Saturday, October 15, 2016

Who is Suffering From the Delusion?

Why don't Christians have the humility to admit they may be wrong?

I know Christians think their soul will receive rewards in heaven if they "save" atheists from NOT believing the stuff they are convinced is "real," like God, Mary, Jesus, Satan, Hell, etc., etc.  Hence they must think that atheists just fail to fully understand and accept the "truth" of what is real, because they KNOW that ALL of the things just mentioned are unquestionably real. But  even though their religion commands that they try to empathize with others, they never once try to put them self in the shoes of those who feel just as strongly that the Christians are practicing a lie, and that it is indeed the Christian who is suffering from the delusions. 

Imagine, for example, if I wanted Christians to accept MY God – a different and NEW God, an improved God, "a kinder, gentler God, that I was sincerely convinced existed via divine revelation. And of course my God would be a far better God than that genocidal Christian God, who offered to forgive humanity its transgressions if it would but murder his own son. And imagine if I continually tried to sell those Christians the idea that THEY were wrong, and that I was right. After a while, they would probably just think I was being a jerk to insist that their Christian god was a fake and mine was real; and all because I had "experienced" the "truth" of my beliefs.

Christians would probably be even more offended by me occasionally pestering them about it to, because I was convinced that I was “on a mission from God” to SAVE their eternal soul from their false Christian god. They would also probably feel offended by me making such claims, over and over again, even if I honestly only ever made such claims out of a deep abiding love for them, and desire to see them happy. In fact, it never once occurs to Christians that it is actually THEIR incredibly myopic and highly prejudiced beliefs, and their adamant insistence that THEY are right about pretty much everything, that so often makes so many other people UNHAPPY.

Well, for those Christians who are unable to see the beam in their own eye because they are so busy pointing out the splinter in everyone elses, here is the deal: you know that feeling you Christians have, whenever people try to convince you that you're wrong to believe what you believe - that's EXACTLY how you make everyone else feel who doesn't agree with you. And if you are so easily offended by anyone who fails to treat your beliefs with the utmost respect, let alone anyone who dares to suggest that your beliefs are all  untrue, then why do you think it is okay for you Christians to treat everyone else's beliefs the same way? Is it because, in your heart, you believe you are only trying to "save them," by showing them the "truth" of God?  Well, atheists feel the EXACT same way.  

You see, atheists feel just as sincerely about wanting only to "save" Christians by sharing with them the "truth" about just how much of a LIE Christianity really is, and just how truly destructive Christianity has been, on both a global level, and emotionally, and psychologically on an individual level. Atheists, more importantly, want to "save" people - like homosexuals and other atheists, for example -  FROM CHRISTIANS. Atheists know that Christians do not believe this, but that's how all cults work, whether it was started by Charles Manson or John the Baptist or Jesus Christ.  But Christians are just convinced that they are right and that everyone else is dead wrong. That’s not humility, however, that’s more hubris than the devil.

But just imagine what it must feel like to be that ONE member of an entire family, all of whom are suffering under the same delusion. And they are all so seduced by this delusion, and so committed to advancing it as "the truth," that they all, in their own ways, try to impose or convince that one member to accept “their truth” as totally real. So even if ONE member of the family is not trying to subtly or directly convince that one person to accept their beliefs, another member of the family probably is. It's like a tag-team wrestling team on one side, fighting a single opponent on the other.  How much worse do you think it must it feel for that ONE person to have to constantly deal with all of those delusional “believers,” than it is for any one of those “believers” to deal with that one delusional “non-believer?

Making life all about having the right "beliefs" is to say that life is necessarily only about subscribing to the right "ideas. Life, in this respect, is more about THINKING the right thoughts, than about having or trying new experiences (many of which are considered too "evil" to be enjoyed by moral people). And then, to convince people of this, heaven and hell are used as "either a threat or a bribe," as Christopher Hitchens put it.  Hence, heaven is offered as "the eternal pleasure" experience, and hell is offered as the "eternal torment" experience. Thus, religion makes IDEAS more important that experiences in this life, while using the "experiences" of Heaven or Hell in the next life, to force us to accept the right ideas in this one. 

But there is still one question that remains unanswered, and that is this: When will Christians ever understand that they’re constant attempts to lead people to heaven by getting them to accept Christian "beliefs," only results in making everyone else feel like they are in Hell, and that their attempts to "save  souls for Jesus" only feels like they are crucifying anyone who chooses to disagree with them, the same way Christ disagreed with the Sanhedrin?  

At least the Christian knows who is really suffering from the "delusion" in all of this. And so does everyone else.

At the end of the day, the debate between atheists and believers  is simply a question of whether God and religion are a disease or a cure. And even if it's the latter, it's still possible to have to much of a "good thing."

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