Monday, July 17, 2017

Killing Gays for God

There are a number of Christians (and Muslims) who think homosexuals should be killed. After all, homosexuality is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, still too many of them will insist.

I think the vast majority of both (at least I certainly hope the vast majority of both) do not agree with this. But those that do, claim to be "moral" and virtuous, even as they commit murder to avenge an "all powerful God" for having to watch two people of the same gender having sex. Talk about being overly sensitive!

Say hello to moral relativism! In this way, such Christians are operating under the "belief" that murder, at least for the right reasons, is not as evil as "sex," even though committing murder is an act of death and sex is an act of life. As such, they allow a Commandment to be overruled by a footnote. 

But even among those who disagree with the idea that homosexuals are monstrous pedophiles that need to be killed, there are those who believe that homosexuality is a sin, and a very grave sin at that. And all because it's written in a book that boasts of the countless virtues and graces that come to those who are willing to commit genocide for God.

But this latter group takes no responsibility for the mass murdering of homosexuals, like the murders in an Orlando Night Club in 2016, where a "true believer" decided to follow in God's footsteps by turning a gay bar into Sodom & Gomorrah.

They do not believe that their own belief that homosexuality is a sin, is incorrect, they just think the people who killed them went to far. And unnecessarily so, since if homosexuals don't square their souls with God before they die, they'll be cast into a lake of fire anyway.

If you think about it, the second type of person seems even far more cruel than the first, they just have more patience.

But this is like The KKK or Aryans saying their own view that whites are superior to blacks,  which they claim is Bible based, does not mean they necessarily condone lynching, slavery, or genocide. For them, their premises constitute undeniable immutable "truth,"  even if that truth is the butterfly that is always the cause of the hurricane of fear and hatred that leads unmistakably to oppression and murder.

They are fine with treating a person like an inferior being for their entire life, but lynching them, they would argue, is for God to do, over an open flame, for eternity. 

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