Monday, October 31, 2016

Kaepernick and Con(artist) Propaganda

Conservatives are funny sometimes (and downright scary the rest of the time). Just look at what they've done with Colin Kaepernick.

It's fine to hate how Kaep has chosen to protest about police brutality of African Americans, but it's quite another thing to continually, and deliberately, mischaracterize his protest as something it is not. And a lot of these Con(artists)s do this intentionally in a number of ways.

First, they deliberately claim - over and over again - that Kaep is protesting that HE is being oppressed, even though they know full well that his protest is directed specifically at police brutality of African Americans.

 This allows those Con(artists)s who seek to express their (pretend) patriotism - by complaining about how upset they are that anyone would ever dare to disrespect their  sacred national anthem or flag (even as they often have no respect for other people's nation or flag) - to suddenly play the victim of "black brutality" at the hands of all those who fail to handle their own sense of patriotism with the proper respect (i.e. kid gloves) Con(artists)s feel it deserves.

Second, they deliberately accuse Kaep's supporters of claiming their "right" to protest is being attacked, even though such supporters are, in truth, simply claiming that it is "right" for them to exercise their "right to protest" in this way. Conflating the two, however, is simply another way of trying to suggest that those who chose to protest are "retarded" and have no idea what they are doing or saying. This only allows such Con(artists)s to simply dismiss Kaep's supporters claims, without having to give such "retards" a second thought.

(Side note - how Conservatives can accuse Liberals of being emotionally driven while making such claims, using such language, and being so sensitive, is yet another example of how people will accuse others of the very thing they themselves are guilty of. It's like farting in an elevator, in other words, where the guy who accuses someone else is usually the guilty one.)

Third, they claim that Black Lives Matter, which is a larger movement that is protesting the same police brutality in the African American community as Kaep, is a terrorist organization, even as they defend or ignore the Bundy Brothers who, armed to the teeth and waving an American flag, illegally seized a Wildlife Preserve in Oregon.

I guess the lesson to be learned is that you can be a homegrown terrorist organization, as long as you stand for the national anthem, and commit acts of terrorism, not as a right to protest, but as a right to carry your guns. Do all that while waving an American flag, and you can commit genocide and be hailed a national hero.

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