Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Paradox of Blasphemy

Jesus was spit on, beaten, attacked, and accused of all sorts of things before he was put to death, so the Christian bible claims. Yet despite all of this, he did nothing in retaliation. But his church was no so found of the idea that it should simply turn the other cheek. While Christ was willing to suffer every insult and injury inflicted upon him, his church would eventually decide that no such insults or injuries would be acceptable to God.

The Church uses the idea of blasphemy not only to help keep its adherents in line, but also to prevent anyone from contradicting anything it says about god, moral law, and other things the Church claims it alone has authority to speak of.

Yet there is nothing in the bible that shows Christ reproving anyone for offering a different perspective on his religion or his ideas about god. Indeed, Christ was offering his OWN interpretation of both, that eventually lead the Sanhedrin to behave in exactly the same way the Catholic Church would behave centuries later.

Christ, like Satan, and Adam and Eve, and Martin Luther, and even America for that matter, challenged authority, and traditional ways of thinking. And he was cast out, cut down, and executed for it. To be like Christ, in other words, is to be willing to blaspheme.

Tell that to a devout Christian, however, and they are likely to accuse you of blasphemy, which is how all prophets are treated. The trick, is having the courage to be your own prophet, instead of a puppet for a religion. 

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