Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Economics, Jobs, & Racism

Economics is the means by which charlatans turn a pseudo-science based on the adoration of numbers, into a belief system promising salvation and prosperity to all. It's a giant lie, in other words, that is used to mislead people while justifying the worst horrors it can create.

This is exactly like the Christian God, when you think about it. If there are floods or inquisitions,  it's only because God loves you so much he wants to murder us all. So, economics is the belief that hard times require hard measures, unless you're a Conservative Republican who apparently thinks you can have everything you want, as much as you want. And if anyone ever tries to suggest otherwise, you answer with your guns (unless it's a priest, then you'll do whatever they say).

This religion of economics is based on creating jobs, the bread of life. It doesn't matter what the jobs are, just as long as there's plenty of them, and they pay enough to allow us all to consume more and more. If we are all working at Auschwitz or building bombs to drop on people on the other side of the world (for whatever bogus reason we can convince people to be angry about), that's just fine. We don't care who we are working to kill with our jobs, we only care about having jobs in the first place.

Economics is the means by which lab technicians manipulate the environment by constricting the amount of money and jobs in society, which allows the hardships that always follow to be blamed on racism and homosexuals, of course.

If you're trying to figure out why America is falling apart, just ask a Catholic priest or Phil Roberston, and they'll tell you it's clearly because of atheists, liberals, homosexuals, and anyone else they may detest and think of as suffering from some from of mental handicap.

That's how god is, as far as they are concerned. If the nut jobs are not kept in line by a strict bull whip understanding about God and his god damn moral laws - for fuck sake! - God punishes the whole god damn country for it! It's as natural and as immutable as physics - for fuck sake!

If you point out that Conservative AND Liberal Politicians have been using the false paradigm of "conservative / liberal" to mutually destroy the planet, rob the world, and enrich themselves, and always with God and Christ on their lips, they'll tell you you're clearly insane. Thank God.

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