Sunday, October 16, 2016

From Miracles to Genocide: The Power of a Confirmation Bias

I have never understood how Christians can believe that a God who only creates people who are prone to death and disease (even though he could easily create them to be impervious to either one), is somehow "benevolent" for choosing to "miraculously" heal a select handful of those suffering from either one. If a car or a mobile phone manufacturer operated in this fashion, such Christians would be justifiably outraged. But if it is God, they are overjoyed.

Today, our understanding of genetics and the mapping of the human genome give us the potential to create human beings who are indeed immune to death and disease, potentially speaking. But just imagine if a "good" doctor somewhere, who possessed the ability to make all of his own children immune to death and disease, decided to make them susceptible to death and disease anyway. And all because that "good" doctor wanted to be able to use his medical knowledge and medicines to pick which of his children he would chose to "miraculously" heal. And if he only wanted to heal one of his own children, even though he could just as easily heal them all, simply because he wanted his other children to see how "benevolent" he was, would humanity not rightly equate such a doctor with Joseph Mengele or Dr Moreau?   

And yet, if God does this very same thing, why then do we call him our Messiah? Indeed, no matter how horrible "God" is or may be, and no matter what acts of cruelty and destruction are committed for this God, nothing can ever disprove to the "believer" that their belief in God could ever be a "bad idea."

No amount of power, murder, genocide, rape, molestation, pillaging, inquisitions, witch burnings, and other horrible acts committed for God and Christianity in particular, could ever cause the Christian to consider for a single second, that their "beliefs" in such a God might be misplaced. No, never! It's just people are flawed.

The TRUE miracle, then, is how the Christians is convinced by every act of evil committed by other Christians is only ever proof of just how desperately the world needs the TRUE Christianity.

So strong is the power of their own confirmation bias, their God could even decide to murder the whole world (and according to their own bible flood story, he already did) as well as use the ignorance of humanity to help murder his own son (Jesus), and they would still insist that to "find salvation" they must continue to "believe" that this God is "good" and "loves them."

How then, is this NOT proof of the greatest act of brainwashing ever known to humanity? Indeed, never has ANYONE been brainwashed that ever admitted they were brainwashed, and no one has EVER belonged to a cult that they recognized was a cult. Instead, it's everyone else who is wrong.

If this is not the truest example of the miracle of how a confirmation bias blinds a person to the "truth" they claim only and always to be looking for, then nothing is.

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