The Problem of God in Schools

One problem with having God in schools is that introducing a totally unverifiable, and infinitely abstract concept like "God" into a system of education turns any system of education into simply pure indoctrination.

Worse than that, religions, with their threats of excommunication and laws against heresy and blasphemy, keep a very strict control over the particular concept of "God" they alone wish to advance, rather than welcoming and fostering any open discussion or debate, about what such an infinite abstraction could be. 

In this way, it is religion that murders the concept of God by curtailing all means of exercising free speech within it's discussions about "God," and therefore the authority and the legitimacy of the Church to presuppose it's "beliefs" for "truth." Indeed, such charlatanism is obviously nothing more than a means of deliberately and knowingly conflating a "belief" for "truth." And not to defend "morality," but to defend it's own earthly power and authority.

In short, intelligence is only addled when "beliefs" are offered as legitimate substitutes for "truth," even though such concepts are almost always - by their very nature - diametrically opposed.


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