Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Religion and the Divinity of Our Own Disgust

Religious believers put their supreme trust, not in their Bible or their God, but in their gut. If they feel that a particular sexual propensity is disgusting, for example, than that proves to them that God wants them to be disgusted at the thought of it (why they are even having such "impure thoughts" in the first place, is itself disconcerting), so that they may have a divine knowledge of what God  himself is disgusted by as well.

If any of these "believers" happen to be equally disgusted by the thought of their own parents or siblings having sex, however, that "disgust" does not prompt them to conclude that God must be trying to tell them that sex between parents and siblings should therefore be considered a "sin."

They would point out, obviously, that the Bible does not expressing prohibit sex between parents and siblings, however - duh! That we are left to wonder how people were to discern between which gut levels of "disgust" were intended to indicate something was offending an almighty, immaterial "being" before anyone ever learned to read or write, or even bothered to write a book detailing just how disgusted God truly was with certain sexual activities, is of no concern to the "believer;" who just "believes" that we all knew - somehow - in our gut.


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