Saturday, February 11, 2017

Religion: Freedom Through Slavery to the Law

Jesus once said that "the law was made to serve man, not man to serve the law." But today, the problem with religion is that it is convinced it's the other way around.

Religion first tries to make sense of the world using the "law," and only later tries to make sense of the "law" after finally accepting reality itself, which always confounds such "laws." Worse, however, is that religion often tries to claim it alone has the authority to define what that law is, even though it gets it wrong almost all of the time.

The things that religion gets "right," however, are certainly not "right" because religion says so, or even because "god" says so, but because we all collectively agree they are right. We can collectively say that murder is wrong and immoral, for example, even though it seems far too many of us accept that murder performed on a large enough scale, especially for God (or by God) and Country, is decidedly right and moral. (Hopefully, humanity will live long enough to see our sense of proportions change for the better, although of late, it seems that sense has only changed for the worse.)

And whenever people challenge the law, they are crucified by those who claim to be the only ones who have the right to make such challenges - which of course they would never do, because that would be blasphemous.  And the last one who was ever murdered for such blasphemy toward their own religion was in fact the first and most famous to do so, their own savior and founder, Jesus Christ.

And anyone who would try and follow in "His" footsteps, by picking up their cross and challenging the mistakes of their OWN religion, as Christ did, only ever confuses themselves for being Jesus Christ. Hence they are most assuredly lunatics! For only Christ himself would dare do such a thing, which is how we know he was most decidedly NOT a lunatic!

What we do know is that Christ came to earth to found a whole new religion from the one he knew damn well would damn him to a sabbatical in hell for three days, so he could set up a brand new religion who's moral standing would be able to withstand any number of pedophiles, murders and rapists it may produce or protect.

But even as its own house is in such disorder, it assures the masses that it defends the "law" for God's sake alone, even as it is breaking all of them to survive. What they should do, if they had the honest courage of Christ or any real faith in their "God," is drop the narrative that they cling to so desperately, from which they, like all religions, depend on for their branding, and  focus exclusively on the only moral law that has ever mattered to anyone and everyone - the law of empathy.

And not empathy that one has to their ideals about what constitutes the right sexual or gender identification, for fear that the devil creeps into our souls through the window of our sexual deviations (as if the further the deviation  the more open the window), but one that accepts the true humility of knowing that they - as the Bible repeats continually - have no greater or lesser knowledge of truth and certainty than anyone else.

Anything less than that, is simply an attempt by one person or people, to play god.


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