Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Insanity, Homosexuality, and Christianity

For those Christians stuck in the dark ages of sexual understanding, who deem it their divine right to declare the sexual norms for all people, and for all time, "so help them God!," it apparently never occurs to them that their own brand of spiritual lust for salvation is perhaps a far worse disease of the human mind, and indeed a far greater threat to the entire human species, than any person's sexual proclivities have ever been, or will ever be.

After all, you do not see crusading homosexuals running around the country side burning Christians at the stake for talking repeatedly to an imaginary friend, and often even violently carrying out his "commandments," or even imagining such an imaginary friend - whom they never feel the need to prove actually ever existed, or is in anyway real, because so many others suffer from the same delusion as they do (which is how slavery and witch burning became so "accepted" by Christians as well, coincidentally) - talks back to them with advice and admonishments about how to condemn those they hate, out of their love for Jesus.

Never mind that Christians are a "family" who started in the desert, and have committed far more murders and atrocities for their 'leader' than "the family" ever did for Charles Manson, or that they claim as their "God" a deity who used their own ignorance to dupe them into brutally murdering his son "because he loves us" (but apparently hates his son), but despite his "omnipotence" could not, for the life of him, come up with a better plan, a better humanity, or even a better universe.

(Honestly - what kind of sick twisted person actually thinks the "Bible" - which has been described as perhaps the bloodies book of all time - is something we should use to teach children morality? Or that we should teach little children to "worship" a God whose plan for forgiveness required the use of methods that were far worse than the worst forms of abortion perhaps ever used in history, ON HIS OWN SON, by reenacting that brutal assassination once a week? Seriously??? God may as well have fed "his only begotten son" to the dogs, like Ramsay Bolton in GOT. Hell, why not just build an alter to Jason Vooorhees and Joseph Stalin, ferchirsake! )

But Christians know better than to consider the ludicrous nature of worshiping such a slaughtering savior, for they work for the "kingdom, the power, and the glory" of God, who would simply throw them all on the barbie if they didn't. What a great dad!

Indeed, for the Christian, their own mental problems are a "blessing," a "gift of faith," that allows them to pretend, and indeed convince the world, that their insanity is the purest form of rationalism there is. It just never occurs to them that, if their "god" really gave them the "free will" they proclaim, than their blind fanaticism about what they demand is "true" has absolutely nothing to do with Him, or what he "believes." It only proves that Jesus is an idea that rides across the centuries by mounting only the minds of those who are more stubborn than an ass.


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