Sunday, November 13, 2016

We Are Monkeys: Paradoxes of Religion

Here's how totally twisted we human monkeys have become. 
We think we are so special, because we are so intelligent, that we can kill whatever we want. We even have Religion which "teaches" us to believe we are superior to everything in the universe. In fact, even the universe itself was made especially for us, by the most awesomely powerful being ever imaginable! And all, just for US! Because "He" loves us THAT much!

But such a "belief" only ever gives us a truly false a sense of humility. Such a narrative provides those who believe in it the exact opposite of humility. In fact, such a story actually sounds exactly like the story of why the devil was thrown out of heaven in the first place, if you think about it, because he is alleged to have "wanted to be like God," and wanted his own servants and such. That is EXACTLY how religions, political structures, corporations, and even societies, have all arranged themselves - hierarchically. 

In the hierarchies we have created for ourselves (which are exactly what the devil allegedly asked God to implement, mind you, and for which he was allegedly thrown out of heaven for),  people are tasked with serving under others who are no more than they are, in order to make a living, like slaves.

On the other hand, Darwin's theory of evolution, which suggests we evolved from a common ancestor with the monkey, which would lead us to think of ourselves as nothing but monkeys - for the most part - is seen by many Christians as blasphemy.  It's seen as blasphemy, even though such an idea necessarily instills us with REAL humility, not a trumped up version of humility that a religion sells us. And that because such a theory at least shows us that we are NOT special in anyway, from anything else. And that the universe was not created specifically for us monkeys. And that our petty religious beliefs, and indeed all of our petty beliefs, are simply the ruminations of other monkeys! 

Granted, some of them are pretty smart monkeys. But still, just monkeys! Like the rest of us.

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