Friday, October 28, 2016

Religion is a Rorschach Test

For those who have yet to figure this out, religion is simply a rorschach test. It's an ink blot that we look at, and everyone has a different interpretation of what they see.

The "lie" perpetrated by Churches comes not from convincing people to quite literally "buy into" their interpretation of the ink blot - with mega churches making mega millions by turning the orgasmic experience of spiritual euphoria into a financial Ponzi scheme for themselves - but by insisting that those who see the "ink blot" in any other way are simply 'wrong.'

Their "lie," in other words, comes from insisting that there is necessarily a "right way" to interpret religion or the bible, and there is a "wrong way." But just like the ink blots of a Rorschach test, there is no objective, "true" interpretation of anything - especially religion - that is and must be accepted as 'fact' by all, in faith (how ironic that the 'facts' believers insist are true, must be accepted and thus relied upon as "true" in "faith").

Now, the "truth" is that religion can and does help some people, while it hinders and hurts others, because "God" (as the "believers" like to call "everything") made humanity as diverse as it is numerous. But whether "believing" in a 'god' helps people or not, is very different from insisting that their is one undeniable "truth" about "religion," or even an ink blot in a Rorschach test. And anyone who denies that should probably needs to have their head examined.

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