Monday, June 5, 2017

Of Love & War

So I am watching this movie and before you know it, these two girls start having sex with each other, and it was not a porn movie.

Fifty years ago, or less, people in America would've thrown a public fit about such a scene, but today it's only the staunchly Conservatives Christians who get their feathers all ruffled by it. For them, such scenes are NOT simply a reflection of reality (at least the reality for some people anyway, the way L. A. gang movies represented reality for poor black kids growing up in the ghetto) but intended to lure people into accepting the idea that homosexuality is NOT an abomination, as the Bible claims.

Putting aside the fact that the Bible is responsible for, and brags about, more genocide than Mein Kampf ever was, that such Christians stake their moral convictions on a book in which God repeatedly calls for genocide, the murdering of babies and women, and plenty other blood soaked horrors that makes a book by Stephen King look like a Harlequin romance novel, is only proof of how much the scotoma of  a person's confirmation bias can completely alter a person's perception from black to white.

In other words, the cross shaped plank that Christians willingly place in their own eye, and even worship, alters every horrible deed God or religion has ever been responsible for, and lays that blame squarely on people - people, who were often engaging in such horrors for the sake of defending their moral beliefs, no less!

But aside from all of that, here's what struck me - Christians are convinced (most of them anyway) that human beings are the most advanced species on the planet, if not the universe. And as such, that is proof that God created the universe specifically for us. BUT, even though we are so advanced, we are NOT allowed to engage in activities that virtually all of the other species of animals engage in, lest we be no better than them.

So, if other species engage in casual sex, or even homosexual acts, it is not a "sin" for them to do so, because they do not have souls, so the Christian will argue. Humans DO have souls, so we have to be very careful about who we have sex with, when, and for what ultimate purpose, so they argue further.

Christians don't seem to have much of a problem with war, however, especially if it is for God or Country. In fact, it's practically a secular SIN to suggest a person should NOT go and fight for their country, regardless of the reason (how soon we forget Vietnam).

But if one man lay with another man as he lay with a woman, or a woman with another woman as she lay with a man, Christians about loose their shit over this!

In other words, battlefields soaked in blood, like the Somme, or the Battle of Hastings or Kursk, are horrible tragedies,  but one's that God is only too willingly to forgive and accept. All of those poor bastards, who rush out to have themselves blown to bloody pieces, or who murder the "enemy" by the thousands, is simply doing "God's work," but a single act of homosexuality and God is beside Himself with rage and disgust, according to Christians.

The solution to all of this is simple enough, so it seems. Clearly then the problem is one of scale. If one man murders another it is a grave sin, but to murder by the hundreds and thousands in hordes, is a duty and even a delight to God, if the Old Testament and the Christian Crusades prove anything.

Hence, if it is a sin to commit murder, one on one, but almost a sacrament to kill for God on the battlefield, then it clearly follows that if it is a sin for one man to lay with another man as with a woman, then it must be a sacrament for horders of men to engage in all out orgies by the hundreds and the thousands.

Now it all makes sense. 

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