Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why Forgiveness Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

My sister is quite possibly insane. Part of her insanity comes from an adamant addiction to how right she is - about everything. (I'm not kidding, by the way. And trust me, this is not hyperbole.) As a result, she suffers from a complete inability to ever admit, or even recognize, that she could be wrong. 

This inability to ever admit a mistake is made all the more ironic by the fact that she is more addicted to her Catholicism than the pope (an addiction, by the way, that can only be overcome through a 12 step program in Cath-oholics Anonymous). Yet even though some people might find it ironic that a person who claims to be made more humble by her Catholic Faith is completely incapable of every admitting she is wrong - which only demonstrates the placebo effects of Christian belief - I believe this inability is often the direct result of such a "faith" in the first place.  

As a rapid Catholic, her religion (so she and other Christians argue tooth and nail) is the only thing that softens the hard hearts of the wicked, the prideful, and the self righteous. For her, only God and Jesus can teach people to admit their flaws, accept their short comings, and help the most stubborn among us see the beam in their own eye, instead of focusing exclusively on the splinter in someone else's. Indeed, for the Christian, Christianity is not simply the sole cure for the human condition of pride, it is also perhaps the only lesson that can teach humanity how to forgive, through both the example of Christ, and the continual practice of saying to God, "I'm sorry"  (in part for killing Christ, stealing apples, and too many other things to list here).

The problem with such Catholics is that they come to conclude that their willingness to say they are sorry to God (for being as obstinately imperfect as only He could have created them to be) makes them instantly perfect enough to never have to apologize to anyone else, for anything, for the rest of their natural born life. Once you are "right with God," in other words, you're pretty much right about everything else from then on. 

As anyone who has ever argued with a Christian can attest, then, this habit of seeing themselves as infallible as their Christianity, is by far perhaps the most practiced and venerated of all the Christian virtues; and is only surpassed in devotion by the Christian sacrament of always condemning in others that which the Christian practices  with self righteous abandon in every breath. The only thing such Christians continually prove, however, is their indefatigable belief that Christ's forgiveness means never having to say you're sorry.  

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