Sunday, July 16, 2017

An Email to God

Yo God! What up!? 

Christians are an ironic bunch in America.

The more I study the strange little world you have growing in the mole spores in your basement, the more I marvel at the behavior of that species who proclaims to be humble while insisting they are not only made special, and in your image, but that the entire universe  was made specifically for them.

They tend to believe that everything is a kind of propaganda designed to lead them to doubt that their "beliefs" are necessarily "true,"  but they never doubt, for they feel they are not allowed (or are simply not able) to doubt, that what they call "true" is simply a "belief" that isn't true, but is simply the mother of all other propaganda.

They even feel they must believe such a conflation or wind up in a place they call "hell," which they also imagine is like the ovens of Auschwitz, that place I told you about earlier, during what many of them refer to as "the Second World War".

Some of them even think that their desire to see people put into this "hell" is the very thing that makes them worthy of heaven.

These have usually been the same ones who have killed people who refuse to accept their "belief" that you can be sent to hell for breaking their God's commandments, especially the Sixth One, "thou shalt not kill."

And while they all mutually kill each other, they unanimously proclaim to only ever be "defending" their beliefs to be "true," even though the only "evidence" they offer to support such a claim is a book written by authors who boast about committing numerous acts of genocide, and always with your help and for your glory.

In fact, the guy who built those ovens at Auschwitz was inspired by the second edition to proclaim another genocide, but this time agaisnt the people of the "religious faith" who were said to have written the first edition, and for pretty much the same reasons.   
They claim their "soul" has made them smarter than the animals, even though there is a high correlation between those who proclaim themselves to be religious and being as racist as a bunch of fucking monkeys.

Some of their "countries" have done "studies" that say there is a positive relationship between the two, while studies in the Low Countries, like Netherlands and Belgium, say there is a negative relationship between the two, so anyone on any side of any argument about the relationship can just refer to the study that proves they are right and the other person is wrong.

Not enough of them have developed the ability to see that their fear of death has lead them to create religious "belief" systems that have not caused racism, but have caused them to subsequently believe in economic systems that are used to facilitate racism, which some use religion to promote and others use to combat, and most have historically used almost always in that order.

Some of them think that religion does not necessarily cause racism - even though quests for racial purity have almost always been carried out in the name of "spiritual purity"-  but that racism is a political tool, a false taxonomy conveniently invented by science acting like a religion of materialism, and fed intravenously into society through economics, for maximizing profitability in peace, and blind murderous rage in war.


 ...On the flip side!


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