Sunday, July 9, 2017

The World In A Nut Shell

The US Financier and Railroad businessman Jay Gould, once said he could "hire half of the working class to kill the other half." And if you look around, it doesn't seem so far fetched, if you think about it.

Basically, half of the people in the world are waking up to the reality that war is ultimately always the culmination of artificially created means of division, from race and creed to economic class and country, and the other half which is willing to go to war to prove such divisions are not only real but necessary.

It's as if such a taxonomy of people, one that ranks everyone's own race above that of every other, can only be overcome by other lesser races by learning the culture and the language (i.e. the "beliefs")  of the race of the "chosen" people. It is to assume, in other words, that everyone else is born with a defect (i.e. original sin), but can be redeemed by their assimilation and conformity to that culture (i.e. they are converted).

In this way, our idea of "race" apes the way religion leads us to think about our souls.

And that's why half the people are waking up to the reality that an "infinite God" is a concept so abstract it can literally mean anything and nothing at all, and the other half which is willing to murder the first half to prove that their own version of that "infinite God," along with their own interpretation of that God's "immutable moral laws," is the one "true" version that everyone else must obey (everyone except themselves, of course). 


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