Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Brother Karamozov

If you watched the RNC, you probably noticed how much some extremist Christians suffer from the very sin they say Satan was thrown out of heaven for.

Such Christians suffer from the very sin that the serpent promised they would suffer from in the Garden of Eden, when he promised them that, by eating the apple, they would "become like God, knowing good from evil." And ever since then, these Christians have been running around "like God," and deciding for everyone on the planet what is "good" and what is "evil"  - according to them (even though they insist it is only according to their imaginary friend they call "Jesus," for whom they are as willing to smite all those who question his existence, as ISIS is willing to behead someone for drawing a cartoon of Mohammad.)

That the very act of making such God like pronouncements, by those who can't even agree among themselves about how to interpret something as simple as a bible verse, only makes them like the Devil, not Christ, never occurs to the Christian, who would happily crucify Christ, in order that they may keep their Christianity.

Like the Grand Inquisitor in The Brother's Karamozov, the Christian cares not about God, and even less about Christ, but lives by their swords and the guns, to die and to kill for the golden cafe of their "beliefs" about God. For it is solely in the latter, that such "christians" are able to condemn and even murder, all those who fail to properly fear them, not God.

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