Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Christianity: The God-Standard of Double Standards

It is an indisputable fact that virtually all non Christians have noticed and commented on, that all Christian apologetics can be summed up in the simple ability of Christians to excuse their religion and their "gods" of any and all wrong doings, while at the same time finding ever clever ways to blame every other "belief systems" humanity has shackled itself with, as being responsible for all of the worst things humanity has done to itself. (Of course, to be fair, all "belief systems" are guilty of this.)

Christian may deny this, as people in every cult are so often compelled to do. But the fact remains that Christians continually white wash their beliefs through the mental separation they create between their "idealistic" beliefs on the one hand, and the horrible human suffering such beliefs have been used to inflict and justify on the other.

Although children were brutally mutilated and raped in the Netherlands during the 1950s by Catholic priests and nuns, for example, most Christians see this NOT as evidence that their beliefs are only as man made as Nazism or capitalism, but as evidence that human beings are flawed creatures who desperately need Christ to save us.

(Luckily, we are exactly the kind of people who were willing to brutally butcher Christ to death, much to our benefit and salvation. If we take the Christian story literally, in other words, murder was the means by which we managed to save our miserable hides by killing god.)

The Christian conveniently sees anyone who commits a "sin" like this, as simply proof of our desperate need to rely on Christ to fix our sinful nature. Our sinful nature, in other words, can only be cured by believing in Christ.  In this way, every "sin" and every virtue simply confirms the Christian narrative. As a result, there is no evidence whatsoever that could ever be used to prove that Christianity is in fact the cause of so much evil, even as Christianity falsely takes credit for all of the virtues people exhibit.

Put another way, Christians always assume that people are only made BETTER by "true" Christianity, and never worse, even though millions throughout history would beg to differ (had they not been put to death by Christians, that is). This allows Christians to separate their "belief system" - which they insist is nothing but pure virtue and love - from the many vices and hate that so many Christians have often exhibited toward others. 

Of course, if the very same defense was offered for Nazism -  by likewise suggesting that "true" Nazism was ultimately a divinely revealed religion from a morally perfect God, that just happened to be used by sinners in the wrongest of ways -  Christians would flatly reject such a defense as not only clearly wrong, but blatantly ridicules.

This, then, is the God-Standard of Double Standards that Christians, who always claims that their "eyes have been opened to the truth," seem unable to see.

In this way, Christians have a truly God-like ability to exempt their own religion from all of the worst crimes it has been used to commit. The genocide that resulted in the brutal murder of an estimated 10 to 20 million Native Americans, for example - who were never able to accept the religion of their conquerors, by the way, because they could never reconcile the claims of Christians who preached "freedom and salvation" with their imposition of such beliefs via pain and death - is never accepted by Christians as evidence of Christianity, even though the Holocaust is ALWAYS seen as evidence of Nazism.

None of these facts should be in anyway surprising, considering they also exempt their "god" of drowning everyone on the planet and ordering his "chosen people" to repeatedly commit genocide, if their own bible is to believed.

(Ironically, since atheists believe that both the Old and New Testament are pure lies, designed to give pompous priestly elites the power to convince the illiterate masses that, like the Blues Brothers,  they're "on a mission from God," the horrible acts that these self admitted murderers brag about committing in their sacred scriptures is actually just a confession of how completely delusional they truly were.)

In short, the miracle of Christianity (like all religions and all "belief systems) comes from the dubious ability to separate the sin from the sinner. In the same way that Christians will fool themselves into believing they can condemn witches, in other words, while avoiding responsibility for burning them alive by claiming they are only doing gods will, so they also separate all of the evils that have been committed by Christians for Christianity, from the 'ideal" they carry around inside of their head about what they simply choose to believe Christianity represents. The only problem with this standard (which ALL belief systems necessarily rely on) is that they refuse to allow anyone else to do the exact same thing.

The only TRUE "universal moral standard" such Christians are actually practicing, therefore, is the God Standard of Double Standards.

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