Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Cult of Conservatism: The Pazuzu of Trump

When Barack Obama was running for POTUS, the ultra Conservatives in my own family frequently pointed out that those who supported Obama were basically automatons, who were essentially hypnotized by the very idea that Obama represented "change."  In all fairness, there are always plenty of automatons during an election year, on both side of American's growing political divide.

But what is ironic about the current POTUS race between Hillary "America's greatest con-man is a woman" Clinton and Donald the "Drumpf" Trumpet-my-own-horn like the " 7 trumpets of the apocalypse" Trump, is that those same ultra Conservatives have now become the very automatons for Trump as those they hated and condemned who supported Obama.

Even worse, they live in complete denial about their blind devotion to such an obvious demagogue as Trump. Yet any suggestion that they may be more emotionally addicted to the 'idea' of Trump as an agent for "changing" the political climate in D.C (How ironic, right?), sends them into an emotional outburst denying such a thing could ever be possible.

The ironies here abound! It is ironic, for example, because such ultra Conservatives pride themselves on denouncing Liberals as being completely controlled by their emotions, even though in this election it's the other way around.

Studies show that the base of Trump's supporters tend to be less educated and more religious (which often goes hand and hand, it seems), and seem to have no ability to explain what it is exactly that Trump intended to actually do to fix all of the problems that Conservatives are so angry about; besides "building a wall" of course, which is such a laughable fairy-tale,  that it alone illustrates just how emotionally gullible so many Conservatives are in this election.

Mind you, HRC is hardly any better, but at least she has an excuse for being so deplorable - she's a politician ferchrisake! Yet Conservatives lambast her as if she isn't pretty much just as bad as ANY other politician in many respects. (Okay, she may be worse, but being a worse politician is like being a worse serial killer.)

Trump, however, is not only guilty of being just as deplorable a businessman as Hilary is a politician, but can not offer his supports even one single morsel of detail about how he plans to "Make American Great Again." Sure, HRC may be the biggest liar that has ever lived, but at least she has the courtesy to put some effort into it! Trump doesn't even feel the need to elaborate on his lies (which may be a smarter move in the long run, but it certainly does not give his supporters any credibility when they so adamantly proclaim he is going to fix everything).

I experienced the full effectiveness of Trump's pure emotional demagoguery at a cook out a couple of months ago, when two of my ultra Conservative brothers struck up a conversation with me about politics that  I had been trying to avoid engaging in with them all afternoon. And I had been trying to avoid it because it's never really a "conversation" with these two, but a political bitch fest/pissing contest to see who is smarter (they always win, I'm sure, at least in their minds).

Not having any particular attachment of love for either HRC or the Drumpfster, I simply listened as they proceeded to attack both Hilary and Bill for being such 'inherently despicable human beings,' and mentioned that Bill had actually been accused of raping a number of women, of which I was unaware.  I then happened to ask, "Isn't Trump being accused of the same thing?"

 Having seen an article about such charges on either CNN ,Yahoo or AOL, (since I am not the sort to troll around on political websites), but not having read it, and knowing that they were both political junkies for Conservatism, I thought they could shed some light on the nature of such accusations. But their vitriolic knee jerk response was far more than I expected.

After a blitzkrieg of "bullshits!' from both of them, and demands to know who had made such bogus claims and what rag had written such propagandistic and baseless lies,  they soon stormed off.

Now, mind you, I know plenty of hardcore Conservatives who hate Trump only slightly less than they hate Hillary. And they have plenty of good reasons for why (and some not so good, IMO). But they at least can articulate a coherent argument for why they support a man they admit they hate, rather than simply bow to his majesty as the free market messiah they have been waiting for to "deliver us all from evil" democrats and socialists everywhere.

Their emotionally animated response  was so clear even a child could see it. In fact, my nephew had witnessed the whole thing. And after they left, he said to me, "I see what you did there." And I said, "yes, I threw the holy water of a single question at them, and like Regan being possessed by the demon Pazuzu in the Exorcist, they began cussing and levitated away."


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