Friday, October 28, 2016

Religious Judgement: The Curse of Cain

One of the things I hate about religion is that it teaches people to judge each other, even as it claims that it tries to do the very opposite.  Religion teaches people to act like Cain, in other words, toward all those who wish only to be "like a child" as Christ put it, by being as happy, unencumbered, and appreciative of life as Able.  But if it were not for religion, most people would not have a rubric with which to judge each other in the first place.

Or course, modern society, with it's ostentatious displays of wealth and botoxed photo shopped realty, and constant barrage of commercials designed to make us feel insecure so we will spend ever more to "fix" whatever such commercials program us to be insecure about, only teach us to unfairly judge ourselves all the time. Indeed, when we have created a society that leaves the vast majority of people unhappy and unfulfilled, it is no wonder America has the largest and most religiously addicted populations on the planet.

That's also part of the reason most people have huge amount of debt in this country, as well as why so many people are trying to "escape" realty (or adjust to it) via opiods and massive consumption. It's all to fill the void that religion rushes in and promises to fill with god and hope for heaven. But I digress.

Religion teaches people to "believe" in moral absolutes, that people MUST accept we are all governed by, for it is God's will. And then religion teaches those same people NOT to judge people according to these absolutes, that they must "work out their salvation in fear and trembling" trying to live up to. In other words, religion teaches people NOT to judge others for the very things that people are supposed to believe they will be judged for when they die. And if they do NOT pass with flying colors, they could end up in hades, or Walmart, or North Korea, or working for Nike in central America - which are all basically the same thing, when you think about it.

This, then, is but another lie religion teaches people. That they MUST conform to absolute moral rules, but that their religion will teach them NOT to use those rules to judge others, even though we should all stay painfully aware that God will use them to judge us.

How living under the axe of such judgment is supposedly a healthy way of thinking (which it obviously is NOT) is never addressed by "believers," all of whom simply ignore both the contradiction and the damage it does to themselves and others.

But judging others is NOT about learning moral absolutes and then trying NOT to judge others by those moral absolutes (even as we "judge" ourselves, and asked to be judged by a priest, every time we ask for forgiveness in the confessional for failing to live up to those "moral absolutes"), which is simply a fiction of a "belief" system that is incapable of practicing what it preaches, but in NOT assuming we possess an infallible grasp of god given moral absolutes in the first place.

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