Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Utter Hypocrisy of the Religious Right

Roughly 100 years ago, my great grand parents fled the Armenian genocide in Turkey, and made their way to America. Yesterday, my mother voted for a man who vows to send similar such refugees back to Syria, where ISIS and other genocidal extremists are doing their worst. "Isn't it ironic, don't ya think? A little too ironic. I really do think."

Confronted with questions about how any "Christian" who proclaims to follow in the footsteps of Christ could support such a "man," the usual "Christian" reply is based on their "beliefs" about the dangers of losing their guns, the fear they have of homosexuals getting married, immigrants imposing Sharia Law, the poor developing a voting block strong enough to redistribute wealth, Black Lives Matter getting anyone to care about "black lives," abortion, or a number of other things.

Never mind the fact that the number of abortions tends to go up during Republican presidencies, since the Repuds tend to cut the "welfare spending" that incentivizes people to have a child they could not otherwise afford to have (they increase the "welfare spending" thru the Pentagon to wealthy weapons contractors like Lockheed Martin and such, however, because making bombs is far more profitable than making babies).

This only illustrate further how Republicans simply use the mantle of a moral position to attract voters who are often oblivious to the fact that voting Republican actually results in more abortions, and often more war and death as well (as I have documented in other blogs). That Christian Republicans ignore these facts, or simply deny them, only demonstrates that they take no more sincere interest in their "faith" than in taking any responsibility for their votes.  

Instead, they play Russian roulette with their votes, "trusting" that an imaginary deity will show them the more moral candidate to vote for (which in this particular election was a pretty thin margin, admittedly). They demand that others must take responsibility for their actions, which is why many of them relish in the idea that their God will send people to hell, even as they repeatedly defer taking responsibility for who they vote for, to their trust in God.

It is impossible for any "Christian" to claim they voted for Donald Drumpf while at the same time claiming to hold some moral high ground in their pronouncements about what is right or wrong. Although they deny it, to have voted for trumpy the clown, is to have knowingly  voted for a man who ran his entire campaign on fear and hate. To simply "believe" that Trump "didn't mean any of it," while at the same time choosing to believe in a genocidal God is perhaps the surest proof that someone is suffering from a server mental disorder - maybe even the sort that proves they are possessed by the devil and should therefore be burned at the stake. How could any good, moral, God fearing, Trump voting "christian," ever disagree with that?  

Instead, such "believers" lie about their moral superiority, repeatedly, and claim to have access to a morally perfect God and a morally perfect bible, even as they worship hate and practice sin for their salvation. But  our perfection comes not from being moral machines, which operate with the binary equivalent of 1's and 0s,  but in being un-apologetically  human. Those who claim to KNOW what God wants are perhaps the most evil liars and charlatans of the very Satan they claim to abhor. Who else would dare to proclaim  the serpents lie, by claiming that they know as much about right and wrong as God himself?

These people think of "perfection" as Jesus or God, but Jesus made mostly enemies and was murdered by religious zealots who worshiped their Religion like a golden calf,  and therefore placed it above their concerns for the man that was Jesus. And God was a jealous, genocidal psychopath who desired the blood sacrifice of his own son. So what the hell kind of "perfection" are they even talking about?
It's not perfection at all. It is fear, and lies, wrapped in the moral excrement of their false righteousness.  It's a marketing pitch used to convince people that their hatred and fear of others is proof of their own divinity. And the more they hate others, the more they love their golden calf religion. And the more convinced they are that they will live for ever. As a result, they hide from themselves, and count themselves as blameless as their messiah.

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