Friday, November 4, 2016

In the Eye of the Beholder: Two Realities That Never Meet

There is a reality that certain people will never understand. Our minds do not process nor understand information in the same ways. Some operate in a more binary mode, while others in a more multinary way. Some think more in digital, others in analogue, and while some need to know what rules they can trust, the other knows there are no rules. And never the twain shall meet.

In a binary world of black and white, of right and wrong, and of good and bad, there is a static security that some think must be followed, lest humanity devolve into barbarism and chaos.  It does not occur to such people that it may be the rules themselves, along with an irrational need to defend them to the death, that may actually be contributing to the very barbarism and chaos such defenders are trying to defend agaisnt, even if they must be willing to engage in barbarism and chaos to do so.

And this is the problem with religion and the Christ. The problem with the bible is not the bible itself, in other words, but in the belief that there is an absolute right way and wrong way to interpret it. The absolutists see it as the code of Hammurabi, even though the abstract thinkers see it is more like a piece of art. While one wants it to remain as fixed as the stars, the other knows the stars are not fixed at all; indeed, many of them are already long gone, and only their light beam remains.

But wanting to interpret the bible stories as laws is like an accountant interpreting a Picasso with numbers. Indeed, it is to insist that man was made to serve the law, as if the law is a thing that is as infinite as it is unchanging, instead of the law being made to serve man, which is a creature that is forever changing, even if nothing else does. And in human beings, nothing changes more, and certainly nothing changes faster, then our ideas.

This realm of ideas is the only realm humanity has access to that is not limited to only 3 or 4 dimensions. Instead, we routinely defy the limits and boundaries of these dimensions all the time, as past, present, and future become equally active parts of our single cognizant reality. We see crude examples of this in our movies and stories, for example, like Cloud Atlas and Inception, but we experience it even more when we sleep and dream.

Psychotropic drugs like LSD or DMT (which our brain naturally produces when we sleep, causing us to dream), for example, alter our realty on even greater levels, as Aldous Huxley and others have written about extensively.  But for those who have never peeled back the walls of the dimensions they inhabit, and often cling to like a buoy in a tumultuous sea, they can never understand how those who have done so, see and interpret the ""true" nature of reality itself.   

I say "true" because the subjective interpretation of  reality is always impossible for anyone to ever escape, no matter how much they may claim to know the "objective" truth of reality itself. Indeed, those who insist the most that they have a special knowledge and certainty of "objective" reality,  have only first succeeded in deluding themselves, and are now trying to gas-light others as well. They are shamans, in other words, seduced by their own "tree of knowledge" which has mades them "like God, knowing good from evil."

The person who sees things differently (for there is no real 'right way' or "one way" to see reality, any more than there is a right or wrong way to view any piece of art), can either never understand those who need to hold onto such rules in the first place, or if they have moved from one perception to the other, may never be able to go back. The illusion that may delude both, however, is the false notion that one is superior to the other, as if watching a sporting event is inherently superior or inferior to watching a ballet. One is only better than the other in the eye of the beholder. 

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