Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How Racism Illustrates the Fatal Flaw of Religion

Racism is simply a religion based on the superiority of one's own race, the same way "theistic" religions are based on the superiority of one's own spirituality. Religion is based on having "faith" in what we cannot see or know. As such, racism provides the perfect example of how religion forces people to accept that 2+2=5, simply because "God" says so, and for absolutely no other reason. And if you dare to challenge that, you'll be sent to hell.

Racism believes in three things that science proves are not true. The first is the idea that "race" is a real thing. But it isn't. Race is a term that was made up for the sole purpose of dividing people into categories, as we have a habit of doing, but it has been proven that no such thing as "different races" is actually real.

That doesn't matter to the hard core racists, however, who are convinced they know better, and usually because they got all of their knowledge about "race" from reading the Bible, and having faith in the Christian God. After all, is there such a thing as an atheist racist?

The second thing racists believe is that different races can be compared, and categorized from best to worst, even though the differences between people in different parts of the world have been shown to be simply the result of environment. Hence while white Europeans who came to North America had developed immunity to the diseases they could catch from their own live stock, the Native Americans who had never lived around such animals were susceptible to such diseases. But when those same Europeans went to colonize Africa, this was reversed, for it was they who were susceptible to the diseases of the animals native to Africa, and not the native Africans.

But again, this is history that is rejected mostly because it is not known by the racist, and mostly because it has not been written in their Bible.

Third, our DNA proves that there is no such thing as a "pure race," since we are all mixed with each other, tracing back to the beginning of human existence. Indeed, written in our DNA is the evidence of a long history of interactions between peoples from all over the world, throughout history.

But the avowed racist does not care about the science that disproves their beliefs in racism. They only believe what they can so plainly see. They are only Doubting Thomas when it comes to anything that happens to be true, not to what they "feel" in their bones must be true about the superiority of their own race.

Racists are people who basically deny everything, but their own superiority of course. Denying things IS a form of superiority, as if to show you're too smart to fall for that! In fact, they are the kind of people who can look at all of the chemicals being pumped into the water, air, and food we intake, and deny that we are being poisoned purely for the profit of America's great corporations! Even though we so clearly are.

Yet despite these three facts, racists choose to believe in their own interpretation of the Bible, to support their religion of racism. Or to put another way, while science may not have yet disproven the existence of God, it has disproven the existence of a "pure, biologically superior race." But that hasn't done a thing to stop racists from believing it anyway.

And if science every found proof that there is no god, as Christians they would do the same thing. 

This would no doubt be the same for religious believers even if science disproved the existence of God. And in this way, despite science proving that 2+2=4, religious believers and racists insist that God proves that 2+2=5.

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