save all of us. He is a free market Messiah. But even if he helps things in the short term, Capitalism will eventually smother the whole world in this way, like a serpent does to its prey.    

In fact, it already is. 

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