Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beliefs about Climate Change and Religion

I am fascinated by what people chose to believe or not believe. personally, I don't see how anything good can come from "believing" that people are basically born sinners, that homosexuals are sexually maladjusted, or that being "skeptical" of such beliefs makes you a morally bad person. But there are plenty of people who think it is better to start with these assumed "beliefs" than not to.

Of course, there is absolutely no evidence to support such "beliefs." Well, there is the "bible," of course. But the bible only counts as "evidence" to support the validity of such "beliefs" if we are willing to assume in the validity of the "bible" itself. In other words, the only way you can support your "beliefs" about sinners, homo's and skeptics with the bible, is if you "believe" the bible in the first place. But that's just circular reasoning.

This is like choosing to "believe" that Jews are a sub human species on par with rats, and then using as "evidence" to back up such a belief by pointing a "belief" that Mein Kampf amounts to divine revelation.  After all, far more genocides were carried out for the bible than for the Book of Hitler.

The Climate Change debate is very much like this today. For many arch Conservatives (who just happen to be Christians as well) Climate Change is simply a liberal hoax, designed by socialists and democrats to draw more power and money to themselves. Notice the subtle confusion going on here. The Conservative slyly switches tracks, in their opposition of Climate change. It's subtle, but not entirely invalid. That's what makes it so sticky and tricky.

You see, those Conservatives who distrust democrats are RIGHT to distrust democrats. And by "democrats," I do not mean the average voter, but the elite like Hilary Clinton and her ilk. Why? Because regardless of your political leanings, politics in America, and indeed the world, is a cesspool of money and power, all of which serves the power that be. Make no mistake, while there are some marginal differences between the false dichotomy of "Left and Right" in the American political power structure (meaning, between the members of congress and the other branches), both sides basically serve the same master - the corporate and financial elites, by and large.

That being said, the problem Cons have with "Liberal" politicians is not without merit. But being rightly suspicious of "Liberal" politicians is one thing. But being so suspicious of them that you simply reject what 97% of climate scientists agree on, is quite another.

For a Conservative Christian to simply say of the climate change issue, "I don't believe it," is all the more ironic when you consider the fact that it was the Christians who were burning people at the stake a few hundred years ago, for similarly saying of their religion and their God, "I don't believe it."
And for a Christian more specifically, to simply deny that climate change is real simply because they distrust the dishonest Liberal Politicians who are saying it is, is no different than an atheist who simply says that God is not real because they distrust the pedophile protecting Church that claims He is.

But what's perhaps the most incredible thing of all, is that there is far more evidence of the reality of man made climate change than there is of a God who is alleged to have made man. In this respect, such Christians only prove that faith is not simply a willingness to believe in that which is unseen,  but is equally a willingness to doubt what is so bloody obvious to everyone else on the friggen planet. And they say the devil is stubborn?!

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